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Goals Galore FM18 Tactic by Guru

This is an attacking 4-2-4 for FM 2018 that works best for teams that have decent/good midfielders. If that's your case & you enjoy offensive & beautiful plays, it's for you.

By Updated on Nov 18, 2017   329350 views   43 comments
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Downloads: 38535 / Size: 43.6 kB / Added: 2017-11-18
Football Manager 2018 Tactics - Goals Galore FM18 Tactic by Guru


First and foremost, I must say that this is not supposed to be a "wonder tactic". Due to its build, this tactic might not work on some teams. It asks a lot of your midfielders & if they are not up for it, your whole squad might fall apart.
That being said, the approach of the tactic is my own. By that, I mean that it is build around the way I picture football and how I enjoy watching it. I don't mind taking 3 goals if I can score 5. This is the main reasoning behind it. It was made to create lots of chances from all around the pitch (basically, everyone but your two CD are part of the offensive plays. This makes it easier to score, but, obviously easier for you opponents to counter you. I enjoy that, but not everyone can sit watching his/her team shot 30 times to score one, and then see the opposition get their first chance on a corner counter & score it flawlessly. I don't mind that (it's been this way for somewhat 10 years already so I'm at peace with the way FM works now XD).

It is possible that some players get lots of yellows. As this mostly depends on the hidden "dirtiness" attribute, I suggest you to see for yourself how it goes, and tune down the Tackle setting of said players, if need be.

Match Prep

During your pre-season, you can do as follows.
I like having lots of friendlies (~10/12 - 2 per week) against weak teams.

Tactic training in pre-game during pre-season & then switch to attack routine.

If your team is doing fine in games, you can put less emphasis on match training, that way, your players (youngsters mostly), will improve faster.
On the same note, if your next game is up against a very strong opposition, don't hesitate to go full match training on defensive positioning, it will make things easier.


It happens often that the team is too open for counter in the second half. To avoid that, you can drop the D line a bit a the mentality to standard/counter.
I like to play on control regardless of who I'm up against, and I just adjust the D line. Usually, what works (for me !) when I'm up against a better team that gets the momentum going is to turn up a notch the defensive line & the pressing. That way you prevent them from playing the way they want to. So depending on how your game is going (you can see in the first 15/20 min), don't hesitate to change that. You can also alter your team tempo, if you see your players making too many mistakes by trying to play too quickly, just lower it a little bit.


There are few things to note for the players you might want to look for. As you will concede mostly from crosses, having a good Rushing Out Keeper is advised. Same goes for your CD, being strong in the air with decent anticipation/marking can make a huge difference. Also, note that I play with fast defenders so if yours are a bit slow, you might concede a lot of through balls. Keep that in mind (and if that's the case, lower the defensive line).
For the full backs, look for the likes of Gaya, Alba, etc. Them having "Runs with ball down X side" is a plus.

Your two CM are B2B. I prefer having complete players here (like Bakayoko, Fabinho, etc), but you can make it work with more defensive oriented players obviously. Try to keep him on support duty though. Kante, while not being very complete, is a monster in that position due to his high defensive stats & his huge activity.

I tend to prefer inverted foot IF, but the game proved me that it's not an absolute must have, as Lemar on the left wing is having an immense impact on the games. So I'll leave that up to you guys :)

For your IFs & F9, I like quick players that are technical. Obviously if you can get your hands on some fast striker that are good in the air, that's nice, but it's not a must have.


Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 38535 / Size: 43.6 kB / Added: 2017-11-18
Guru's avatar
About Guru

French streamer & fan of the game !
I enjoy making tactics & fantasy databases.
Find me at

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Discussion: Goals Galore FM18 Tactic by Guru

43 comments have been posted so far.

  • Jarek83's avatar
    how to upload a file ?
  • MrKarizzi's avatar
    The most consistent tactic I have ever used!
  • Jarek83's avatar
    Hi Guru I just say I. Love ur tactic I playing now 3rd season with Barcelona. And is incredibly good tactic so far event after patch 18.3.3 if I'm not wrong. My team is unbeaten form 75 games so far!And some of my wining games are like 10-0, 8-0, 5:0 It's nearly 2 season. I don't know how to upload here pictures so I can't prove it so far. But I Have problem with injuries every some while I've got injury for 3-7 weeks that's is not normal. Guys any Ideas why? SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH GUYS :/
  • leerobbo92's avatar
    This is so close to being a plug and play it's unreal! My first season with Liverpool, and with 3 new signings (Rajkovic, Dolberg and Rugani) I've won the Premier League with 101 points and 116 goals, the Carabao Cup and I have a Champions League final to play. Highlights include beating Tottenham 12-1 over two legs in the CL semi-final (!), an 8-3 win over Leipzig, and a 4-1 win over Man City.

    I play with a supporting winger on the right (Mane) instead of two IFs: Salah has 36 goals and 19 assists playing as a striker, Sturridge and Dolberg have over 20 goals each and I have 8 players with 10 goals or more, and all 8 players also have 10 or more assists. We've scored in every single game (including friendlies), and we've only failed to score more than 1 goal in just 9 games all season.

