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[19.3 - 433] Guru's Lightning Bolt

Wanna smash through your opposition with a fast paced style of football ? Abuse spaces, speed & long balls to overrun the opposition. DESTROY. THEM. ALL.

By Updated on Mar 16, 2019   161571 views   40 comments
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Football Manager 2019 Tactics - [19.3 - 433] Guru's Lightning Bolt


Firstly, you should know that even if the tactic was tested with decent success on lesser & bigger teams, it might not work with yours depending on the players you have as it revolves strongly on the 2 Volante in the midfield. If you do, however, have all the players fitting the roles, then by all means, enjoy the show.
Also, you may notice some similarities with one of Knap’s tactics. I was already working, on streams, on this tactic for quite some time when Knap’s one came out, but since we went for the same formation, I looked into it & used some parts to complete my own (Mostly the Anchor role & the overlaps instructions).


If your playstyle is about patience, slow build-up, long periods of possession before attempting a shot, this tactic isn’t for you :p
As its name suggests, Lightning Bolt is a fast paced formation that gladly gives away the possession & a huge part of the pitch in order to make an even better use of it once your players get the ball back.
What to expect ? Anyone can give an assist at any point in time. The poacher makes deep runs often, & thanks to the pressing line not too high, he has the space to do so, allowing your central defenders & defensive midfields to attempt long passes behind the opposition.
A pretty big part of your plays will happen on the wings, you will notice a soft spot in play between your Winger, WingBack & Volante, that often play in a short triangle in order to get rid of the opposition and make enough space for one of them to make a run for it.
Your Volante can even break through the center with the ball should the need arise. All in all, the danger can come from anybody anywhere on the pitch, the more you’ll have quality players, the more you’ll notice this. Note however than the tactic still works very well with minor sides, as you’ll be able to see, I’ve managed to win the EPL + the FA Cup & go out in the final of the Carabao cup with Fulham first season without touching the mercato You can allow yourself to be on your backfoot thanks to the 3 defensive midfield (even though two of these are attacking volante). That gives your team a natural low defensive block in the middle of the field hindering the opposition possession, forcing them into awkward positions, taking long shots or just losing the ball, and before they know it, it’s in the back of their net

There are no OIs involved (I don't use them, but of course, feel free to do so )


Most of the player profiles to look for are pretty standard. There are a few things you should look for however.
Wing backs : Your wing backs have an offensive role and will go up the pitch, therefor, a decent technique will be a plus, but you should still prefer someone able to defend. The key attribute is the ability to cross obviously

Wingers : The only thing to note for wingers is that it’s alright to have a left footed player on the right wing. More often than not, if it’s their natural position, they will perform better that way.
Striker : It’s always better to have someone that knows how to run, good speed is appreciated, but his Off the Ball abilities will make him shine. Bonus if he’s decent in the airs.
Volante : The trickiest for the end. You can actually play various types of players as Volante, more physique oriented ones, or more technical players, or even more defensive. There are a few key attributes in my opinion to make it work in this tactic. The two most important to me are Work Rate & Tackling. If a decent 12+ Tackling will do, you might wanna look for 15+ Work Rate. After that, obviously, stamina is a big part of the player & his passing, vision will have a lot to do with his performances. Bonus if he’s good at long shots.


Every screenshot has been made on the first season with no transfers involved (Liverpool & Juventus was on the same save).

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 40011 / Size: 43.9 kB / Added: 2018-11-23
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French streamer & fan of the game !
I enjoy making tactics & fantasy databases.
Find me at

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Discussion: [19.3 - 433] Guru's Lightning Bolt

40 comments have been posted so far.

