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Football Manager 2024 Patch 24.2.0 - Major Hotfix Update

This update brings a new match engine version, as well as crash fixes and stability improvements. Patch 24.2.0 for the final release of FM24.

By on Nov 30, 2023   26996 views   33 comments
News - Football Manager 2024 Patch 24.2.0 - Major Hotfix Update
Sports Interactive have just released the second hotfix patch for the final retail version of Football Manager 2024.

This major update contains fixes and improvements across multiple areas of the game. Gameplay upgrades are compatible with existing careers, although you will need to start a new saved game to benefit from the data and competition updates.

Football Manager Pre-Game Editor 2024 has also been updated on Steam, Epic and Microsoft Store.

Date Released: November 30th, 2023
File size: 623.9 MB

24.2.0 List of Changes

Match Engine

- Fixes to AI positioning from defensive throw ins
- Fixes for AI aerial threat positioning for attacking corners
- Fixes to players rotating when blocking shots and improvements to deflections
- Improvements to goalkeepers saving central long range shots
- Fixes to goalkeepers not attempting to save penalty kicks
- Fixes to AI selection for throw in takers
- Fixes for AI selection for free kick takers
- Tweaks to the AI substitution logic so they make use of substitutes more and/or earlier in the match
- Fixes and improvements to AI managers team selection when using IFB and IWB roles
- Fixed an issue where AI managers could use the wide centreback role in the centre of a back 3
- Fix for the team talk reactions not staying past half-time
- Fixes for too many defenders going for a header inside own area
- Fixes for red cards being given for clean looking tackles
- Fix for the attacker playing the ball straight back to throw-in taker in an offside position following the throw
- Fixes for incorrect passive offside calls made by the ref and VAR when player is blocking the goalkeepers vision
- Fix for odd duty and role selections in 442 formations for AI managers
- Fix for set piece specialist tick staying on after specialist is subbed off as it was reset by the tactics change
- Fix to human listed set piece takers not used properly for wide free kicks
- Fix for players appealing for offside too often
- Fix for a GK/Goalkeeper blooper where they let the ball go in their own net after controlling a short pass
- Fix for a GK/Goalkeeper blooper where they turn on the ball inside own area when under pressure


- General stability improvements
- Newgens will no longer generate incorrect faces
- Player stats no longer appear incorrectly
- Improve AI team selection logic
- Reduce the number of managers with 'Wing Play' tactical style
- Players no longer incorrectly get unhappy over reasonable team talks
- Players no longer get unhappy over team talks given by assistant manager
- Promise to play in correct position/role now passes correctly when promise is fulfilled
- Number of players that support an unhappy player has been reduced
- Tweaks to Saudi teams transfer policy and negotiation behaviour
- Tweaks to AI teams in a number of leagues not registering enough players
- Fixed an issue where the AI offers unrealistically low release clauses during player negotiations
- Spanish clubs will now take more consideration of their current their salary cap during player contract negotiations
- Fixed issue for Director of Football being unable to sign transfer targets
- Fixed issue for players getting upset over lack of squad depth when 'no first transfer window' is set
- Fixed issue for user unable to take control of set pieces while managing u20s national team
- Fixed issue for user unable to proceed past the Set Piece Creator while managing а national team
- Fixed scenario where AI clubs could transfer list players soon after signing them


- Fixed an issue where countries for which scouts have knowledge are not marked on the map in Scouts Overview page
- Fixed an issue where player search was returning players in incorrect positions due to misuse of the 'And' & 'Or' options when setting conditions
- Fixed text cut offs in various resolutions on the Choose Managerial Style screen
- Fixed long delay when confirming Set Piece changes
- Transfer History -> Staff now updates accordingly
- Fixed issue where Team Lineup would appear out of order
- Recruitment Focus Updates will now generate with the correct set frequency
- View Match button is no longer missing on Online Modes

Competitions and Rulegroups

- [Argentina] Competitions now identify the correct winners
- [Asia] VAR is now used from the Group Stage onwards in the Asian Champions League
- [Brazil & South Africa] Updates to scheduling to ease fixture congestion
- [England] Fixed issue where Championship Playoff and FA Cup final would take place on same day
- [Germany] Update to squad number restrictions
- [Greece] - Fixed an issue where Greece Super League 2 teams could participate in both championship & relegation group phases
- [Indonesia] Update to foreign player restrictions
- [Japan] Updates to match rules and squad registration
- [Portugal] VAR now to being used in all rounds of the Portuguese League Cup
- [Serbia] Updates to loan and squad rules
- [UEFA] Clubs from same nation now kept apart in League Phase of new UEFA Competition format
- [UEFA] Fixed issue where correct seedings weren't being applied for EUROs
- [USA] Further fix to MLS international slots disappearing
- [Various] Further updates to substitution rules to reflect real world

Database and Licensing

- [J.League 1-3] Kits, logos and player faces update
- Updated database to reflect real world key events

Pre-Game Editor

- Fixed an issue with nation short name resets when trying to change it
- Fixed an issue with extinct clubs cannot be added as playable

As usual the update is save game compatible, so you don't have to start a new save game.
*For database and competition specific changes to take effect, a new game is required.
To update you will need to close down Football Manager 2024 and re-launch for it to update. If this does not work for you or you feel it has not updated you will need to restart Steam or Epic.
If that doesn't do the trick, then verify the game cache will.

