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Unstoppable 433 - GYR's DYNAMITE

Tested with Man City, FC Bayern Munich and the team predicted to finish bottom of league two Barrow!

By on Oct 21, 2022   199503 views   15 comments
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Downloads: 69714 / Size: 44.3 kB / Added: 2022-10-21
Football Manager 2023 Tactics - Unstoppable 433 - GYR's DYNAMITE
Check out the video review of the tactic and tests including a breakdown of the team instructions by below on his YouTube channel and also videos of my previous tactics!

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Any questions message me on Discord or Twitter and let me know how you do in your saves with the tactic.


All tests were done by holidaying the season so by managing yourself you should get even better results.

Man City League

Man City Champions League

Bayern League

Bayern Champions League

Barrow League

Download Now
Downloads: 69714 / Size: 44.3 kB / Added: 2022-10-21
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Discussion: Unstoppable 433 - GYR's DYNAMITE

15 comments have been posted so far.

  • CraigS1916's avatar
    Thanks, won the conference league with dundee united with this formation
  • Tikinnyo's avatar
    Update 23.2.2? :)
  • Goku86's avatar
    What is the starting lineup you used at Bayern?
  • GYRFM's avatar
    I don't use OI's as you are changing your tactic to stop the other and this impacts how you play and your players positions.
  • hughfr4nc15's avatar
    Great tactic. Any advice on opposition instructions?
  • Romses's avatar
    This tactic is trully amazing.
    I'm still in my first season in French Ligue 1 with Lens. So far, 20 games, 19 wins 1 draw.
    As @daryl.hill says a lot of yellow cards (between 4 and 6 yellow cards per match). I guess it comes from hard tackling ?
  • daryl.hill's avatar
    Awesome tactic! Having major issues with lots of yellow cards though :(

    Any suggestions on how to resolve the yellow card issue?
  • silentmac12's avatar
    Used this guys similar tactic for FM 22 and out of the many many I tried that tactic was hands down the best one with many teams I used. Just trying this one after using some others and my own and again so far it has been great. Thanks for posting it.
  • ohkatsura's avatar
    This tactic is insane, I got promotion with Gillingham in my first season lol however in the process my team got unnecessary aggresive and had a lot of yellow cards (which cause suspension), how do I tweak this?
  • TheMadProphet's avatar
    I've tried this with Villa, and got into Europe on the first go. It's impressive, especially if you combine it with a "park the bus" type tactic for away games against the biggest teams. I am convinced.
  • Andyhubb's avatar
    @TheMadProphet I finished 4th in the first season with Brighton, clinched the spot on the last day of the season. It's a very good tactic :)
  • GYRFM's avatar
    @themadprophet that was the reason for the Barrow test who are predicted to finish bottom of their league.

    The reason to test with the big teams is that if it doesn't work for them then it has no chance for lower rated teams and if I am spending the time testing it I may aswell share the results.
  • Jonathan_bcfc's avatar
    Using left-wing backs and right-wing backs instead of LB and RB has been super overpowered for me. I use Wing backs with attributes that match up similarly with center midfielders' attributes.
  • TheMadProphet's avatar
    I'm uncertain if this actually is good or not. Would you run a game with a challenging club like Brighton, Villa or Southampton? Using Man Shitty and Bayern is no proof of consept because my 2 year old could win the league with those teams.
    Very excited to see what you can do with some proper teams.
  • hawk's avatar
    discord link has been broken for a long time
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