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How to upload match highlights to YouTube

How to share your best goals, worst moments and other highlights by uploading them to YouTube

By on Nov 02, 2011   40382 views   3 comments
In FM12 you can upload goals and custom highlights from any part of your match. Here is how to do it.

FM YouTube settings

First make sure your upload settings in FM are set up to your liking, in game go to > FM > preferences > general. Near the bottom of the page are the YouTube settings including video resolution and whether you want to save your uploaded videos on your PC. I recommend choosing 720p or 1080p resolution so people can view your highlights in higher quality. Also if you do save your videos to your PC, the folder location they are saved in is: "user name"\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\uploads.

Connecting to your YouTube account

I recommend logging in to your YouTube account via FM before preparing you highlights for upload, you can do it when your ready to upload but I've experienced trouble logging in that way. To log in to YouTube through Football Manager, in game go to > "your manager name" > options > social network and log in the top right there, it should connect to your YouTube account within 10 seconds.

Goal Highlights

At the end of a match in FM after giving your teamtalk you can now upload highlights from that game. You can select a single goal to upload, upload the goal of the match or upload all goals.

There are three drop down menus for your uploads which alter the camera, transition and options:
  • Select Camera - This option is for what camera view you want your highlight to be shown in.
  • Select Transition - Uploaded highlights have an intro which shows the SI logo dancing around the screen for 7 seconds, the transition is just how the SI logo disappears when the highlight starts. It's possible to edit out the SI logo intro on YouTube.
  • Highlight options - Here you can click to view the specific highlight again, upload the highlight or export highlight to the folder mentioned earlier.


When your ready to upload select Upload Highlights on the relevant section (single goal/goal of match/all goals).

When you upload your highlight it will go through two stages: encoding video and uploading, this can take 1-10 minutes depending on you PC/Internet speed and the amount of highlights and their resolution. The bar displays it's progress though which lets you know its doing its job.

Custom Highlights

In FM12 you can upload custom highlights by recording any part of the match, the clip must be between 10 and 60 seconds long. You can do this by clicking the red record button during the match itself or when rewatching parts of the match using the bar at the bottom of the classic or TV view screen.

Tip - If there is a part of the match that you want to record but didn't hit the button in time, take note of the minutes so you can easily find it again later.

After you have recorded your custom clip it will appear in the custom highlights in the upload highlights section along with all the goal highlights, now tick the boxes of the highlights you want then select the options and finally click export/upload when your ready.

When your videos have been uploaded they should appear on your YouTube account within 10 minutes and usually within 30 seconds. You can also edit the video information and the video itself in YouTube.

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Discussion: How to upload match highlights to YouTube

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  • Diazepamll's avatar
    you can add sound alone... you just need to convert SI ogg or record it again after you chose uploads. When you get choped and get anything you want you can use programs like flash, albeton live mix with Max 5 or 6. You can also do it with Fraps and even on youtube. Of course its most basics stuff on youtube but there is Camstasia and if you have it, take small turorial and make video which is far better than video from SI. Of course it takes time but there is endless posibilities to make movie great.
  • aulia31's avatar
    when upload the higlights to youtube or local computer. why no sound in the highlight?
  • cena's avatar
    Can you upload old games that you saved will that get you the achievement point on steam ?
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