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Football Manager 2018 Backgrounds - MyPack 3.0

2963 images of 1616 clubs including teams in all major leagues and many minor. Plus competition backgrounds. Largest background pack for FM 2018.

By Updated on Oct 30, 2017   98829 views   31 comments
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Downloads: 22943 / Size: 3.3 GB / Added: 2017-10-30
FM 2018 Misc Graphics - Football Manager 2018 Backgrounds - MyPack 3.0
MyPack 3.0 contains 2963 images of 1616 clubs. All clubs from major leagues are included and many from minor leagues. 272 images were taken by myself. I have traveled around England, Scotland and Wales and taken pictures of grounds myself. Most of the league teams in England are my photos.

All the way back when I started playing Championship Manger 2 as a teenager, one of the things I really loved was the background pictures. Each club having a background picture of the stadium really added to the immersion. I missed them when they were not included with later versions. In about 2008 or 2009 I was looking at skins for the game and realized there were a few background packs around. I downloaded a pack (can’t remember which one) and loved how this improved the experience. The quality of the packs available at the time wasn’t great so I started tweaking the one I had downloaded, adding my own images here and there. Over time it got to the stage where most of the images were mine. At this stage I decided to make it my own project. I scrapped the whole pack and started from scratch with my own pack.

My approach to the pack is that each club has two images; a picture of the stadium exterior (preferably on matchdays with fans in the foreground) on the club/squad screens, and a stadium exterior picture (preferably when the match is going on) on the stadium screen. Pictures can be reversed using included zip files containing alternative config files.

In late 2013 I decided to get the pack in a workable state to post up online. At the time there weren’t many background packs around so I thought it would be a worthwhile addition. I added a fairly comprehensive number of European leagues and uploaded on the SI site. Since then I have posted numerous updates. Around this time I started stopping at grounds when nearby and taking pictures of stadiums. At first I used my camera on my phone and later I purchased my trusty compact Canon Ixus. I have had a number of purposeful trips to take pictures of grounds and now have 272 pictures in the pack taken by myself. Most of the league teams are now my pictures with significant numbers of non-league teams. Even two European teams are my own, Barcelona and Toulouse. The Toulouse pictures were a bit of an adventure...

Sample Images



Hastings United




Dover Athletic

Images in pack

International - 201 pics of 198 teams
England - 703 pics of 359 teams
Scotland - 107 pics of 54 teams
Ireland - 24 pics of 12 teams
Wales - 24 pics of 12 teams
Northern Ireland - 72 pics of 38 teams
Italy - 191 pics of 99 teams
Germany - 116 pics of 60 teams
Spain - 130 pics of 65 teams
France - 110 pics of 55 teams
Portugal - 34 pics of 17 teams
Netherlands - 34 pics of 17 teams
Belgium - 49 pics of 25 teams
Austria - 46 pics of 24 teams
Switzerland - 48 pics of 25 teams
Denmark - 24 pics of 12 teams
Norway - 70 pics of 36 teams
Sweden - 79 pics of 44 teams
Finland - 48 pics of 25 teams
Iceland - 24 pics of 12 teams
Faroe Islands - 5 pics of 3 teams
Russia - 74 pics of 39 teams
Ukraine - 62 pics of 33 teams
Poland - 32 pics of 16 teams
Belarus - 24 pics of 13 teams
Croatia - 24 pics of 14 teams
Serbia - 28 pics of 14 teams
Czech Republic - 30 pics of 15 teams
Romania - 35 pics of 18 teams
Bulgaria - 25 pics of 13 teams
Montenegro - 12 pics of 6 teams
Slovenia - 18 pics of 9 teams
Slovakia - 22 pics of 11 teams
Greece - 34 pics of 17 teams
Turkey - 35 pics of 18 teams
Cyprus - 4 pics of 2 teams
USA - 37 pics of 19 teams
Australia - 19 pics of 10 teams
Brazil - 39 pics of 20 teams
Argentina - 40 pics of 20 teams
Mexico - 36 pics of 18 teams
Uruguay - 32 pics of 16 teams
Chile - 36 pics of 18 teams
Colombia - 30 pics of 17 teams
Egypt - 4 pics of 2 teams
China - 32 pics of 16 teams
Japan - 36 pics of 18 teams
South Korea - 24 pics of 12 teams

Instructions - How to install backgrounds pack on FM18

If you already have a previous version then please delete this first if you are using this version.

