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Football Manager 2024 New Features We Want

FM 2024 feature suggestions from the community. A selection of interesting FM24 features you have requested. Updated on June 19th.

By Updated on Jun 19, 2023   37325 views   40 comments
News - Football Manager 2024 New Features We Want
Hello everyone and welcome to the FM24 wishlist.

It's time for our list of Football Manager 2024 new features we’d like to see.

While FM23 is yet another commercial success for Sega, the game still has potential to fulfil going forward.

Published: 25 May
Updated: 19 June

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FM24 Facts

The people at Sports Interactive use the official forums to collect feature requests and evaluate them for inclusion on the next FM. The feature meetings usually start in January.

FM 24 is already under development, but the developers are always keen on checking out interesting suggestions they could integrate to the game.

As usual, we won't be having any official announcements regarding FM 2024 until September.

FM24 Release Date

The game is expected to arrive during the last quarter of the year, around late October or early November.

What do YOU want to see in FM 2024?

There are 3 ways for you to make your own feature requests:
We'll be updating this article regularly to include fresh feature requests, so make sure to check back often.

Our FM24 Wishlist

Jake looks at a number of improvements we'd like to see in the next instalment of Football Manager, ranging from minor improvements to major changes!

Now let's get to the list of features YOU want to see!

Most Interesting Community Feature Requests

Tactics / Match Engine

Overhaul set pieces to offer more advanced options, such as picking player runs.

More in-depth player instructions, such as cut inside when ball is on opposite wing but hug the touchline when ball is on your side.

Add the False 8 player role.

Make a dugout camera angle (view from the touchline) available.

Be able to send players to warm up before bring them on.

Save opposition instructions to quickly reuse in more matches..

Have an option to interact with players once they have been subbed.


Integrate AI technology such as ChatGPT to make press conferences more varied and interesting. That could also mean getting meaningful responses to the custom messages you type.

Involve more of the players' private life and its impact on them and introduce more interactions discussing their personal problems.

When managing a national team, be able to talk to the players about which next step would be good to take, or tell them they need to play to be considered.

Be able to speak to a player you have on loan about making their move permanent and ask the parent club for it.

Get more board privileges as years go by or as you accomplish more for the club. Be able to see where you stand in that regard and have the option of picking where you prefer the funds to go (e.g. stadium or players).

Have media interviews that remain focused on the topic and don't deviate. For example, it makes no sense to get asked about the relegation team of your domestic league when you're having an interview about the Champions League final.

Get an opportunity to speak to players who say they want to seek new challenges when their contract expires to try and persuade them to stay.

Option to say goodbye when leaving a team.

When negotiating a contract to sign a player, have the option of discussing your ambitions and style of play in the hope of impressing the player as the deciding factor in these talks.

User Experience

Introduce profiles for stadiums / fan bases with attributes such as home team bias, atmosphere, % of ultras.

Better tactical representation of AI managers setting up their teams in-game closer to their real life style of play.

National team management needs more love. For example, a better way of managing the camp, the team selection, intra-friendlies, etc.

Improve newgen faces by utilizing a better facegen technology. It's disappointing seeing newgen faces have gotten worse compared to previous years.

Better match day sounds and stadiums, so that if actually feels different managing a top club vs a smaller one.

More realistic stadiums, so they look as close to the real thing as possible.

Be able to see a player's full history (match ratings, assists, etc) after retiring, rather than just games and goals.

Speed up the time between matches by streamlining the process or providing options to turn off pre-match news and other screens.

Save staff responsibilities, so you can quickly load them when changing club or easily sharing them with the community.

Make the report view of scout assignments customizable.

Add a couple more columns on squad view to be able to see all time apps and contract start date.

Game Modes

Introduce women football. It's an officially confirmed addition and likely to debut this year.

Be able to play as a technical director. Hire the staff and head coach, do the scouting, buy and sell players, fire the head coach when needed.

Relive historic seasons and rewrite history. This could start with more recent seasons when FM took its current form commercially (2004/05).

Revive and expand the challenge mode. At least the short term ones.

Be able to start as the manager of the U21 / U19 / U18 team and work your way up.

Play as an existing manager if you don't want to push them out of their jobs.


