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Man Utd: Treble (+73 GD in EPL). PSG: Quadruple (+110 GD in Ligue 1). Southampton: Championship (+76 GD).

By Updated on Dec 26, 2023   97952 views   19 comments
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Football Manager 2024 Tactics - GYR's 433 THANOS
Tactic Breakdown Video
Check out the video review of the tactic and test results including a breakdown of the team roles/instructions below


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All tests were done by holidaying the season.
When managing make sure you focus on building tactical familiarity, managing player fitness and don't be frighten to make changes to tackling midway through a game if you are picking up yellow cards


Man Utd



Download Now
Downloads: 28740 / Size: 410.0 kB / Added: 2023-11-07
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Discussion: GYR's 433 THANOS

19 comments have been posted so far.

  • Vincenety's avatar
    This tactic still works. Been using it with Milan and got minimum 3-4 titles per season. Leao scored 30 goals as left inside forward last season. My only problem is that my strikers are not doing well with this tactic. I have Scamacca that scored 35 goals, usualy with headers, but there are severals games that he cant do shit, while i'm dominating in seria a or CL... With around 180 goals scored last season in all competitions, 35 goals from main striker is really LOW.
  • craig007's avatar
    UPDATE: Tactic sucks for a smaller side/underdog. Currently 13th as Rotherham (finished 6th last season), Played 11, Won 4, Lost 5. Scored 20 Conceded 23. Works okay in Europa League (Won 3, Lost 1) but that's against really poor opposition, lost convincingly to the only decent team I played (Monaco). Its terrible in the PL. Been hammered by Arsenal, Liverpool, Newcastle, West Ham, Man United. Defensively its really poor. Seems like its a good tactic for a big side only.
  • craig007's avatar
    @tommyb69k I'm experiencing the same thing. 3rd season with Rotherham, finished 6th in the Prem last season. Switched to this one and so far, its pretty up and down currently 9th. PL Record: P:5 W:3 D:1 L:2 scored:14 conceded:10. Crushing team in Europa League though. Gonna switch up the mentalities to Balanced and Counter against bigger sides (lost 3-0 to west ham, 2-0 to Newcastle with the attacking mentality)
  • Tommyb69k's avatar
    Would you say this tactic is suited for more top tier teams or for any cause i'm using it in my journeyman save with Olomuc from czech and it's up and down at the moment!
  • GYRFM's avatar
    Restested it @cikko15 and no impact to performance I am glad to say. Does not mean we wont look at a version 2 at some point tho.
  • cikko15's avatar
    @gyrfm expect the tactic to be adapted to 24.2.1.
  • Lowchamp's avatar
    @GYRFM question, would changing the wingers to IW attack destroy the tactic? I am a couple years into my save just got an insane wonderkid with subpar finishing but great crossing (10 finishing/9 long shots, 16 crossing). Really want to maximize the strengths of the kid
  • GYRFM's avatar
    @kaka0203 nazik sözlerin için teşekkür ederim

    Appreciate all the support on this one. Not a word I normally chuck on a tactic but this one seems to be OP
  • kaka0203's avatar
    yani güncelleme sonrası bile harika gerçekten iyi bir taktik harika ellerine sağlık devamını bekliyoruz
  • TheCharlton's avatar
    @hv11 - If you are referring to ‘Master of Puppets’, I personally, prefer this tactic. As long as you make sure you are training your players in the positions. Especially in midfield. Eg. Train your CMs as ‘Mezzala’. Great tactic - Thanks GYR!
  • hv11's avatar
    Would this be better than your other 4-3-3 formation?
  • cikko15's avatar
    Thank you for this best tactic.It was an ideal tactic for teams while managing Beşiktaş. After patch 24.1.1, we expect the process to be updated as before.
  • NeXoR's avatar
    Thank you very much. this tactic is superb!!!
  • RasmusBolin's avatar
    Thank you for the answer.

    I have another question. My striker doesnt score that much. 9 games and 3 goals. Well its okay but though it would be better. Do you Think it get better with time? Im using Alexander Isak
  • GYRFM's avatar
    Thank you @RasmusBolin for taking the time to comment appreciate the support.

    If you get a man sent off I would take off the lone striker. Set piece wise there is a video on the YT channel in the last week about set pieces.
  • RasmusBolin's avatar
    Have used this tactic with my Newcastle save and seems to work great. Just wonder what to do if u got a man sent off?
    And what about set pieces?

    Thanks for a good job with this tactic!
  • MakeYourMark's avatar
    Is it correct to set a wide pitch dimension, or would be better the narrow one?
  • GYRFM's avatar
    Glad the tactic is doing well @Marooned. If you are worried about individual performances then make sure each player is doing individual training on the position they are playing. Sounds like Mount and Bruno are doing well and I am guessing most of your assists are coming from wide.
  • Marooned's avatar
    It's a good tactic, but I really struggle with my central midfielders. Can't get them to perform at all.

    Casemiro, Mount and Bruno. After 10 games Casemiro average 6.96, Mount 7.03 (zero assists, 2 goals) and Bruno 7.06 with 2 assists.
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