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Helvetti's World League & Revamped Youth Ratings [0.2a - 08/09]

A new world league, divided into 20 tiers, including at least one club from each nation around the globe; as well as a reworked youth rating system. Database for FM 2018.

By on Sep 03, 2018   11430 views   4 comments
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Downloads: 1104 / Size: 688.0 kB / Added: 2018-09-03
FM 2018 Fantasy Scenarios - Helvetti's World League & Revamped Youth Ratings [0.2a - 08/09]
Warning! This FM18 database is still in development and being thoroughly tested. However, the leagues and cups are fully working!

I've ran a simulation with all the leagues on through 2023. No bugs have been found. International breaks seems to be working fine!


Recommended Setup

  • I would recommend ticking "Add players to playable teams" and "Do not use real fixtures".

  • I advise loading a small database, if you want to load every league! It’s 1,4k clubs, so with small database that comes to a little under 80k players.

  • If you want to do Journeyman, I recommend checking off the Feeder Leagues, or even League 15 if you aren’t going to manage there!

Helvetti's World League Details

1398 clubs total


|1|FIFA World Series Premier League|200|18|1|X|4|
|2|FIFA World Series Championship League|190|48|2|4|8|
|3|FIFA World Series Challenger League|185|48|2|8|8|
|4|FIFA World Series League 1|175|48|2|8|4|
|5|FIFA World Series League 2|170|48|2|4|4|
|6|FIFA World Series League 3|165|48|2|4|4|
|7|FIFA World Series League 4|160|48|2|4|4|
|8|FIFA World Series League 5|155|48|2|4|4|
|9|FIFA World Series League 6|150|48|2|4|4|
|10|FIFA World Series League 7|145|48|2|4|4|
|11|FIFA World Series League 8|140|48|2|4|4|
|12|FIFA World Series League 9|130|48|2|4|4|
|13|FIFA World Series League 10|120|48|2|4|4|
|14|FIFA World Series League 11|110|48|2|4|4|
|15|FIFA World Series League 12|100|48|2|4|4|
|16|FIFA World Series League 13|90|48|2|4|4|
|17|FIFA World Series League 14|80|48|2|4|10|
|18|FIFA World Series League 15|70|420|12|10|12|
|19|FIFA World Series Feeder League 1|50|96|4|12|12|
|20|FIFA World Series Feeder League 2|30|96|4|12|X|


|Tier|Cup Name|Reputation|Tiers Involved|Winner Prize|Participation Prize|
|1|FIFA World Premium Cup|200|T1|€75m|€1m|
|2|FIFA World Elite Cup|185|T1 to T3|€50m|€500k|
|3|FIFA World Challenger Cup|175|T3 to T5|€25m|€500k|
|4|FIFA World Series Elite League Cup|165|T5 to T7|€15m|€350k|
|5|FIFA World Series League Cup|155|T7 to T13|€12m|€150k|
|6|FIFA World Series FA Cup|120|T13 to T17|€10m|€150k|
|7|FIFA World Series Feeder Cup|60|T18 to T20|€7m|€100k|


In this overhaul, the baseline of wonderkids is more spread out between nations, as well as having a lower ceiling than in vanilla. This means that if one of the clubs of small nations is either lucky, or develop their facilities, the nation can grow much better in the long run, instead of just being the punching bag of the world!

PS: All the "natural" attributes were kept!

T1 - 140 Youth Rating (Highest)
- 4 World Cup titles
- Brazil, Italy, Germany.

T2 - 130 Youth Rating
- World Cup title
- Argentina, England, France, Spain, Uruguay.

T3 - 125 Youth Rating
- Nations with recent World Cup Finals
- Netherlands, Croatia

T4 - 110 Youth Rating
- Participated in World Cup Finals
- Relevant international trophies (Confederations Cup, etc.)
- Top 15 UEFA
- Austria, Algeria, Australia, Bolivia, Belgium, Colombia, Cameroon, Canada
- Czech Republic, Congo (both), Denmark, Egypt, Ethiopia, Greece, Ghana,
- Hungary, Ivory Coast, Israel, Iran, Japan, Kuwait, Morocco, Mexico,
- Nigeria, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden
- Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, S. Africa, S. Korea, Switzerland
- Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Zambia,

T5 - 105 Youth Rating
- Important Youth Trophies (U20/U23)
- Top 30 of FIFA Ranking (August 2018)
- Serbia, Ghana, Bosnia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Kosovo, Ireland
- Poland, Senegal, N. Ireland, Wales

T6 - 100 Youth Rating
- Top 50 of FIFA Ranking
- Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Iran, Iceland, Montenegro, Scotland

T7 - 95 Youth Rating
- Top 75 of FIFA Ranking
- Burkina Faso, Norway, Jamaica, Albania, Honduras, Ecuador, Finland, Mali
- Cape Verde, Guinea, Panama, El Salvador, China.

T8 - 90 Youth Rating
- Top 100 of FIFA Ranking
- Armenia, Belarus, Benin, Curaçao, Cyprus, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Gabon
- Georgia, India, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Luxembourg, Lebanon, Oman
- Palestine, Qatar, Trinidad & Tobago, U.A.E., Uganda, Uzbekistan

T9 - 85 Youth Rating
- Top 125 of FIFA Ranking
- Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Central African Republic, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti
- Lybia, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Jordan, Niger, Namibia, New Zealand, N. Korea
- Mauritania, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Philipines
- Tajikstan, Thailand, Togo, Taiwan (Chinese Taipei), Vietnam, Zimbabwe

T10 - 70 Youth Rating (Lowest)
- Nations over 125 FIFA Ranking
- Nations outside the FIFA Ranking
- The rest!

Future plans:

Near future
>Add youth cups
>Rework International rankings (add missing nations that have clubs added to FIFA and make sure they spawn regens)

>Continental competition (Tiers 1-3)
>Add logo for missing clubs
>Add nice logos for competitions
>Supercup system

Far future
>Add Championships to every league


0.2a (08/09/18)
Fixed homegrown rules
Fixed England nationality timer

v0.2 (30/08/18)
For now, left the CL, EL and CWC on.
Tiebreakers added
Playoff promotion for Tier 2 and 3, for the extra excitement
Added Squad registration for tiers 1 to 5 (38 max, tier 1-3 needs 12 club homegrown, the rest requires 8).
Tiers 1-3 requires at least 3 club homegrown in match squad
(If enough positive feedback, going to add this rule for every league)

Moved clubs without stadium to one in the same city (8 clubs)
Moved clubs without stadium to a new one (10 clubs)
Moved clubs without city to the proper one (9 clubs)
Fixed clubs with maximum/minimum age (KSA, Clairefontaine, Mabodja, FFA COE, Pick Up)

Added basic logos for all the competitions

v0.1a (29/08/18)
Added transfer window

v0.1 (29/08/18)
First alpha release
Added the leagues, basic cup system
Reworked the Youth Ratings

Download Now
Downloads: 1104 / Size: 688.0 kB / Added: 2018-09-03
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Discussion: Helvetti's World League & Revamped Youth Ratings [0.2a - 08/09]

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • Magnus's avatar
    Currently working on FM19 version!
  • Magnus's avatar
    0.2a minor bugfix update up!
  • Magnus's avatar
    Most lower teams will have much less busy transfer activities. I would recommend loading up the three, maybe four, first tiers (up to Challenger/League 1)
  • nijode999's avatar
    I mostly like to play with only 2 leagues loaded ( Because I want to get surprised which team will get promoted / its faster ) Will that also work good. Just loading top 2 leagues. Or will that effect transfers and stuff badly?
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