Have the option to get more involved in ticketing prices and merchandise through the board.

Be able to pay off debt using your transfer budget or balance via a board meeting.

When playing at a lower level club, be able to move to a nearby stadium that suits your needs better. Perhaps you'd need to rent a smaller stadium due to high rent and not able to fill up the current stadium, or if you often sell out your home ground and need to rent a bigger stadium.

Bring options to modernize stadiums, ranging from expanding the smallest stands to building VIP skyboxes.

Possibility to manage infrastructure at more levels, but with an option to automate this for players who don't want to go into such detail.

More realistic and adaptive sponsorships and tv revenue as you rise or fall in the competitions your team participates.


Make it easier to sell players you don't want. It's not realistic to get zero interest when transfer listing players with international caps, even if you significantly lower their asking price.

Agents to have a more important role in transfers. For instance, signing with an agent of a certain reputation will get you offers from clubs or leagues he works with. The same goes for players; signing with a new agent should attract new interested clubs.

Introduce a preset shortlist of Waiting for WP targets that can be filled with players failing their WP or knowing they can't get one after a discussion with their agents.

Iron out bugs in transfer bids in relation to instalments and accepting lower AI bids.

Adjust the impact of reputation when players choose which team to move to. It makes no sense for a young player to move to Man City on a low salary just to go on loan to Doncaster Rovers instead of playing for Sassuolo in the Conference League.

Lower wage demands for veterans if they're offered to come back to their favored clubs.

More balanced AI transfers in order to see relevant replacements for sold players. This would prevent AI clubs breaking up due to poor squad building.

Loan manager plays a bigger part and works with data analysts to provide feedback on potential loan moves.

When a player isn't wanted by any team for over a year, big clubs shouldn't become interested all of a sudden right after we submit a bid.


Introduce live training sessions where you can pick drills and have a chance to speak to your players. For example, be able to set attacking patterns, pinpoint movement on defence and define expectations for players in the drill.

Late peak development should be possible for players unable to reach their potential soon enough because of moving to a big club and not finding sufficient playing time.

Introduce specialist coaches, such as set piece coaches.

Streamline next day training to be more relevant for match day squad based on minutes played.

Set training schedules according to your fixtures, so you have options such as day before match, day after match, more than a day before match.

Introduce training management to international football.

Restore the old mentoring system because the new system that requires a minimum of 3 players per mentoring group seems unrealistic.

Youth / Newgens

Have a way to target / influence the youth intake based on what type of players we are looking for. In other words, have more control of the youth program.

Introduce academies abroad (to nations of your choice) for clubs who have or reach a certain fan base and financial ability.

More dynamic youth ratings. These were introduced a couple of years ago, but they don't seem to be dynamic enough.

Allow for a random golden generation that could appear in any country every few years with PA over the overall national youth ranking.


Implement scouting presets that can save time from having to set up the same assignment with the same criteria but for different countries.

Decrease job security for AI managers to better reflect real life.

Introduce profiles for referees with attributes (e.g. strictness) and preferred style (e.g. free flowing).

Introduce a stadium editor tool to enable the community to contribute stadium designs, so the developers wouldn't have to spend time/resources there.

Implement more historical stats, such as league specific top scorers and use that to generate milestones for players.

Add psychologists and dietitians as new staff roles.

Introduce official DLC packs for real fixtures and results, as well as player stats for the winter update.

Option to request postponing matches in case of fixture congestion.

Human Manager

Introduce a manager skill tree with perks that can be unlocked using the wages you earn. For example, be able to unlock languages or else you'll get a "fog of war" on conversation when you start off not knowing a language. Other options to unlock could be related to training, finance or agent discounts.

Spend your wages on coaching badges and language classes without having to go through the board. That could be very useful for journeyman saves and in general for those managing in lower leagues.

Hire an agent to get access to more info about club owners and a higher wage when looking for your next managerial job.

Use/equip titles based on your career so far. For example, you could pick between options such as nomadic, aggressive, legendary, etc.

Add your birthplace without having to change the same country.

Your Feedback

That sums up all interesting suggestions people posted in our community. Please keep in the mind, the order is random.

