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FM21 Increase Realism Megapack by Daveincid (Update 22.01.21)

This megapack improves several values for all Nations in-game to increase realism in FM 2021 to a whole new level.

By Updated on Jan 22, 2021   34666 views   52 comments
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Downloads: 5204 / Size: 2.0 MB / Added: 2021-01-05
Football Manager 2021 Data Updates - FM21 Increase Realism Megapack by Daveincid (Update 22.01.21)
This megapack improves several values for all Nations in-game to increase realism in FM 2021 to a whole new level.
It was fulltime-project over several months and I am happy to finally release all together in a megapack. All files are made with my own created db to ensure consistency in the changes.

This realism megapack contains following files:
  • Daveincid's Alternative Youth Rating + Game Importance and others v1.2
  • Daveincid's improved market values + Salaries + Sponsors v1.4 New
  • Daveincid's current currency exchange rate v1.0
  • Daveincid's League reputation change v1.0
  • Daveincid's finances mod v1.0
  • Daveincid's Belgium sponsorship fix v1.1 New
  • Daveincid's Transfer Preferences file v1.0
  • Daveincid's club transfer preferences v1.1
  • Daveincid's other improvements v1.0 New
Due all files are direct or indirect connected together, I highly recommend using all files at the same time.

All files are tested over 5-years in-game at minimum to ensure there aren't game-breaking bugs. It is generally compatible with other editor files, as long as there where no changes for these values, which is very unlikely.

Please note: For more realism it's important to disable the first transfer window. IRL the transfers already happend, so should it be in the game-setup too for a optimal balance.

What does each file do?

Daveincid's Alternative Youth Rating + Game Importance and others v1.2

- Newly set National Youth Ratings
- Game Importance adjustments
- State of development adjusted according to DAC-List

The ratings are based on a huge database of personal research about all Nations, which includes but not limited to:

- HDI (Human Development Index)
- Population of a Country
- How popular football is in the country
- Worldwide success national team
- Continental success national team
- Success U-national team
- Which Confederation they are in (ex. UEFA, CONCACAF)
- Value National Team
- Record attendance National Team
- Average league attendance from top league (as far as I could find them)

The combination of these changes will lead to:

- Less newgens with world-class talent as per default
- More worldwide diversification of talent
- Easier to improve smaller nations where football is popular in long-term saves
- Fight about the biggest talents, so the AI tries to keep their talents at the club, because there are less of them

Daveincid's improved market values + Salaries + Sponsors v1.4

This file brings a lot of dynamic in a more static FM-World by default.

- Adjusted Market values to replicate transfer fees better
- Increased potential Salaries for Top-players

Default salaries are too low in Top-5 Leagues in the future. Less money on salary spent has a inflating effect for bank balance overall. This money increases transfer fees in smaller leagues and causes problems there because these Clubs get much higher transfer-fees as they usually get.

- Decreased salaries for some Nations

Some Nations are paying much more money in the future as they do at the start of the save. This was again a complicated balancing-act to find the "sweet-spot". It's based on actual data as far as I could find them. If you still spot too high salaries in some Nations please let me know!

This was by far the most difficult file to create. It tries to replicate the real world better in the short run but at the same time it should give every Nation the chance of improvement (according to its potential). This file changes this to get closer to real-life. Its not the goal to get it 1:1, because some Nations are already close to their calculated maximum potential and some are just at the beginning.

v1.1 fixed issues for following Nations which have too high transfer-fees for weak players (youngsters) in the default db: Argentina, Belgium, Chile, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Colombia, Portugal, Romania, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Ukraine, Hungary and Uruguay. If you spot more of theese transfers in default or in custom league files, please let me know.


- Issues from v1.1 still occur rarely, but much less.
- Several adjustments


- Further improvements
The issue with high transfer fees for weak players seems to be a problem with existing players having a too high reputation set at the beginning. The problem will get less as the game continues. Having a few Non-talented players who get transfered for decent money seems to be not that unrealistic to me, simply bad scouting which happends IRL too.


- A lot of african Nations and some others have been edited (As far as I could find informations), due they are paying much more by default than IRL

- Further improvements for money spent on transfers in several Nations

- smaller adjustments

Please keep in mind:
The shown market values are not directly linked to what is getting paid for a player or how good he is. This is also the case in default, but more tweaked in my file. Wonderkids without first-team-match-experience have usually a really low market-value, due they havent shown their talent under senior football conditions yet, like IRL. The value also decreases when the player is running out of contract.
Once they played a couple of games and achieved success in U-National-Teams their value can rise extremely. Low market values doesnt mean that you will get the players for this price or even close. Their shown value also changes as soon as there is a transfer-fee paid for them.

Daveincid's current currency exchange rate v1.0

I have made adjustments to current values for 123 currencies. The biggest impact you will notice is in Venezuela.

This file will replicate the financial situation of all Nations more accurate to their current situation IRL.

Daveincid's League reputation change v1.0

This file lowers the gap slightly between the Top-Nations and all the others in Europe. It also boosts Top-Nations outside of Europe slightly and should increase the competition globally.

