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FMF Season Update & REAL RESULTS COMPLETE Update 09/09 over 89000 changes DB

More Real results complete (an FM18 preview) , transfers for all over the world, new real players , over 200 players skill rated . Unlock real low level from Italy 6th level

By Updated on Sep 12, 2017   190703 views   181 comments
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Downloads: 71093 / Added: 2016-12-05
Football Manager 2017 Data Updates - FMF Season Update & REAL RESULTS COMPLETE Update 09/09 over 89000 changes DB
For an updated DB we announce the "FMF Season Update" a preview of FM18
This update includes over 89000 changes and is updated to September 9th
Select default database NOT 17.3 UPDATE


C:\Users\Utente\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\games

NB. To get the real results you must to select the country and have flagged in game the file in the data folder editor.
The departure date is May 2th selecting Iceland

Argentina, Spanish Liga Adelante and Turkey ended in June after the results for these championships are updated to 2/5 and then proceed randomly.
In all the other championships, all matches were anticipated on May 2, so that they ended on that date and had a conclusive situation.

We remember that Playoff Playouts and European/Leagues Cups are not replicable with the editor consequently it was recreated ONLY the regular season

Files are independent from each other, so it's up to you to decide if using only one of them rather than all.
Remember to cancel all the files included in editor data folder using the ones included in the pack

Available :

ITALY – Serie A / Serie B / Lega Pro (3 leagues) / Serie D (9 leagues)
ENGLAND – Premier League / Championship / League 1 / League 2
GERMANY – Bundesliga / 2.Bundesliga / 3.Liga
FRANCE – Ligue 1 / Ligue 2 / National
SPAIN – Liga Santander / Liga Adelante
NETHERLANDS – Eredivisie
ARGENTINA – Primera Division
SCOTLAND - Premiership
RUSSIA – Prem'er-Liga
BELGIUM - Jupiter League
TURKEY - Süper Lig
AUSTRIA – Fußball-Bundesliga


- Players/Staff members/Managers according to Trasfermarkt at 09/09
- Players contracts revisited (expiries, provisions) at 09/09

- Updated Brasilian fixtures started January 2017
- Over 550 players from around the world, born in 2000 and not in game
- Official January and July 2017 transfers have been revisited including rescissions and retirements
- Players' Skills and roles have been rectified
- Included double nationality to players from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico


- Unlock Italian PROMOZIONE 6th level(53 leagues) with Playoff (no relegation)
- Unlock Italian ECCELLENZA 5th level(28 leagues) with Playoff and Playout (NO CUP)
- Unlock Italian SERIE D 4th (9 leagues) including "Poule scudetto" and "Coppa Italia"
- Implemented Italian Eccellenza rule that forces teams to use one Under 19 and two Under 18
- 9 substitutes in Italian Eccellenza / Promozione
- maximum 8 loaned players in Italians Serie D teams rule included
- Home and Away semi-final match included for "Coppa Italia Serie D"
- Included regional boundaries to prevent northern teams being inserted in suothern groups (and viceversa) after the second season is processed
- penalizations included
- All the rosters in "Lega Pro" and "Serie D" have been revisited and completed according to Transfermarkt
- Not in game Italian players who were born after September 2000 included


- New perspective wonderkids from all over the World have been created
- Shortlist divided by role over 400 Wonderkids



Select default database NOT 17.3 UPDATE

1 - File editor have to be EXTRACTED and COPIED here:

C:/Users/"user name"/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/editor data*

1 - File shortlist have to be EXTRACTED and COPIED here:

C:/Users/"user name"/Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2017/shortlist*

* you have to create this folder if it doesn't exist, by paying attention to give it the right name (editor data)

2 - Run Football Manager 2017 and start new save with these database enabled (don't select USA)

Read before download.

An exclusive of FMFORUM.
All rights reserved.
Don't use files in other forums/sites/blogs. Contact the staff of FMF for any request.

