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85% win percentage GYRFM Awesymetric / Best Asymmetric Tactic?

Best asymmetric tactic yet for 21.4.0?? I think so!!! My first attempt at an asymmetric tactic and I am very happy with it.

By Updated on Mar 26, 2021   35413 views   19 comments
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Downloads: 5729 / Size: 43.8 kB / Added: 2021-03-19
Football Manager 2021 Tactics - 85% win percentage GYRFM Awesymetric / Best Asymmetric Tactic?
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Hood Gaming tactic tester

Been using this on my save and after the success of my last tactic I thought I would share.

Got promoted my first season with Swansea and then finished 3rd in my first season in the Premiership and I am currently 2nd in season 3.

The first season included wins over Liverpool, Tottenham and a 5-0 win over Man UTD.

I have tested it with a few top 5 teams in different leagues and it seems to work well. For example, tested with Man Utd and got 91 points on holiday!

It's attacking so if you want to see goals and your striker top of the scoring charts then download it and give it a try.

Follow me on Twitter @GYRFM_

And on twitch

Look out for more tactics on FMSCOUT and message me if you have any questions or want to let me know how the tactic works for you!

Download Now
Downloads: 5729 / Size: 43.8 kB / Added: 2021-03-19
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Discussion: 85% win percentage GYRFM Awesymetric / Best Asymmetric Tactic?

19 comments have been posted so far.

  • Havanaclue's avatar
    I don't know what I am doing wrong at all but this version of FM21 is more like medical centre simulator. And comical defending simulator. This tactic like every other tactic I have tried with Middlesbrough on FM Touch is not like the tactic shown.
  • Jimmington's avatar
    Thanks for your response GYRFM. Almost as soon as I sent the message James and Richarlison both found some form. Maybe it just took them a while to adjust to the tactic.

    I'm really impressed with the tactic. Strong both offensively and defensively which is rare, and produces some slick passing football too. Great work.
  • GYRFM's avatar
    Not sure with that Jimmington using the Arsenal test as an example Pepe was the best player at IF. if you are on pc feel free to message me the save on twitter and I will take a look.
  • Jimmington's avatar
    I'm getting some really good results with this tactic with Everton. DCL is tearing it up as AF as are the FBs, but I can't seem to get the IF or either of the APs playing well. Richarlison is averaging 6.5 and James 6.7 after 10 games.

    I've mirrored the tactic as that seemed to suit the players better so maybe that has something to do with it.
  • GYRFM's avatar
    I just had left backs who could handle the work rate they tend to move and sit next to the cdm when dominating. Being good on the ball will help tho with the move to midfield. If possible id stick with a left footer but doubt it would have to much of an impact.

    The tests were just run with whatever training happens when you holiday. If I am playing I will always set individual training and for my youth players for the role they are playing and additional focus
  • babyzz's avatar
    I saw the rewiew on youtube and I have some questions.
    You recomend using right footed left backs or booth foot players or just left footed can handle the work?
    And individual training we put players on the role they playing ?
  • GYRFM's avatar
    Jimbo75, I really appreciate you taking the time to come back on with an update. I am very glad its settled in and is working for you now!

    If you arent getting many from corners try moving the other cb to attack far post instead of who is there now. I find the set way works better but as always tweaks can depend on the players :-)
  • Jimbo75's avatar
    Well, GYFRM, I owe you an apology:))
    You are right, that's my second year with Le Havre in Ligue 1, first year I won the championship with my own tactic, but it was so ugly, I deleted it:)) So many 1-0/0-1, I felt like Greece in 2004 EC.
    So I switched to your tactic. Played 21 matches, 13W-3D-5L, 34 GF-19 GA., finished 2nd.
    Cool tactic, key players are AF and AP, u need a forward with high mental skills (Composure, Concentration, Decision) because he'll get lots of CC from the AP. Also need a big roster, because the tactic has Extremely high tempo, so u need to rotate a lot. Corner routine is non existant, I scored 3 goals from corner, on the other side got 2 from the opponent, so that's even. Thanks:))
  • GYRFM's avatar
    No oi's they are not good they mess up your tactic. video coming soon on fmscout youtube but will add set piece screenshots tonight if I can :-)
  • babyzz's avatar
    Oi's and set pieces ?
  • GYRFM's avatar
    Hey Jimbo75, hows the familiarity looking and who you lose to?

    Testing shows it works for underdogs and even the french league so could be your players just aren't used to it yet. Tricky to say without looking,message me on twitter happy to check the save out and try and work it out :-)

    where you predicted to finish and where you hoping to? correct me if I am wrong but le harve aren't in ligue 1 so if this is your first season 7 points from five isn't bad
  • Jimbo75's avatar
    Le Havre, French 1st league. 5 matches, 2W-1D-2L, 6 GF-7 GA. Well, disappointing so far, but will give some matches, but it looks like doesn't working with underdog...
  • GYRFM's avatar
    Appreciate the comments glad its going well :-)

    I have updated it with the player roles and some of the results in my save.
  • nytlofm17's avatar
    Best tactic i used this year by far. very consistent, I was shocked by the crazy amount of great results i got in tough away matches as well, amazing work.
  • hipcip's avatar
    Bro i just literally create an account so that I can comment for this piece of artwork. well structured, I use it with rangers.25-30 shots per game while the other team has 0, literally 0 MAN. just wow! Keep up the good work bro
  • adz5000's avatar
    I play on xbox so can't download tactics, do you have a video overview of this tactic or could you upload additional images with roles etc? Thanks.
  • GYRFM's avatar
    Sorry just to clear it up It wasn't with Liverpool it was with Swansea, we beat Liverpool and came second in the prem in season 2.
  • Jimbo75's avatar
    Also would be nice if we can see some season result with different team, except Liverpool...
  • Prysiu's avatar
    It would be nice if we can see player's roles on screen ;)
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