If you spot any errors or you feel a suggestion should be removed from the list, feel free to point that out.

Are you still playing FM23?
How many long term save-games have you had with FM23?
Do you think FM23 is the best version to date?

Leave a comment to let us know, alongside your FM2024 feature requests of course.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2024 New Features We Want

40 comments have been posted so far.

  • Oke's avatar
    I will like an option to continue as a current manager rather than usual starting with unproven manager.
  • Aizen37's avatar

    12. In addition to adding the new player role of the false 8, also add the role of the false winger i.e. Gavi's role under Xavi Hernandez's FC Barcelona. I also suggest adding the roles of the Wide Centre-back and the Libero in the formations with 2 central defenders. It may be risky and hard on the AI but it will allow for more creative formations, roles and playing style for both the Manager and AI Managers.

    13. Please add actual dribbling skill moves to the game such as the Roulette, the Elastico, the Rainbow, Hocus Pocus, Nutmeg (of course), etc. Such skill moves can only be pulled off by players with high technique, flair, first touch, dribbling and other attributes. Depending on degree of difficulty, some will be more rare than others and can depend on player traits such as "Tries Tricks".

    14. Let players over time lose aptitude in a certain position as they adapt to a new one. For instance, if a player has not played in a position for 1 year, they lose the natural aptitude in that position. After 5 years, they have almost no to no aptitude in that position any more. I have rarely seen that in the current iteration if ever.

    15. Learning new positions under AI must make sense as I've seen prolific strikers in the game pick up aptitude in the centre-back position and I've also seen AI managers place centre-backs in an attacking midfield position mid-game more often than in real life. It's not realistic.
  • Aizen37's avatar

    9. On the tactical screen, we can have extra panels to show a preview of where each player, based on their position and role, will move to and around on the pitch to show us what the formation will look like in possession, in transition and out of possession (as a whole team rather than individuals). It will make it easier for managers to materialize the way they want their team to play. This adds to the training matches in the 2nd suggestion I made.

    10. Establish staff training facility as well to help coaches, scouts and all other staff reach their potential. Even the manager and other AI managers can improve their attributes if given the proper training.

    11. The ability to negotiate sponsorship deals, TV deals, club affiliations and other aspects of the club. This can be part of a chairman/owner/director mode as a technical director and director of football modes have already been suggested before. This can help managers understand the economics of a club.
  • Aizen37's avatar

    6. For national teams, should have the same training and tactical features as in suggestion 1. Staff should also feature FA President, Directors, Coordinators etc.

    7. Each country FA can develop itself financially and structurally when the national team wins a competition or when clubs in their country make significant progress in their own growth and/or win continental titles.

    8. Bring back the old formations and add them with the new. Some AI managers in the game are hampered by the 4-2-3-1 DM Wide when it would make them harder to play against with the 4-2-3-1 Wide. The new formations are good but I would love to see the old 4-2-1-3 DM Wide, 4-2-4 Wide and all others back. Also add the new formations being used by Pep and others such as the 3-2-4-1 and all other “WM” formations. I liked the challenge of playing against the old 4-3-2-1 Narrow “Christmas Tree” without the DM but the 3 CMs.
  • Aizen37's avatar
    1. AI managers are currently married to their formations (with the occasional change in formations). It would be nice if AI managers were more realistic and use numerous formations especially if their flexibility and tactical knowledge attributes are high. In fact, the developers should consider the possibility of formationless AI managers (and logarithms that cause certain AI managers to become formationless if the conditions are right).

    2. The ability to do 5v5 7v7 9v9 & 11v11 AI training matches with our squads and viewing it all in the 3d match engine. Makes it much better to test and tweak our tactics as well as develop players.

    3. The ability to build youth camps in other countries to recruit youth players for clubs and for national teams to build youth academies to improve national youth development.

    4. Add new staff such as psychologists to help boost mental attributes and team chefs to help improve physical attributes as they are becoming increasingly important in the modern game.

