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Guru's Aegis - Strike Force One

The Aegis is known as the shield of God (Zeus mostly), but can you imagine the pain when a God strikes you with his shield ? Well there it is...

By on Jul 17, 2019   66162 views   22 comments
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Downloads: 14980 / Size: 46.4 kB / Added: 2019-07-17
Football Manager 2019 Tactics - Guru's Aegis - Strike Force One


Firstly, you should know that even if the tactic was tested with great success on lesser & bigger teams, it might not work with yours depending on the players you have as it is still FM & football


The Aegis is probably my tactic that has the best output for the striker.
I mean it

It's solid overall but definitely a strong offensive power. As you'll see, you have pretty much 7 players on the field that move towards the opposition area when you have the ball, overwhelming the defense to score, and score, and score some more :)

There are no OIs involved (I don't use them, but of course, feel free to do so )


Most of the player profiles to look for are pretty standard. There are a few things you should look for however.

For the IWBs : just play your regular Left Back / Right Back, don't mind the inverted foot or w/e.
For the IW : pretty much the same as above, the players you use as AML / AMR can play as IW on the side ;) just train them there and it'll be fine (same, don't mind best foot too much)


Corners are setup short, make sure that no one is setup as a corner taker for extra efficiancy


WITH MONACO (first season - no transfer)

And find me on twitter here :

Download Now
Downloads: 14980 / Size: 46.4 kB / Added: 2019-07-17
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About Guru

French streamer & fan of the game !
I enjoy making tactics & fantasy databases.
Find me at

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Discussion: Guru's Aegis - Strike Force One

22 comments have been posted so far.

  • F31's avatar
    Lost and drawn against the bottom two in the portuguese league!!! Great tactit... or not!
  • Guru's avatar
    @F31 it literally says : "There are no OIs involved (I don't use them, but of course, feel free to do so )"
    @ricardo_kaka : It might depend on said wingers & stuff. May be the fact that they are scoring lots is the reason your strikers get less. They take the chances themselves so provide less for Lewando & Rodrygo. That's what I'll go for just from what you're telling me at least.
  • ricardo_kaka's avatar
    Hi Guru. I would like to know why my strikers isn't performing as good as your Falcao. i use striker like lewandoski and rodrygo but they are not a goal machine like falcao in your save. However, my wingers are performing better than my strikers..
  • F31's avatar
    Thank you for the answer. But don't have anything about opponent instructions.
  • Guru's avatar
    Sorry I didn't see the notifications.
    As for both your questions, I actually answer them both in the explanation.
  • F31's avatar
    Thank you for the help!!!
  • F31's avatar
    Hi. Do you use left foot on right and right foot on left?
    And you have any opponent instruction?
    Thank you!
  • lacey2017's avatar
    how do i downloed these tactis
  • Vald_De_Marko's avatar
    One of the best tactics! I played 2 seasons in Ukraine and won Premier League twice with Karpaty Lviv, beating Shakhtar and Dynamo. Also, in my 1-st Champions League Group Stage (Man City, Barcelona and Ajax), I took 3rd place, qualified to Europe League where lose PSG (we played 3 draws - twice with Ajax and 1 with City and it was enough). Great results, bearing in mind thaе my team is ~6th in Ukraine based on players quality. It allowed me to sell average players (which cost ~1mil) for 3-7 million to Europinian clubs and build new team, far stronger. Recommend.
  • Paus's avatar
    One of the best tactics I ever used. Finally players get high scores after the match. Never really had that before. WB do score a lot, striker doesnt score as much as I would suspect.
  • MinazGhazi's avatar

    Looks like the testing went pretty damn well. Guru you might want to let that guy know which charity to donate that 50 Euro he promised to LOL
  • JohanCruyff14's avatar
    Love the tactic, my newly promoted Villa team finished 9th at the end of the first season, and sit seventh in January of 2nd season. My fullbacks are scoring goals which is crazy.
  • ROMA's avatar
    Hello Guru I used your tactics with great success, would you be able to do a 433?whit 3 cm and 3 strikers, thank you for your help
  • Sgabello's avatar
    This tactic Is absoluty Crazy, i'm first in serie a with Chievo Verona After 16 match
  • Diabolic's avatar
    This tactic is just God mode, i love it
  • MinazGhazi's avatar
    Works like a dream in the premier league. No idea what others are talking about. Half way through the season with Man United with no transfers and haven’t lost a single game, with only one draw against Southampton away on opening day so oh well. Solid tactic with beautiful football. Thanks Guru
  • Guru's avatar
    Make the test happen and let me know how it goes ;) (or even better, make your own opinion about it by playing it yourself !)
  • Mister Goldberg's avatar
    im surprised by more of a fluid style of player myself.but then again its almost impossible to loose playing fm.Maybe test the tactic on the grandscale. if it looses less than 25% of its games ill donate 50 euro a charity of your choice.
  • The Yurpman's avatar
    I can confirm this tactic works in the Premier League. I just plugged the tactic in, playing as Liverpool, on the same day I had an away match versus Man City, so my team had no training with this tactic. I also had no players trained to play as IW so I used my usual AML/AMR. I won 4-0 with 36 shots/16 on target against Man City's 7 shots/4 on target. They had more possession, 53%, but it didn't matter. We dominated the entire match and could have scored two or three more goals. This tactic looks awesome!
  • Guru's avatar

    Looks alright to me Goldberg. seems like english teams are more likely to trip over it rather than walk over it.
  • Mister Goldberg's avatar
    This may work in the french league but english teams will walk all over structured.
  • Castigo93's avatar
    great job boy, I started a new career with CSKA Sofia in Bulgaria, and I defeated Besiktas and Zenith in the Europa League preliminaries, no transfer, just this tactic and that's it, my vote is 10!
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