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Guardiola FM19 Tactic - Dominate Possession CTW

Possession based tactic for FM 2019 inspired by Guardiola's philosophy. In continuation of my "Control The World" tactical series.

By on Nov 15, 2018   228070 views   15 comments
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Downloads: 56183 / Size: 41.2 kB / Added: 2018-11-15
Football Manager 2019 Tactics - Guardiola FM19 Tactic - Dominate Possession CTW
Pep is my favorite tactician, he is the master, the philosopher! CTW "Dominate Possession" tactic recreated for Football Manager 2019.

I have tailored these tactics after Josep Guardiola's philosophy at Barcelona and their players back then. For example, the system used in the highly successful 2009-2010 season but also focused on the general characteristics of Pep Guardiola's ideas.

The Pep's Barcelona Tiki-Taka tactics are created for everyone who prefers high amount of possession (above 60%) and feels more comfortable when the ball is in the opposite half.

By leaving the penalty box free from players and instead have players arriving there, it’s essential that the wide forwards (inside forwards) will get into the opposition area. These movements have the sole purpose to cause panic and chaos in the defensive organization of the opposite team. Achieving to drag players out of position or not may be the difference between a shot on goal (a goal scored) or a blocked shot (failed attack).

With the ball I like my players to patiently build up the play with shorter passes at players feet, working the ball around until space opens up. With short passing ticked coupled with retain possession the players will look to move the ball patiently between each other reducing the tempo of the match and the overall passing length. It’s all focused on not taking any necessary risk at your own half.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 56183 / Size: 41.2 kB / Added: 2018-11-15
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Discussion: Guardiola FM19 Tactic - Dominate Possession CTW

15 comments have been posted so far.

  • Klashman's avatar
    @Alex1986 thanks for your comment <3
  • Klashman's avatar
    @Alex1986 thanks for your comment <3
  • Klashman's avatar
    thanks guys for using my tactic hope u like it and have fun <3
  • jemo81's avatar
    pep absolutely hates tiki taka. he calls it s..t. nor would he ever say that barcelona played tiki taka. will give your tactic a go. but just wanted to set the record straight regarding the taki taka business.
  • Alex1986's avatar
  • Alex1986's avatar
    It is the best tactic that I saw before.
  • Franckiessd's avatar
    I'm new to this game, how do you start using this tactic?

    You're help would be much appreciated, I'm getting battered
  • MonzZdayQAQ's avatar
    Maybe in Pep's tactic,BCD is the first choice.
    the tempo now in MC is not too low,with some counter
    right wingback maybe inside like MC 3-1 MU Walker played
    to completely liberate Mahrez offensive ability
  • Rarm2005's avatar
    Ei pessoal já testei essa táctica e funcionou muito comecei com o Newcastle e fiquei em primeiro fiz a segunda época e fiquei em segundo
  • Kiraine's avatar
    How do you think this would have to be adjusted when moving the AP forward, just behind the F9?
    Maybe move the HB as BWM in the CM position? To close gaps in the middle?
  • OAFCMIKE's avatar
    Used this with Derby who were 21st in Champo when I took over. Possession unreal, but could not score for love nor money and opponents often scored with every shot. Incredibly frustrating and led to relegation and the sack. Defenders were on loan Adarabioyo and Holgate, who I thought would be up to protecting the high line. Also, found finding a false nine almost impossible. Jack Marriott went 15 matches without scoring. If someone could tell me what I’m doing wrong I’d be very grateful! Cheers.
  • dorinperes's avatar
    for "amateurs" that want to use a tactic close to this one ,wich indeed can be very dominant ,u need to know that it will not work properly,if u don't have at least very good defenders especialy if u push them so high , if they are not very inteligent , fast, agiles, with good acceleration , composed, with good anticipation ,decisions , bravery ,agression and teamwork ....they will let u down and u will concede many goals....use this tactic only after u have a close-knit defenders(at least) plus they need to be very good physicaly and mentaly at some atributes
  • Plexicroma's avatar
    Can you post some results?
  • nicom1995's avatar
    any changes by away games?
  • dantes's avatar
    Salut klashman,
    As tu déjà eu des résultats avec cette tactique ??
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