If you encounter any issues post update, please use the official FAQ for troubleshooting suggestions. You can also contact [email protected] or use or SI's FM24 Bug Tracker for further support.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2024 Patch 24.2.0 - Major Hotfix Update

33 comments have been posted so far.

  • serkanedabasar78's avatar
    Another update 24, 2, 1 again problem, this time the game takes 10 minutes to open, they are literally making fun of the people who play it
  • serkanedabasar78's avatar
    Phildw Millions of people swear but nobody cares :)
  • Phildw's avatar

    That sounds like a you problem that literally millions of happy users would totally disagree with.
  • serkanedabasar78's avatar
    Do not buy or ignore this game. I bought this game and I got tired of it. It is full of errors. As they update it, they destroy the game even more. The editor pen is gone in my task bar and now it does not appear.
  • markhayes's avatar
    Noticed a few bugs since the update, really disappointed with it.
  • bigyin58's avatar's not the players faces I have the problem with, I have successfully changed their's my Manager face I'm trying to change
  • bigyin58's avatar
    If these code writers cannot get the basics right, how on earth do we expect them to produce a quality product?code writers eh? you'll work it out after you do your sums :)
  • matias8822's avatar
    You have completely ruined the game with the new update
  • Ninja777's avatar
    No that is not the problem. Look at my previous comment and try that.
    The personally manager face is another problem.
    You need to make a new code in the config-file, for a picture to point to the manager-id.

    I know it works because I did it :)
  • bigyin58's avatar
    @Ninja777 & @Stam
    I believe this is the issue. This is no longer showing up in my FM2024Enter text for the link here...
  • bigyin58's avatar
    @Ninja777 & @Stam
    I believe this is the issue. This is no longer showing up in my FM2024Enter text for the link here...
  • Ninja777's avatar
    @bigyin58 The first part of your code "record from" is the name of the file where the face is located. The second part of the code where you need to change to the r- :) So that file name didn't change. Only the last part of the code needs to be changed. (atleast that's working for me)
  • simbo11's avatar
    when will it be on steam
  • bigyin58's avatar
    @Stam...just tried the lower case (with 1 row & then 2) and still no luck
  • bigyin58's avatar
    @Stam the 2 rows was the initial instruction when I first uploaded newgen faces...strange thing is, the players that I have transferred to a newgen face using the '2 rows' script are still showing the newgen face and not the default FM face
  • Stam's avatar
    @bigyin58: The 2nd part in the code needs a lowercase r, but I haven't tested if it's case sensitive. Worth a try though. Also why are there 2 rows for the same ID? That's another reason it might not work (due to conflict).
    Also make sure to clear cache + reload skin afterwards.
  • bigyin58's avatar
    @Stam: re All newgens as well as your own manager person had their IDs changed with the addition of r- in front of the numeric value. You need to update your config.xml (of newgens) to reflect this change...not necessarily so. I have done exactly that and I cannot effect the change
  • Stam's avatar
    @suzhiran: It's automatically downloaded and installed on your preferred platform of choice (Steam, Epic, etc). Quit the game and restart the platform app.

    @PavelT: All newgens as well as your own manager person had their IDs changed with the addition of r- in front of the numeric value. You need to update your config.xml (of newgens) to reflect this change.

    @zeus1976 @Felix: There is a workaround that I've explained in detail on our relevant tutorial - How to change your manager profile in FM24 after the 24.2 patch
  • suzhiran's avatar
    I can't find anywhere to download it
  • Fwied's avatar
    [UEFA] Clubs from same nation now kept apart in League Phase of new UEFA Competition format
    This mean teams from same country don't play each other? Cause it not working. I team like ManCity playing Arsenal + Aston Villa in one of my save.
  • bigyin58's avatar
    never been so disappointed with SI and their f... ups
  • Sanchez's avatar
    The replacements remained stupid. The computer makes them at 81 or 89 minutes, sometimes at 58 or 75, but does not use substitutions to the maximum, there are always free ones and there is no variety.
  • PavelT's avatar
    i can add phoyo of faces to my game becus something wrong with ID's
  • serkanedabasar78's avatar
    The only producer in the world who breaks the game with every update :)
  • AFCFLAJAX's avatar
    Instead of being happy after every update now I'm afraid that a new one will arrive... Every time it's a disaster.....

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