    Thanks Guru!
  • RasmusBolin's avatar
    Using this tactic with Rangers and it's working great!
    Score a lot of goals. Some games you got a lot of yellow cards but thats okay.
    The only thing thats frustrated me is that I concede goals almost every game
  • Thomasg12's avatar
    What b2b midfielders do you use in your team and what stats should I look for?
  • ZION's avatar
    doesnt work
  • Thomasg12's avatar
    What would be some good stats to look for in an IF?
  • Guru's avatar
    Yes ! I'm not using the game in English so I apologize for not using the right terms sometimes ^^
  • Thomasg12's avatar
    When you say pressing, you mean closing down, correct?
  • Guru's avatar
    In these situations, just go for higher D-line & pressing ;) It did the trick for me ^^
  • NabilFekir's avatar
    Hello Guru,

    This tactic is really incredible for me and I am winning everything and crushing a lot of teams. However, I tend to struggle against strong teams in big games. For instance, in big games in Champions' League (1/4, semi finals, final) or against PSG (I am in Ligue 1) I really struggle a lot, concede a lot of goals and not scoring that much. Especially when I play Away games. I have to change and play in 5-3-2 to win these games.

    Do you have any insights on this ? Any idea how to fix this problem. I tried to change the mentality and role of players but still I do not found solutions.

  • Guru's avatar
    @lenzooo : ya, it's to be expected. super failed crosses have been fixed, so since the tactic scores lots from them but also concedes from them, you take more in but scores more as well :p that's why I think it's fine even after the patch. It balances out overall. I'm glad you like the tactic as much as I do :D

    @Thomasg12 : it all depends on the level you're playing. If you're Barcelona, if I say 14/15 in marking /anticipation, that would be pretty average, where it can be completely godlike on a low tier team ^^ That makes it pretty hard to say, but since I'm playing in decent/good teams, I usually try to go for goods CD, in my game at Monaco, I ended up buying Zouma & Varane for ex.
  • Thomasg12's avatar
    What would you consider "decent marking/anticipation" and also who do you have for defenders?
  • lenzooo's avatar
    Hi Guru,
    After the last patch release, I confirm that I still concede more goals than before (but it's not scandalous).
    AT the opposite, I score more and the style of my team is still genious to Watch.
    SO far the best tactic of this 2018 opus if you like total football and thrilling games !
  • Guru's avatar
    Next tactic is ready, I just need to make the article about it :p should be available AT WORST at the start of January.
    From what I've heard, the 424 still does OK after the last patch. Concede a few more goals but scores more as well so it should be fine. I might update it a little bit but just for the free kicks & corner routines, now that I've found better ones :p
  • Marck's avatar
    When do you expect a new tactic coming from you?

    and does this tactic work steadily after updating?
  • Guru's avatar
    Glad it works for the both of you :D

    Don't hesitate to get your defensive line & pressing one notch higher when being dominated against a bigger side or away from home ;)
  • ShaD's avatar
    Hi. I tried this tactic with Atalanta (they took me from Blackburn) and a lot of good Young players. A lot of goals for me even if i took some against me...but i always win. For now, it's good with the new patch. I was sceptic (donno if it's the right word in English) with the two B2B but it seems a good choice. Thx for sharing Guru
  • SteveHFC's avatar
    Just tried this tactic for my hibs side in my save. What a great tactic.

    Tried this tactic in a league cup game against lower league opposition. Managed to scored 8 goals during the first half of the game using the tactic. Only scored 1 more in 2nd half. A realistic number of shots off and on target.

    need to try this tactic against bigger opposition or teams similar to me.
  • Guru's avatar
    Hey there lenzooo, to be totally honest with you, I haven't played this tactic since the patch. You're the first one to notice this issue but you might not be the only one in that situation. I'll look into it asap, but probably won't be able to AT LEAST before January (holidays & stuff).
    Try setting by default the pressing to the max available. It might prevent some of these goals.
  • lenzooo's avatar
    Hi Guru, and thank you again for this amazing tactic. I really like how player project far into Attack. It's like total football !
    However, since the last update, I concede a lot of goals. Every attacks of the oponent team is synoynim of goal conceded.
    Do I am the only one to have noticed it or it just an hazard ?
  • Guru's avatar
    I'm glad you enjoy it :D
    An even better one is coming ♥
  • bluemoon78's avatar
    This tactic is very nice because I use thıs tactıc and I won a lot of cup. Etc: Champıons league, Europe Cup , Euro Super Cup and others. I try thıs tactic on Galatasaray, A. madrid, Juventus, PSG, Man Utd, B. Munıch I think everybody must use thıs tactic .. Good Enjoy ......
  • Guru's avatar
    Injury issue might come from training & squad managment. There are a lot of factors to take in for the Injs that's why I'm doing high intensity tactics because I can lower other factors in the same time (don't play players below 92/91% condition, try to have everyone in shape, etc).
    There's also the training that I keep in the low/medium areas & not higher.
    I'm getting injuries, sometimes a lot at once, but overall at the end of the season, I end up below the expectations of 30-60% usually.

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