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Football Manager 2013 Beta Explained

So what exactly is this beta thing everyone is talking about? Answers to all your questions here.

By Updated on Oct 18, 2012   40613 views   17 comments
News - Football Manager 2013 Beta Explained
Many people seem to have questions about the beta version of FM13. So here are the answers to these questions.

Why pre-purchase FM13?
Anyone who pre-purchases Football Manager 2013 through our store will be given a beta key which will allow early access to the game. The early access period will be 2 weeks – so you can start playing the game two weeks before its actual release.

What is this beta version?
The beta version is an early version of the game normally produced a few weeks before the game itself is mastered. Sports Interactive will continue to work on the game until a couple of days before it is released.

Pre-Purchase Football Manager 2013 from to start playing this Friday 19 October!

What do I get when I pre-purchase?
Your activation code will be sent to you electronically via e mail and you will be able to redeem it on Steam. We only deal with the digital edition, so we don't ship any DVDs.

What time, exactly, is the beta going to be released?
Sports Interactive have set no time or date that the beta will go live apart from "approximately 2 weeks before release". However we believe the beta access will begin on Friday 19 October.

How do I access the beta?
To access the beta you will need the unique code received or sent to you electronically via e mail. Our e mailed codes come with instructions on how to access the beta.

How long does the beta code take to install?
This will very much depend on your internet connection speed. For example with an average speed of 2 MB per second it should take 20 minutes. Please note however this is only a guide and it will vary.

How much space will the beta code take up on my PC/Mac?
Around 2 GB of hard drive space will be required to install the beta code.

What happens when the game is released if I have pre-purchased from your store?
Your game will automatically update from BETA to final version on the launch day, given that your Steam client is in online mode.

What happens to my beta game post release?
Your beta game will remain as a saved game in your computer and you can continue it on the final version.

Can I play all game modes in the beta?
The career mode, and new Classic mode including Challenge mode will all be playable in the beta. However it is not the full and final version, so some elements will not be activated until you install the final version.

How long will I have to wait for the full game to download, following my beta install?
As with the beta install, this will depend on the speed of you internet connection so times will vary. We estimate an average install time from beta to complete game would be approximately 20 minutes.

If serious issues are found in the beta version, will they be fixed in time for the games release?
That is the plan, although both Sports Interactive and SEGA are hopeful that there won't be any!

Is the editor going to be released at the same time as the beta?
No – the editor will be available when the game itself is released at 00.01 GMT on Friday 2nd November.

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Discussion: Football Manager 2013 Beta Explained

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • Scotta84's avatar
    If i purchase the game from fmscout will i get the beta code the same day?? i pre ordered at but they only send out codes every thursday apperently
  • nixon's avatar
    I have a problem,
    my FM 13 beta is crashing all the time, almost every 2 virtually weeks.
    My pc always froze then message pop up about runtime error.
    Please help
  • limahorace's avatar
    Stam, i'm very fan of the game, like many others around the globe. I'm speaking from Brazil and playing Football Manager since "Championship Manager". I like congratulate the staff who develop the engine and all the features and, off course, soliciting the code acess for playing beta, cause i bought from Steam weeks ago. Thanks!!.
  • Suncry's avatar
    I pre-purchased FM13 in yesterday afternoon. When can I have my code?

  • darrenmckell's avatar
    just pre ordered game off it said i can access beta on site is this true how and when do i recieve the code? cheers in advance
  • Stam's avatar
    @yoshic93 @nixon: Thanks for choosing to buy your FM13 from our store!

    There's very high demand for FM13 beta access from all over the world. Therefore the delivery of activation codes is slower than expected. Whoever pre-purchased early has received a code this afternoon, but for the past few hours the demand is crazy.

    I believe you should receive your code by morning. Sorry for the delay, it's just beyond me. Our partner (Nexway) is handling order validation and code delivery.
  • nixon's avatar
    I bought a beta about hour ago.
    But still no code
  • gonzo89cb's avatar
    When the full installation comes out in Nov, will the extra features which aren't included in the beta version (specifically the new network play features) work with the save game(s) initially created with the beta version?


  • yoshic93's avatar
    I bought the game off here about 10 minutes ago and still have not recieved the email with the beta code to play it early. When will i get the email??
  • ToXic's avatar
    Well you can call me childish, and I might even agree but i played this great game since 1997 where i played 30 seasons just to find out that was the maximum lol. I find it great fun to edit the data base make the whole team hate a manager i dislike and give all the players i dont like maximum dirty value. But is is fun to manage the lowest team possible normally Easbourne and make a great team and then try to keep them through the seasons.... That is harder than getting the team into Europe first season but it is great fun trying lol.....
  • bsharp73's avatar
    Thanks Stam I was not thinking....
  • Stam's avatar
    @bogdan: Yes, you will be able to continue your save game from the beta to the final version.
  • Stam's avatar
    @bsharp73: The official Steam store is a participating retailer, so you should get beta access.
    By the way, I changed your username to bsharp73 because you've used your email and I'm guessing you didn't want to show that as your public username.
  • bsharp73's avatar
    Great I downloaded the game from Steam as soon as it was available, probably one of the first to pre order and I wont get early access??? that's pants guys not happy.
  • bogdan's avatar
    What happends if I start to play in Beta Version with Levski and will this save be able to Official Game ?? .. I don`t speak english well, sorry for that.
  • Stam's avatar
    @phelit: Yes, normally you should get access to the beta if you already pre-purchased FM13 on Steam store. Hopefully next year you'll consider getting it from our store instead :)
  • phelit's avatar
    What happends if I have already pre-purchased FM13 on steam? Do I get the access to the beta or am I automatically out for being too quick in pre-purchasing? :)
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