  • crocknag's avatar
    Sorry, will it work on 19.1.1?
  • Wolbeas's avatar
    It looks very creative and fun. However, I just could not try this while I have MCs and AMCs with 4 star ratings. I would have to cut them off from the team to be able to use this tactic which would get me fired fairly quickly haha. However, I am looking to try this out with a suitable team. Good Job.
  • chuchenko's avatar
  • Luxios's avatar
    Can You update it to ver 19.3.4, please
  • mike1906's avatar
    I don't think so. Before the update your and TFF tactics all work well. Now it seems nothing works anymore
  • Guru's avatar
    Yes, but as I said, latest tests (on latest patch) still show same level of results. And as you said, 19.3.4 didn't change the ME.
  • mike1906's avatar
    Guru, isn't your update before 19.3.4 ? Your message was onj 16 th March and 19.3.4 was released on 19 th
  • Guru's avatar
    @mike1906 > I've released an up to date version of the tactic. If you take the latest one, it still does the trick ;)
  • mike1906's avatar
    After 19.3.4 it doesn't work
  • mienos's avatar
    The tactic is very good ... I play with Roma. But I noticed that by playing against big teams, I get good victories ... With weaker teams, I drew too often.
  • Guru's avatar
    The tactic is now up to date with the latest in game patch :)

    Enjoy everyone ♥
  • Corran's avatar
    @Mozes Could you please share? I want to do what you did but I am afraid I might ruin a perfectly good tactic. But at the same time I don't want to leave it as it is, because I think it might be a bit too attack minded for what I want to be my underdog tactic (which I want for CL games against much bigger opponents).
  • Mozes's avatar
    Dont know if you´ll read this, but thank you. I developed a adapted version of this tactic as my "underdog" tactic with great success and I find this to be the only good, truly creative tactic created i´ve found. So take my heartfelt thanks and congratulations!
  • alfareschristian's avatar
    @Guru can you update to 19.3 version? Thank you before.
  • Nate82's avatar
    Struggling to get goals with my forward, any ideas? everything else is great
  • nicolasstaps's avatar
    One word : Thank you !! With your 4-3-3 and 4-2-4, i won everything : world cup, Euro, Nation's league, coupe des confédérations, unbeaten for 4 years !! (France), ligue 1 (x4), cups, champions league with Marseille
  • Guru's avatar
    I don't know honestly. I didn't try this routine on the older engine so no way to tell. I know it's far better on the new one, but that's about all I can say xD
  • Abû Nabil Ismaïl's avatar
    @Guru> hello ,does this last recommandation apply to old version users ( 19.1)? I'm not about to upgrape game. Merci
  • Guru's avatar
    Tactic has been updated to 19.2 ;) Enjoy ♥
    Ah, just a thing, corner taker should be the right volante for extra efficiancy.
  • Abû Nabil Ismaïl's avatar
    I didnt change a single thing when using this tactic. Juste have the correct players to fulfill their duties . i'm coaching Real & have to sell kroos modric James to bring in Bakayoko , Mc Rorie , Allan... Unbeaten in 47 straight games. 13 straight games without conceading a goal. LIGA CHAMPION after 31 games.
    It's the BEST tactic i have used
  • Abû Nabil Ismaïl's avatar
    @warfare > indeed ,Kane is a complete player. Who do you have as wingers ,bcause they have to supply him with crosses . i have mbappe & depay ... And even m'y defenders (rugani & Diallo) score 10 goals in a season.
  • gasigo's avatar
    Great tutorial! I'll definitely try to apply this on my next save. But, how about training? How do you prepare your players considering this tactic?
  • Mister Goldberg's avatar Your bolt of lightening gave me a perfect season with some minor player role changes that are not supported ingame but can be manually applied.check out he link for the changes.thx and keep up the good work 5/5 star tactic
  • warfare's avatar
    Abû Nabil Ismaïl - I have Harry Kane in the team. In 20 matches, he scored 13 goals and had 3 assists, not much. There are matches in him where he has a score of 6.20 -6.40. I do not know what to do to be more effective.
  • Abû Nabil Ismaïl's avatar
    @warfare> Striker : It’s always better to have someone that knows how to run, good speed is appreciated, but his Off the Ball abilities will make him shine. Bonus if he’s decent in the airs.

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