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FM Genie Scout 13 now available

YES! Finally!! I can now fully enjoy FM13, thank you Eugene, thank you FMSCOUT!!! Public edition BETA 7 released today, 9 December!

By on Dec 09, 2012   23371 views   20 comments
News - FM Genie Scout 13 now available
FM Genie Scout 13 is here!
As promised, we released FM Genie Scout 13 shortly after 7 December! The wait is finally over, and you can now fully enjoy your FM13.

Genie Scout 13 comes with an installer, and should work for the latest Football Manager 2013 version (13.1.3)!
Head over to our Genie Scout 13 download!

Eugene worked really hard for this and I'm hoping you will appreciate his effort by donating to the GS project.

At this point d like to attach a quote from Eugene about the release of this public GS13 version:

"I started to work on Genie Scout 7 years ago. I spent more than 1650 hours to give you Genie Scout as you see it today.

Times have changed and I am a family man now. I have a beautiful daughter and it's harder to find time to continue updating Genie Scout.

If you appreciate the efforts I put in every year, if you enjoy the tool, I'd be really thankful for any support from your side.

Sincerely yours,
Eugene Tarabanovsky"

If you want to donate, please use the Donate to Eugene page.


P.S. Our newsletter followers got the download link before everyone else. We will follow the same drill for the next versions as well, so if you want to receive your download links early next time, make sure you sign up to our newsletter - it's free!

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Discussion: FM Genie Scout 13 now available

20 comments have been posted so far.

  • senninha7's avatar
    I'm a bit dissapointed with recent GS realese. Football Manager has introduce tactical role since 2010 but GS still havent make a rating for each tactical role. It dont even allow us to made our own rating unless the default one. Come on Eugene, would you take attention to it?
  • cecenico's avatar
    where's the game data usual directory? (\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Football Manager 2013\data)? (\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2013\editor data)?
    because genie scout dont found game data
  • RandydeB's avatar
    @piovra, you know gs13 will only find the saved game when fm13 is active?

    so start gs13 as admin, then start fm13 and load your game, then return to gs13 and load the game, it then should find the saved game you are playing in fm13 at that moment.

    Also at the options of genie scout the folder for saved games should be the correct 1, so either you save your games in the geniescout saved games folder or you redirect the path to where you have your saved games.

    Every new save i make with big databases adjusted leagues and other options work fine
  • piovra's avatar
    GS doesn't work!! Can't find any saved game...I'saved many times in different directories but nothing...Any suggestion? I have GS13g. If I pay i expect that what i pay works.
  • Fellippo's avatar
    there is already a prediction for when you can see the value of sales of athletes in FM Genie Scout 13?
  • RandydeB's avatar
    @harrow geniescout will only load the game you are currently playing, so if you are playing your monaco save genie will only load that one, then if you start another save and have that one oppened, and load a game with genie it will load the new save you are playing at that moment.

    @noeland "WHEN" you pay, and the people that waited for the free version to arrive? As said you don't have to donate, its if you want to, to support eugene and his work for the fm community. In return we got to beta test his scout tool, and thats why there has been so many versions already, for the people that donated. Cause we have discovered shit laods of errors which eugene then fixed.

    Its just harder to have it work perfect this year cause SI tried to make sure, scout programs couldn't acces their save games that easy. Anyway if you can't appreciate it, then just try something else that does work for you
  • harrow's avatar
    Thanks Eugene for this however my "Monaco" save games shows as "fm" in the bottom left hand corner as I remember correctly it show the actual game file name??
    You are probably aware of this...
    I tried going to Options and changing the directories but it didn't do anything, so I don't know if all the things it has loaded is relevant to my Save game.

  • Noeland's avatar
    Oh, you are so sweet with him... The fact is that the software is not working for many people, so it's just useless... When you pay for something, it's normal to have some expectations, so it's just unacceptable
  • NordiCio's avatar
    Wonderful work! Love you all who contributed with all your help to Eugene and! <3
  • Mathias28's avatar
    GS can't find any saved game, changed the directory but doens't help either...
  • love_animals's avatar
    Stam just ignore stupid guys rock! :) Eugene work is amazing... :)
  • Stam's avatar
    @Noeland: Nobody is begging for money. This is a free tool. Supporting Eugene with a donation is a gesture of respect and appreciation. Now if you can't appreciate his efforts through the years, then you seriously need to reconsider a few things... such as working for a good cause in your limited spare time, releasing the result of your efforts for free, reading through submitted problem reports and trying to figure out solutions, or being the recipient of flame attacks for no good reason.
  • Kraiden's avatar
    Wow noeland you're such a douchebag.
    Thanks Eugene, I made a donation a month ago because I love genie scout and appreciate the time you put into it.
  • RandydeB's avatar
    @noeland, don't be such a b*tch, as eugene already mentioned he had to reprogram the entire program, cause SI made it almost impossible to get acces to the save files.

    And people didn't have to donate, but did anyways just to support eugenes work. and be happy some of us did that in order to get the 1st beta's, cause most problems are already fixed. And almost every new save works just fine with genie scout.

    Next to the fact eugene just has less time now a days, i still think he does the best he can and puts a lot of time and effort in it. But maybe you should make it and ask for donations aswell? lets see how good your scout software would work
  • love_animals's avatar
    Eugene don't listen bad people...this tool genie scout is really great thing for searching player database, apsolutely amazing even without sale GREAT JOB MAN! :)
  • Fellippo's avatar
    Why does not appear the sale value of any player?
  • Noeland's avatar
    Hey Eugene, knowing that you are begging us for some money, you could be thankful for the donations by releasing a WORKING software...
  • kondziolek4's avatar
    it's not working. After the game is trying to load, this appear: Access violation at address 007CD20E in module "FMGenieScout.exe". Read of address 00000178 - what to do?
  • 0v3rul3's avatar
    THANKS A LOT!! great work
  • Genie's avatar
    It was really hard this year to make GS. SI encrypted save game files, so the only option left is to read the data directly from the memory. It was abosultely new for me, so it was not so easy to figure out how all this stuff works. It took a really a lot of time to make it, I wasn't really sure that I'll succeed in it at all this year. It was like creating GS from scratch. I didn't spent so much time for it from the time it was initially developed. So I'd like to thank you for your patience.
    There still problems with loading of the game data, but thanks to users who participated in closed beta-testing, the most of issues have been resolved already. And there is still issue with Sale Value, but I hope it will be resolved soon somehow.
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