Daveincid's finances mod v1.0

My theory is, that the money teams are having at the start, is actually in most cases not there IRL. So it's kind of "Inflation-Money" which is leading to a imbalanced game-world.

By default, I experienced that following things happened very often, which isn't realistic to me:

- Clubs will have way too much money in the future
- Clubs (especially outside of top5 leagues) are spending much more money for transfers and wages than IRL. I have seen smaller Nations which paid double the money for wages per average for their Top-League-Teams after 4 years

With this file you will get:

- More realistic transfer-fees
- Teams should focus more on their youth
- No inflation of wages
- Teams like Barca do have financial problems in the beginning, but they will be able to deal with it of course
- Better financial balancing for long-term saves

Daveincid's Belgium sponsorship fix v1.1

During my tests I saw a mistake in the default db that Belgium Top-Teams are getting 65mio per year from sponsors. After a quick research I realized that this is a decimal-point-mistake. Until a patch fixes this, I created this file.


- I adjusted the values according to the informations I could find. In Version 1.0 I was a bit too harsh

Daveincid's Transfer Preferences file v1.0

This file gives you a more accurate behaviour of transfers. Most Nations are linked together in some way.
An example for Africa:
The best players from Malawi are getting poached by Zambia, due it's a better league and geographically close. If they are overperforming in Zambia they might get transfered directly to Europe. But often they need to take a further step, so they get poached by DR Congo. This league is again stronger and more in the focus of Europe and the biggest Nations of Africa. So they might move to Tunisia, Egypt, South Africa, Morocco or Algeria. This system is done for all Nations.

Daveincid's Club transfer preferences v1.1

I researched Clubs which have a strong affinity for a specific nationality of players in the past and present. This is now a criteria in Visions of the Club. So theese Clubs should buy more players from theese Nations.


If you want to start a career at one of theese Clubs, you will now see that it's a philosophy where you get judged on.

Following teams have been edited:

FC Nordsjælland – Ghana (is ongoing Club Vision)
Wellington Phoenix FC – New Zealand (is ongoing Club Vision)
Ludogorez Razgrad – Brazil (is ongoing Club Vision)
Wolves – Portugal (is ongoing Club Vision)
FC Metz – Senegal (is ongoing Club Vision)
FC Metz – Génération Foot (new affiliation)
NPS Volos – Argentina (is ongoing Club Vision)
AGS Asteras Tripolis – Argentina and Spain (is ongoing Club Vision)
PSV Eindhoven – Germany (no permanent Club Vision)
Kristiansund BK – Senegal (no permanent Club Vision)
RB Salzburg – Several affiliated Clubs send their youth players now to Salzburg
Union Técnica de Cajamarca – Argentina (is ongoing Club Vision)
FC Porto – Brazil (is ongoing Club Vision)
Benfica Lissabon – Brazil (is ongoing Club Vision)
Sporting Lissabon – Brazil (is ongoing Club Vision)
Sporting Braga – Brazil (is ongoing Club Vision)
Sevette FC – France (is ongoing Club Vision)
FC Sion – France and Brazil (is ongoing Club Vision)
FC Lausanne-Sport – France (is ongoing Club Vision)
AS Trencin – Nigeria and Netherlands (is ongoing Club Vision)
MFK Zemplin Michalovce – Greece (is ongoing Club Vision)
Dunjaska Streda – new affiliation (CD Universitario Panama)
Konyaspor – Bosnia and Herzegowina ( no permanent Club Vision)
Schachtar Donezk – Brazil (is ongoing Club Vision)
FK Lwiw – Brazil (is ongoing Club Vision)
Ujpest Budapest – Serbia (no permanent Club Vision)
Kisvarda FC – Ukraine (is ongoing Club Vision)

Daveincid's other improvements v1.0 New

- Adjustments of too high ticket prices for teams in poor Nations which are getting way too rich in longterm saves

- fixed wrong salaries in the db of 3 Nigerian players/coaches

HOW TO INSTALL the Realism Megapack in FM21

Place the file in:
Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2021/editor data


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me! If you find any mistakes, please send me a PM!

Feel free to support my work!

Patreon PayPal

Follow me on twitter to stay updated and get some insight view of my test-saves!


Download Now
Downloads: 5204 / Size: 2.0 MB / Added: 2021-01-05
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Discussion: FM21 Increase Realism Megapack by Daveincid (Update 22.01.21)

52 comments have been posted so far.

  • Daveincid's avatar
    Third video of my explanation-series #3 TRANSFER PREFERENCES

  • Daveincid's avatar
    I just released another video to explain the alternative youth rating file a bit better.