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Downloads: 71093 / Added: 2016-12-05
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Discussion: FMF Season Update & REAL RESULTS COMPLETE Update 09/09 over 89000 changes DB

181 comments have been posted so far.

  • Raul245's avatar
    SAVE Game is not load(( very bad/
  • Raul245's avatar
    Where is a Wissam Ben Yedder & Kasper Dolberg and others?
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @lsl640 just load in game, as a normal save
  • lsl640's avatar
    how to i use the save game? just load like normal save game? do i still need to use all the editor data?
  • Scarface1732's avatar

    if the problem is that you have all the draws I can not help you being a bug of the non-original version. the file is working properly, verifying that our files are the only ones in the date editor folder could conflict.
  • anshum2007's avatar
    I downloaded it. Installed it exactly how it is explained. Selected the default database and not the 17.3. Chose Iceland and started from May 2017 and selected Chelsea. But the results are all wayward. Chelsea is in 6th. Arsenal is at the top.

    What should I do different to get the updated sqaud plus 2016-17 results.
    In other words, what should I do to get a preview of FM 18 in FM 17. Please help. Eagerly waiting to play the game with true real world scenarios.
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    UPDATE 09/09


    Revised player's contract at 09/09
    Players/Staff members/Manager according to Trasfermarkt at 09/09


    File with Real Madrid winner Champions league and Manchester United winner Europa League
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    Loans if they are obliged have been immediately made definitive in the team, has already been explained. all transfers are updated in according to transfermarkt on the given date. The island correctly dated May 2nd 2017 obviously misses some passage. check this again following the instructions given
  • Beeley8's avatar
    doesn't include loads of transfers that happened weeks before the deadline shut. Also installed correctly and selected 17.0 database. But Iceland does not give the option to start on the date stated.
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @Mikeroni U must select only default db not 17.3.

    This is a database work mate not a logos pack
  • Mikeroni's avatar
    If i start a new game i can only chose between the update or the original database. In the club selection screen the are no real team logos...
  • Mikeroni's avatar
    Hi, thx for your work! Are team Logos included?
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @Jav1988 all transfer are in real time date, check the players
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @gazza6360 leagues are updatin by real results until it is allowed to do so with the editor (no playoff playout and Cup) u must use default not 17.3 when start a new gane
  • Scarface1732's avatar
    @peter li the loans are not reproducible with certain dates, if they are with the obligation to redeem are already made immediately. I remember the db being done to start in 2017
  • Jav1988's avatar
    So frustrating. Hopefully someone can help. I'm sure I'm following the install guide properly but can't get this to work. I've extracted the files to the correct folders, the editor data files are selected, the original database is selected and not the 17.3 update, I have selected the English leagues and Icelandic leagues, selected the correct start date in Iceland and then the game starts in May 2017 but I'm Man Utd and I don't have Lukaku, Matic etc. Wayne Rooney is still here. Help!
  • gazza6360's avatar
    im clicking career mode then in game chooseing football manager 2017 not 17.3 players updated but teams still last years divisions ??
  • gazza6360's avatar
    transferring files to editor data going into game picking default database but when im in the game its saying using 17.3 update still ???
  • gazza6360's avatar
    sorry using the default database transfers are done but leagues not updating ?
  • Desertik's avatar
    I restarted new games. It's ok now :)
  • Peter Li's avatar
    Some players are on loan first and then buy in the next season. But your dataset set all of them sold already. Kessie & Borini from AC Milan is just a few examples.
  • Desertik's avatar
    My game crash every may 15th at 8am . Any idea ?
  • arnold2005's avatar
    has the promotion n relegated teams been done yet plz anyone
  • butters's avatar
    @Scarface1732 yep I did, now its all sorted, awesome mate
    @Gandalay recheck to make sure you dont use the 17.3 update database when new game, happened to me
  • Gandalay's avatar
    Hey Scarface, I followed the instructions on installing but whenever I try to start the game, the May 2nd, 2017 option in Iceland is greyed out and won't let me choose that option. Any idea on how to fix it?

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