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FM24 - World Wonder League

Wonder League is a Super League style database with huge prize money all round and very interesting Cup competitions that make gameplay a fun experience

By on Nov 24, 2023   10109 views   1 comments
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Downloads: 1174 / Added: 2023-11-24
Football Manager 2024 Database - FM24 - World Wonder League
League Formats
The Wonder League system has 8 tiers ranging from 1 to 8 divisions per tier with different styles of tier all the way down to the bottom 8th tier...

Promotion and Relegation playoffs in pretty much every division making it a tight and tough system to make your way up in

Adidas Wonder League -

This top tier is two leagues of 16 teams each playing each other twice with the top four going through to a Champions Playoff competition at the end of the season to find an overall Wonder League Champion. The bottom 3 teams go straight down and the next 4 above them go into a relegation playoff between sides from both divisions.

Nike Next Level League -

Second tier has 4 divisions with 20 teams in each league playing each other twice with a 38 game season, 1st place gets automatic promotion into the Top Tier with the next 3 from each league going into a 12 team playoff system to fight for 2 promotion spots. Bottom side goes straight down then 2 Relegation Playoff spots from each league with 4 going down after the one off games between the 8 teams.

Sony Elevation League -

Third tier has 8 leagues all with 10 teams in each with a mid season split after 18 games leading to a full 16 game season for these teams. Top teams go automatically up to the Second Tier then the next two go into a playoff system with only 2 teams going up through that playoff system, so this level can be a tough one to escape from..

Ford International League One -

Now the next tier is only a single Division meaning its set up more traditionally with 20 teams all playing each other twice leading to a 38 game season, top four get promoted automatically with the next EIGHT teams go into a playoff system for an extra four promotion spots, a good league to get out of with some hard work, with a BOTTOM HALF 12th position finish leading to possible promotion, bottom four go straight down no Relegation Playoff this time round. Leaving only 4 spots between relegation and a promotion playoff!! Crazy...

Ford International League Two -
A little more standard this league with again One division with 20 teams playing twice over for a 38 game season again, This Tier is essentially a copy of the Traditional Championship in Real Life England system with 3 promoted then 4 into a playoff for the remaining 4th spot..

Ford International League Three -
Simple 20 team league again with 3 promoted 4 into playoffs as above, with 4 Relegated straight then 4 go into a Relegation Playoff game to get 2 more to go down from those four teams..

Haribo Premier Division -

Four divisions this time round, all with 16 teams in playing twice each as standard, top team from the 4 go automatically up into the above tier then the next 4 sides go into a promotion playoff with 16 going into a system with 2 more spots for Promotion up for grabs. The 3 bottom sides go straight down with the next 5 going into a playoff system for Relegation with 20 teams all in a Competition together for 2 spots to save themselves from doom...

Google Pixel 8 Challenge League -

Two divisions of 32 with each side only playing each other just the once meaning a 31 game season, top three going straight up then a HUGE 32 teams over the two leagues get into a Promotion Playoff competition with 16 of them gaining promotion!! Fun different league style

Copy and Paste the downloaded file into the 'editordata' folder in the FM24 directory

I'll let you figure out the cup competitions with each level having certain cups they are involved in.

International Football has basically been removed! Nothing but friendlies so I'd say just withdraw them from the squad when your players get called up

Download Now
Downloads: 1174 / Added: 2023-11-24
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Discussion: FM24 - World Wonder League

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    Loved this. The system, the names, the cups, wonderful work. Thanks !
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