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The Angeball / Outgun the oppostion

Outgun the opposition in a thrilling goal fest! This is a high risk tactic which leaves you vulnerable to counter-attacks, so you'll need pacy centre backs.

By on Sep 25, 2023   10889 views   6 comments
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Football Manager 2023 Tactics - The Angeball / Outgun the oppostion
After 13 years at Salford playing 343 I wanted to try something new when I joined Juventus.

This tactic prioritises an unyielding press, leaving opponents with fleeting moments of possession.

Once possession is won, players play short and move the ball swiftly, with creative freedom to switch positions and exploiting spaces to create bucket loads of goal-scoring opportunities.

My striker won the Golden Boot and Ballon D'Or having had a pretty average career before my arrival and the team broke the records for goals and points in my first season.

Holding a high defensive line, the team ensures the battleground remains in enemy territory.

I retrained defensive midfielders to play as Inverted wingbacks who push into midfield to dictate the tempo and control the narrative of the game.

I have experimented with inverted wingers but the winger role is more effective in holding the shape and stretching defences to create chances.

Against tougher teams, or when seeing out a tight match, pull one of the attacking midfielders back into a 'segundo volante' role to provide added security.

This is a high risk tactic which leaves you vulnerable to conceding from counter-attacks. To deal with this threat, pacy centre backs are an absolute must.

The objective of Angeball is clear – to relentlessly outgun the opposition in a thrilling goal fest.

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Downloads: 1690 / Size: 44.4 kB / Added: 2023-09-25
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Discussion: The Angeball / Outgun the oppostion

6 comments have been posted so far.

  • lowerleagues's avatar
    femoto555, glad to hear that you enjoyed using it. I'm currently tweaking on FM24 with some promising results in Ligue 1. If my Montpelier boys can hold off PSG I'll post the new one.
  • femto555's avatar
    The perfect tactic to wrap up the FM23 cycle.

    Had a blast & decent promotion success using it as a plug & play tactic for Notts County & Venezia.

    Looking forward to your tactics or tweaks in FM24. Cheers mate.
  • lowerleagues's avatar
    I'm not able to check it right now. However, the whole team are set to pass it shorter and take fewer risks so that they move the ball around quickly to the nearest man most of the time. The two AMs swap positions.

    The team instructions are the shortest passing, fastest tempo, high creative freedom, look for through balls and very wide.

    Highest/most aggressive settings for all pressing, counter press, get stuck in and high defensive line.
  • OfficialJoeyTrash's avatar
    What are the team instructions/player instructions please as I would like to try this out on the console version.
  • lowerleagues's avatar
    It's the most fun I've had in this year's version. Glad you're enjoying it as well!
  • ddcguerra's avatar
    Man, this tactic is a marvel. Yeah, you're incredibly vulnerable in general, even more so against teams with pacy wingers, and occasionally things will go very wrong, but I've actually had more success against big teams with this than more conservative tactics. And watching the highlights, particularly when the team is on the ball, it does remind me of how Ange's teams setup. Really fun.
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