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FMT Stadium Superpack 2019

3529 stadium images covering every playable league in a slightly larger size to reflect the increase in size of the stadium panels in most current skins.

By Updated on Mar 29, 2019   125351 views   10 comments
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Downloads: 45371 / Size: 1.3 GB / Added: 2019-02-21
FM 2019 Misc Graphics - FMT Stadium Superpack 2019
I started making this pack in May after noticing the pics in my old pack and other packs I'd downloaded were looking stretched and blurred due to the skinners increasing the size of the stadium panels.

The pictures will show up on the team info screen, on the news screen, in the processing bar, on a match-day and in the stadium profile page.

The pack contains 3529 images of which the majority are 800x480px. Every playable club with a stadium assigned to them in the editor has a pic apart from one Romanian 3rd division side which will be made a priority to find for the first update.

Update 1: Mediafire 353 images takes the number of pictures in the pack up to 3875.

Update 2: Mediafire 200 images taking the number of pics in the pack up to 4072.

Update 3: Mediafire 50 images takes the number of images in the pack to 4118.

Thanks go to Dazs8 and Asket for contributing images to the update packs.

Stadiums Preview

Installation instructions

Step 1
Extract downloaded file to a temporary folder.
In order to extract you will need either 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac.
Step 2
Move the folder to:
Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2019\graphics\

Create the folder "graphics" if it doesn't exist.
Step 3
Run Football Manager 2019 and go to: Preferences > Interface
Hit the "Clear Cache" button at the top, and then hit the "Reload Skin" button at the bottom.

Download Now
Downloads: 45371 / Size: 1.3 GB / Added: 2019-02-21
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Discussion: FMT Stadium Superpack 2019

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • alongkorn.sirs's avatar
    Link Error
  • geordie1981's avatar
    Freiburg's stadium is definitely in there. Do you have another stadium pack creating a config clash?

    Actually I think Freiburg are moving into a new stadium which I don't have a pic for so if you're into season 3 or 4 or beyond that might explain it being missing.
  • knipser666's avatar
    SC Freiburg German Bundesliga is Missing...
  • MackbossFM's avatar
    Thank you...goob job...!!!
  • geordie1981's avatar
    Update 3 added to OP.
  • geordie1981's avatar
    The pack won't work with the default skin you'll need to download a custom one, haven't tried the df11 skin but if there are stadium panels in there I don't see how it wouldn't work with it.

    I've added links to 2 update packs into the OP, loads of high rep non-playable club stadiums as well as a few stadiums that have only recently been built/expanded. Thanks to Dazs8 and Asket for providing pics.
  • Nicoule's avatar
    Hello, it doesn't work on my game. It is in graphics folder and i use a basic skin so why it doesn't load ?
  • markcwee's avatar
    it doesn't work with df11 skins :(
  • markcwee's avatar
    dead download link...
  • richbell82's avatar
    Awesome work, huge thanks
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