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Introduction to the Pre-Game Editor

From world leagues over your local regional league to new continental competitions. There are few limitations to what you can achieve in the Football Manager Pre-Game Editor.

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FM Tutorials - Introduction to the Pre-Game Editor
Since the release of the first Championship Manager people have been trying to find a way to cheat or add themselves to the game. In 1997 we got the first editor where we could change all sorts of information and stats. I remember trying to add the Danish league instead of the Portuguese, which proved almost impossible. Since then the editor has gotten better and better and we can now make almost anything imaginable. From world leagues over your local regional league to new continental competitions. There are few limitations to what you can achieve in the Football Manager Pre-Game Editor.

How to get the Editor
The only way you can get the editor is by buying the game. Once you’ve activated the game through Steam the editor will be accessible. From here on it is quite easily found.

  1. Open Steam
  2. Go to the “Library” drop down list and select “Tools”
  3. Find Football Manager 2015 - Editor
  4. Double click and follow the instructions to install

You are now set to go.

A few tips before you start editing
This guide will only show you the basics and will not cover every option you might like. If you want to learn more advanced techniques try to reverse engineer the database you want to make. If you want to add a player equally as good as Lionel Messi, then take a look at Messi and how he is built up in the database. If you want to learn how to make a certain type of database, find a download of that kind of database and see how that is built. By reverse engineering you will learn from people who have had the same problems as you.

Navigating the editor is rather easy, you have two left hand menus and one top menu. The first left hand menu is aptly named “Menu” here you have 3 or 4 options.
  1. File - Information about the editor and your database file
  2. Test Competitions - Used to see if your competitions work (will not be covered in this guide)
  3. Database - Access the game database
  4. Your active editing - If you have started editing something your latest entry will appear here.
Next it’s the other left hand menu, or the sub-menu. This will take shape depending on the selection you’ve made in the top menu. In between these two menus are a drop down list with arrows to each side, this is for easy navigation through your most recent entries, play around with it to see how you can use it the best. The top menu is a bit self explanatory and we will cover a few of the options later in the guide.

There will be a lot of numeric values in the different settings, most of them you know from the player or staff attribute screen ranging from 1-20. If you’re in doubt as to what interval settings accept, take a look at the bottom of the screen, here you will see the name of your active text box and if applicable what interval you can use. E.g. “Current reputation - 0 - 200”

For the purposes of this guide I will show you how to do four things. Add a player, add a team, add a league, and add Nation rules. I will explain the essential settings in each of these scenarios, this means that I will skip a few text boxes, buttons and so on. Hopefully the text there will help you understand what they’ll do. E.g. I won’t tell you what “Ball winter colour” does when creating a league.

The guide will be trickled to you, we're looking to get new pages out to you as quickly as possible. However this is limited to the author's time.

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About a_esbech

My first game was Championship Manager 2 - 97/98 season. Since then my interest for the game has only increased. I will always play LLM as I prefer that challenge above any other.
I like to make new leagues in the editor either as factually correct as possible or as fantasy setups.

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