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KJ Project Challenge FM21 (ex RB Évora) (21.4 Update & New Brazil Team)

Can this brand-new franchise compete with RedBull and City Group for a spot on the European tops ?!

By Updated on Mar 31, 2021   23293 views   31 comments
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Downloads: 2337 / Added: 2021-02-22
FM 2021 Fantasy Scenarios - KJ Project Challenge FM21 (ex RB Évora) (21.4 Update & New Brazil Team)
Can this brand-new franchise compete with RedBull and City Group for a spot on the European tops ?!

Project KJ is the new version of the RB Évora challenge that due to problems with image rights it was not possible to replicate this year, or rather, I wanted to avoid problems that could happen.

This is because in FM20 when I published the RB Évora project in several websites I effectively had problems with the image rights, similarly to what happened with Man United, in which the logo producers had to withdraw it from their projects.

Like RB Evora, Project KJ aims to get you started in a club where there is no squad or any staff by challenging you to build the whole club in the first transfer window. Previously you had 10M to spend on transfers, in this challenge you only have 3M balance and the money for transfers is variable depending on the save.

Another big difference is that in this challenge you do not have just 1 club to choose from, but 6 different clubs from the most diverse and challenging European leagues, creating a sort of new franchise to rival RB and the City Group.
These clubs are KJ Évora (Portugal), KJ Sevilla (Spain), KJ Llanfairpwll (England), KJ Brugge (Belgium), KJ Venezia (Italy), KJ Rostock (Germany) and KJ Blumenau (Brazil) (new with 1.3 version).

All these clubs are affiliated with each other creating a new European network where you can easily watch and sign players from other countries due to the fact that player observations are shared.
All clubs have logos, equipment, 3d equipment and stadiums customized especially for this project. It was something that took me many hours of sleep to provide you with the best and most realistic experience possible in a project of this genre.

Installation Guide //
To install the challenge just use an extraction program rar, Winrar or 7zip for example. After extraction copy the file Project KJ vX.X.fmf to the folder Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20xx/editor data. To install the graphics create a folder in Sports Interactive/Football Manager 20xx/graphics named KJ Project and copy the folders 3dkits, icons, kits, logos, stadium into that folder. Then create a new save by selecting the KJ Project DB. If the graphics aren't appearing correctly, go to fm preferences, interface, check the restart skin option when you confirm the changes and restart the skin.

If you like to support me and my cats you can buy me a coffee, so I can keep working on dbs and skins on the future. Yes I'm addicted to coffee...

Download Now
Downloads: 2337 / Added: 2021-02-22
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About kojuropp

Hello guys, hope you enjoying my databases, don't forget to check the other ones I have on my profile. Also have a twitch channel where I play almost every day got check it, I'll be glad.

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Discussion: KJ Project Challenge FM21 (ex RB Évora) (21.4 Update & New Brazil Team)

31 comments have been posted so far.

  • KoliStussy's avatar
    can i have the PSD file for this logo brand?
  • jmxc99's avatar
    I will like to add the ID changes every few new game starts.
  • jmxc99's avatar
    You guys are having graphic issues because unique Ids Never stay the same. As a kit maker, I find it easier to name the graphic files after the clubs as with each update only the XML files need fixing. the XML file should look like this:

    <record from="KJ Evora" to="graphics/pictures/club/2000085115/logo"/>

    This way only the ID part in the XML needs editing and the graphic file name goes untouched. The file should never look like this:

    <record from="2000085013" to="graphics/pictures/club/2000085013/logo"/>

    Both sections of the XML, as well as the Graphic file, need editing which is a lot of work if you have a lot of graphic files.
  • chelsea1901's avatar
    Am having a lil trouble getting the graphics for the teams to work,I put the folder into my graphics, reloaded skin etc, am on version 21.4. any help would be great.
  • LukeMeChanic's avatar
    Has anyone else tried this database in a network save? My friend kept crashing every time we tried to start this database
  • Szebek's avatar
    Hello! Can you create club in Polish League?
  • Strm19's avatar
    Hello! Could you do KJ club in Russia? Like KJ Stavropol :D
  • kojuropp's avatar
    Hey guys sorry for not responding =(
    Just want to let you know that the update for 21.4 update is ready and with a brand-new team in Brazil!

    Happy gaming guys!
  • Plugpin's avatar
    Thanks, this is really cool. I noticed that only the Home 3D is included, but the config does have coding for an away.

    Is this something wrong on my download or is the away kit not included?
  • HeelPhakdi's avatar
    @ flowWi

    thanks works by me only the stadiums pictures doesn't show but i look at that tomorrow maybe i have a mistake in the filenaming or xlm. The rest as logos and kits are BACK \o/
  • FloWi's avatar
    For everyone with the graphic-problems:

    With 21.4 there was a change in the Club-IDs. If you want to play with the graphics you have to change the last 4 digits of the graphicfile-names and than edit the config.xml (for example with the editor) an change the digits, too.

    The Club-IDs changed in the following way:

    Evora: 4177 -> 5012
    Brugge: 4178 -> 5013
    Venezia: 4179 -> 5014
    Llanfairpwll: 4180 -> 5015
    Sevilla: 4181 -> 5016
    Rostock: 4182 -> 5017

    Than clear the chache and reload the skin.

    Sorry for my bad english. Its not my mainlanguage ;).
    I hope I could help you.
  • HeelPhakdi's avatar
    Still play it but with the last Update ALL graphics are blank.
    Do you plan on update the names in the next days i tried to figure it out but it doesn't work for me.

    thanks in advance
  • emanflor's avatar
    I download it but my graphics dont work, its because of the 21.4 version?
  • yogui's avatar
    still compatible with 21.4 ids ?
  • harrisonpfc's avatar
    how do i do it so that i dont have to start a new game? not to sure how to edit the namefix file, could you explain? thanks
  • kojuropp's avatar
    @Trident226 OMG what have you done for them to block your transfers ahaha Well maybe they will, please be careful spending money or you'll have a bad time later.

    @harrisonpfc Yes that was a distraction by me, so I apologize. You can run the FM21 Editor, load the db and change the short name. Then just save and start a new game. Or you can edit your namefix file so you don't have to start a new game.
  • harrisonpfc's avatar
    is there a way to change the name of kj rostock to take away the fussballverein from the end of the name?
  • Trident226's avatar
    Great database. I am starting with KJ Evora the board won't allow me to buy/sign/loan anybody in the current transfer window. That window lasts for the while season. Will I be able to sign players in season 2 as I only have 1 cm+
  • kojuropp's avatar
    @HeelPhakdi well if you started with the winter update, you can just download it again with the winter update and only replace the graphics folder =)
  • kojuropp's avatar
    @yogui Yes ahah It was pretty funny to do, I'm also streaming a save with them
    on twitch
  • yogui's avatar
    The name of the club in England league: KJ Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

    *and actual exists a Wales' city*
  • DcmBrown's avatar
    this is so cool, i can't wait to see what this group of clubs does. Can you provide a history of the company ?
  • HeelPhakdi's avatar

    thanks for the quick info. I guess i need to start a new career or can i play with the old save and the graphics are there?
  • kojuropp's avatar
    @LugoManager I do personalized databases to my twitch subscribers. Please don't go around publishing your own version of this update again, I was nice the first time but I'll take it down if you do the second. Also have no idea what Korean Joynog is XD
  • kojuropp's avatar
    @harrisonpfc already out with the winter update =)

    @HeelPhakdi looks like FM 21.3 changed the default ids, so I had to update them, try to download it again please.

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