  • Daveincid's avatar
    I have just released a short explanation video of my megapack. In part #1 I will show you the differences in terms of wages when you play with my megapack vs default.
    Explanation of my "Increase of Realism Megapack #1 Wages

  • Daveincid's avatar
    I haven't modified it because you can't do this with the editor. And to be honest I don't see a problem so far in this area. It's common that the average age of a player when he retires is about 32/33. You will always have exceptions of players aged 36 or older, even in FM. The decrease of abilities is also pretty normal (depending on their natural fitness-attribute), but usually their mental attributes are staying really high, so they will still perform pretty decent. The mod is all about increase realism but even if I could change something in this area It's unlikely that it increases realism, furthermore it's a risk to create some inbalance, and this is something I always avoid :)

  • jppch8's avatar
    Hi, first great mod u have here. Second, i would like to know if you have modified the unreal decrease in abilities of players, when they reach a certain age. I hate good players retiring at 32 33 years old, or not playing at all even in peruvian league.. if u had excuse me, but if u hadnt it would be nice if u do... maybe make longer their high level or at least a medium lvl.
  • Daveincid's avatar
    I have just released a new update
    The next update is planned a week after the final update from SI, if there won't be major problems mentioned from you guys. There are a couple of ideas in my mind to add for the final version, so stay tuned;)

  • Daveincid's avatar
    My guess is you didn't tick the "disable first transfer window" at the start of your save? Otherwise you wouldn't be able to spend the money in the transfer window. Sometimes the board just increases your budget straight after you start the game. Beside that, Transfer budget isn't directly linked to your bank balance. So you can have a budget for transfers but having a negative balance. This is very common IRL too. :)

  • Mrg231's avatar
    Hi mate - I started a save with Wolves and have a transfer budget of £50m, a lot more than in default game... I was under the impression that the finance mod will reduce the starting finances, not increase it heavily?? Thank you :)
  • Daveincid's avatar
    This is what this mod is trying to achieve :)
  • Riverplatelvnv's avatar
    Thank you, the default finance never made sense to me. By the year 2025 I always have like 800 million with Arsenal. Other clubs buying players for 140 mil, very unrealistic unless you are PSG. I think now the transfer values makes much more sense, teams seem to want to keep their wonderkids now. Im only in my first season with my beloved Arsenal so I will post more updates in the future when I go deeper into my save. I also playing with realistic injuries mod, makes the game even more serious. I love some realism
  • Daveincid's avatar
    It's correct. Bank balance has actually nothing to do with how financial healthy a club is. They have a lot of players with values, guaranted sponsorships etc. It's actually a trick IRL to have as less money on bank accounts as possible, because they won't pay taxes for a negative balance ;) It also depends on which date you are in the game. Teams usually have less money in march/april/may and the most at august/september because they receive their yearly sponsorship deals.

  • Riverplatelvnv's avatar
    Im currently in my first season with Arsenal FC, my finances are horrible at negative 3.5 million but transfer budget is around 90 mil. Is this suppose to be correct? Is Arsenal really broke in RL :(
  • Daveincid's avatar
    No, Club Transfer preferences is something different. There are two files: Transfer preferences and Club transfer preferences.
    Transfer Preferences is the same. Club Transfer preferences is something different.
  • janrzm's avatar

    Thanks, so to be clear, your "Daveincid's Club transfer preferences v1.1 New"
    is the same file as Majeticeternitys "Realistic Transfer Preferences v2"
  • Daveincid's avatar
    We worked together on the project so it's included yes. It has just another name. This way it's easier for people to sort the files in the editor data folder:)
  • janrzm's avatar
    Thank you!! A question, for clarity. Does this file include Majesticeternities Realistic Transfer Preferences? Cheers
  • Daveincid's avatar
    Short Info-Update:

    Please note: For more realism it's important to disable the first transfer window. IRL the transfers already happend, so should it be in the game-setup too for a optimal balance.


  • Daveincid's avatar
    I really appreciate that there seems to be nothing game-breaking with the file. Which is great, but honestly I expected a bit more negative feedback My goal is to improve this file constantly, so without feedback this is difficult. So please copy the following pattern and write me a PM if you see some weird stuff:



    Topic: (Transfers, Salaries, Reputations, others)





  • Daveincid's avatar

    Good to hear! Thanks for the feedback!
  • blackmamba9203's avatar
    Finance file is working now - just took 3-4 minutes to load initially. Thanks!
  • Daveincid's avatar
    You need to start a new save, I'm afraid. But there hasn't been negative feedback yet, so it seems there is no game-breaking bug. So even If I release new updates, it will mostly be fine-tuning. It's not necessary to start a new save just because of that IMO. :)

  • chigo's avatar
    hey, I want to try this files but my question is whenever you update them will I have to start a new save or will the updates be save compatible?
  • chigo's avatar
    hey, I want to try this files but my question is whenever you update them will I have to start a new save or will the updates be save compatible?
  • Daveincid's avatar

    This is already fixed with the last update.

  • SJBB05's avatar
    @Daveincid although Ostersunds do have a a few English players in their squad, that was because of the English manager Ian Burchnall. He has now left and been replaced with Amir Azrafshan who is Swedish. As a result they are unlikely to sign so many English players in the future so I personally think that club vision should be removed again

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