    5. Let the manager have a personal life. Let him date, get married, have kids (and let those kids grow up to become footballers/staff) and buy houses just like in real life. Creates a more immersive experience.
  • carlosh's avatar
    relatos de los partidos en idioma español......
  • simbo11's avatar
    more options for holiday mode
  • Justice's avatar
    The ability to spend your earnings on useful things like chicken tikka wraps and timber pellets
  • leverkuhn's avatar
    - It would be great for the modding community if the game let you add and take away data files without the need to start a new game (just as it lets you add leagues). This would reflect the evolution of competition formats.
    - Taking this idea a bit further, after a number of years the game could offer you some changes in the formats of the competitions you are taking part in. For example, the option for going back to a 2-group-stage UCL as in 99-02.

    I know it's not easy to implement but it would add variety and excitement to the game.
  • Red Dragon 19's avatar
    I would like the color of steps in stadiums to be grey and the steps much narrower than what they look like today, please remove the yellow, it really destroys the ambiance in stadiums like Arsenal's Emirates.
  • ChrisHarvey's avatar
    I think we should add a bit more of a background to our football manager profiles. Currently we can select International footballer or regional etc but I think we should be able to select "Playing Position" and maybe Former clubs so articles and headlines in the game can be more immersive.

    Eg. "Former Newcastle Defender Chris Harvey takes the Reigns at former club"

    "Newcastle ship six goals to Manchester city which is sure to disappoint there manager Chris Harvey who was a defender in his paying days"
  • cagrier's avatar
    I'd like to add our history when creating a new manager to play. If I'm playing on a high reputation team, I should have a history like played in a big team or was a great player etc, or I should have managed some teams before coming there. It's so unrealistic to start as a manager of Real Madrid without having any experience. I know there is an option to make you look like a retired footballer etc but thats not enough. I want to manually add like "managed those teams: xxxx, played in these teams: xxx"
    Also we should be able to play as an ingame character like Guardiola, Ancelotti
  • StevenThomasGaming's avatar
    We need to be able to interact with the opposing teams manager pregame and post game. They try really hard to promote this idea of relationships with other managers without us actually doing anything besides answering media questions. We need to interact. Snub them on a handshake or talk about family before game or what not. Allow us to decide. Attitudes and personalities could influence this and what responses you can use.
  • winger's avatar
    Introduce women football. It's an officially confirmed addition and likely to debut this year.

    FCK NO !!!!!!!!
  • SCP4EVER's avatar
    1.I would like that the career option be longer vs currently.
    2.As well the the updates to transfers should happen faster.
  • 1980haighy's avatar
    I'd like to see hybrid roles for players so they take up different roles depending on which area of the pitch you are attacking/defending.
  • BartySo's avatar
    I'm all in for all options about stadiums
    especially that modernisation/renovation

    it could work well for example imagine being manager of some Italian, Spanish or French lower tier teams which are playing in big stadiums but the attendance ain't even half of stadiums capacity. Then just allow us to make a move to make it smaller but more modern, and with sky boxes, vip rooms, restaurant, shop with club kits, or for example...

    CLUB MUSEUM in part of stadium, that could generate some additional income in the future!
  • mike1906's avatar
    release clause players filter
  • Anane Fabio's avatar
    Gives more cut scenes on 3D Matches show the dressing room and more of team warm up building to a game day
  • DashboardLight's avatar
    Only thing I want is for newgen faces not to look like Jimmy Neutron characters. And stadium + kit editor.
  • danyje's avatar
    Manager entourage.
  • InternetVision's avatar
    More leagues in England. Who wouldn't love to manage in to 10th tier of English Football?
  • InternetVision's avatar
    Retro databases! I would love to be able to start in the 2000/01 season in the modern FM. being able to rewrite history would be so much fun. Even if it's a DLC, Just being able to manage all the legends you grew up with would be so much fun and each youth intake would be amazing to see.
  • InternetVision's avatar
    Profiles for board members such as chairman. you'd want to know what kind of owner you are getting into business with. Being able to see there tendencies and attributes would add the the realism. Also being able to search for board members would be a nice touch.
  • nikolaosaek's avatar
    Stadium editor. So many years we are shouting for this change. So we stop seeing the ugliest stadiums that can be!! There should be an option in editor so we can choose the wat our stadium looks like as real. To be able to choose how many tiers has the stadium, and put corner tiers.

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