You may need to create the graphics folder.

Download Now
Downloads: 22943 / Size: 3.3 GB / Added: 2017-10-30
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Discussion: Football Manager 2018 Backgrounds - MyPack 3.0

31 comments have been posted so far.

  • meddy's avatar
    I can't get the west ham stadium image to appear, all other clubs are perfect but just can't get west ham-stad to work. any ideas?
  • Teknik Direktör's avatar
    Thanks for your work.
  • daherlihy's avatar
    Any chance of the mini stadium images being extracted into a separate download?
  • clarkey_no1's avatar
    Hi, Shame that the Wanda Metropolitano isn't on this pack, I took some pictures back in October when I visited and would be happy to give them to the guy who created this, get in touch and I can forward them over.
  • invinceble's avatar
    Hi!So,i dont want backgrounds i just want real stadium pictures on club profiles and on other places where stadium are.Can i get that somehowe?Thanks
  • eklektos22's avatar
    when i go to extract the file,it tells me that archive is not readable and then it asks me for a pasword and a keyfile...please some help
  • Beanos36's avatar
    Thanks for getting back to me mate. So all is not lost. Hopefully a skin will come out that will show the stadium pics on Matchday. Love going to the Allianz Arena in the champions league and seeing the pic in the background for example. Much prefer this to 2D and 3D. Like I said, I’m old school since the early champ man games and stadium pics were always a staple of the game
  • andrew haines's avatar
    @Beanos36 - This is reliant on the skin. You need a skin that will show the background where you want it. I know what you mean. I miss having the background picture on the matchday. Really added something as you progress up the leagues to see the stadiums improve in quality.
  • Beanos36's avatar
    Any idea how you get these stadium pics to appear on match day? I’m not a fan of the 2D and 3D. Prefer old school in the early days of football/ championship manager
  • clem131301's avatar
    bonjour à tous , j'ai un petit problème, j'ai bien installer comme c'est indiqué mais je n'ai pas les terrains qui apparaissent , que dois je faire? j'ai bien le reste mais il me manque ça ... j'ai regardé dans le dossier en question et j'ai bien les photos des stades et les autres
  • JonnyC30's avatar
    only works with default skin for me. not even on fm dark :(
  • interwebme's avatar
    I reloaded the page a few times and it worked.
  • interwebme's avatar
    I'm also having problems with the download. When I try and click the reCAPTCHA box I get the error message 'cannot connect to reCAPTCHA. Check your connection and try again'. My connection is fine.
  • fascinoso73's avatar
    Download does not work !!
  • andrew haines's avatar
    @CoreyE - Cheers for letting me know. I'll get an updated image for Hayes in the next update. If you want to change the image, quite easy. There are images in the folder, hayes yeading-team.jpg and hayes yeading-stad.jpg. Just replace them with the image you want. You might need to re-size the images to fit your monitor or they can look a bit weird when FM resizes to fit the screen.
  • CoreyE's avatar

    Hayes & Yeading ground picture needs changing. Church Road is there old ground. PLease advise how to do it and I will change it myself if i can if simple.

    If not - new ground is the skyex community stadium - the lovely main stand with 1250 seats
  • ACDSHE45's avatar
    did anyone else get triggered that the kits he had in the screenshots were from like three seasons ago?
  • Manager's avatar
    Can someone write the order of the background? step TNX
  • bocka13's avatar
    Can you please tell me what am I doing wrong? Downloaded the file, copied all the jpeg files to "backgrounds" folder, cleared cache and reloaded skins and - nothing is showing up. I did the same for logos and that works just fine... thx a lot
  • Stam's avatar
    @andrew haines: Yes, the smaller stadium images on club screen should work already. That doesn't seem changed from FM17.
  • andrew haines's avatar
    @stam - thanks for the clarification. I don't buy FM until after the March patch so I'm a bit reliant on other users to tell me if it works. I recall that small images on the club screen worked in FM17. Is this the case with FM18?
  • Stam's avatar
    @andrew haines: I don't doubt this pack WILL work for FM18, but right now there are no custom skins for the FM18 Beta because the resource archiver tool (that skinners need) won't be released before November 10th. Your screenshots are from FM17 ;)
  • guibon's avatar
    cuando lo voy a descargar me pone error el archivo esta dañado
  • andrew haines's avatar
    arthur16 - What skin are you using?
  • doctorhjorth's avatar
    Thanks for this!

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