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Klopp FM16 Tactics - Ruthless Pressure (OBS! Tactic updated in Feb 2016)

It's Kloppering time! You know you want your team to play like his. A high pressure and fast counter tactic for Football Manager 2016.

By on Dec 09, 2015   159308 views   21 comments
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Downloads: 55035 / Size: 41.1 kB / Added: 2015-12-09
FM 2016 Tactics - Klopp FM16 Tactics - Ruthless Pressure (OBS! Tactic updated in Feb 2016)
Being an avid Reds fan I'm as happy as anyone to see my beloved team turn a page with the arrival of the crazy German. I love the style of play he brings to the table and have done my best to emulate it in FM16.

The main idea is to put the opposition under ruthless pressure in order to catch them out of position and punishing them with fast counters. The striker drops into the midfield in order to create space for the raumdeuters and attacking cm to exploit.

As most of you can guess, physique and work rate are two key attributes to look for, other than the recommended ones for each role.

These are some of my greatest achievements with the tactic. It includes all-time points records in three of Europe's top five leagues (joint record in the Red's case) within three seasons of being appointed and taking Dynamo Dresden from 3 Bundesliga to a league title and regular CL-qualification. It also includes instant snaps to Olympiakos' and PSG's subscriptions on their respective league title.

Give it a go and let me know about the results.

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Downloads: 55035 / Size: 41.1 kB / Added: 2015-12-09
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Discussion: Klopp FM16 Tactics - Ruthless Pressure (OBS! Tactic updated in Feb 2016)

21 comments have been posted so far.

  • PRJ's avatar
    Love this! Completely changed my game - Thank you! Works very well with both top and bottom teams!
  • TodayCoffee's avatar
    One game played with this tactic and I love it so far =)
    4-1 against Chelsea
  • Rooster672's avatar
    hi will this tactic work with lower league teams? thanks
  • fmsharky's avatar

    do you keep the same tactic for away games ?
  • fmsharky's avatar
    hey l3nnart,
    still works fine is an understatement my friend this tactic is awesome.
    i have been on various fm sites searching for tactics for liverpool that work, most say they do, but after a few decent results they crash and burn.
    yours my friend is 100% on the button.
    i'm currently 8 games in to my first season, unbeaten in all competitions
    my last game beating dortmund 2-0 at home in euro cup.
    thank you for the advice, any updates to this tactic please please keep them coming.
  • l3nnart's avatar

    Still works fine from what I've seen.


    for general training I use team cohesion (high) and for match preperation teamwork. I tend never to change these settings, though I don't really have an explanation for why other than habit. As far as individual training goes I just set every player to work on the role they play in the system. Finally OIs are also very much straight forward as I just make sure to have at least one coach with strong tactical knowledge and ask him for advice.
  • fmsharky's avatar
    hey l3nnart
    you said on a previous post you use team cohesion on training.
    is this average/high/very high ?
    and once its fluid what do you switch to after that ?
  • Kosmos's avatar
  • fmsharky's avatar
    hey l3nnart,
    going to give your tactic ago with my liverpool team.
    but what training ,oi's and individual training do you use with this tactic ?
  • typicalmcleany's avatar
    BRILLIANT TACTIC , i was in the middle of the season at liverpool and i was 5th. i used the tactic and stayed 5th but in the next season i was 1 point away from wining the league! on my third season i won a 4 trophies which was premier league, champions league, super cup and community shield. highly recommended for liverpool!
  • l3nnart's avatar

    As you can see from the updated screens a parade of silverware collecting has been rolling around the word since the conception of the tactic. The one thing I've had trouble with so far is winning with truly week teams, though I barely ever took over the top team of the league, it's always been one of the main challengers (Reds, Panathinaikos, OM, etc).
  • fmsharky's avatar
    hi matey
    how's the tactic been for you?
    Any screenshot updates ?
  • l3nnart's avatar
    I've updated and having my best season yet (though also the best team I've had so far)
  • ghents's avatar
    @l3mmart does this work on 16.2?
  • l3nnart's avatar

    I usually use team cohesion and teamwork all the time, unless I notice that I struggle on something specific (usually set pieces during the first leg of a cup tie). As far as OI goes I usually just ask an assistant with high tactical rating to take care of it.
  • MerseyMuse's avatar
    Hey, I downloaded the tactic. Don't know if it works yet, cause I want to make sure my players get used to it first. What do you recommend when it comes to general training and match preparation? Do you also use specific settings for opposition instructions? Thanks in advance
  • l3nnart's avatar
    I guess it depends on how much you like the feeling of progression as you do new courses. Personally I don't feel such satisfaction when starting with a big club like Reds, so in that case I would just start with max experience/coaching licence.
  • alexshing's avatar
    Hi, May I know if want to be Liverpool manager . when to create a manager you have to FULL pro licence or half of it? Or half half on international player skill? Thanks
    Because I played Liverpool always lost ? can help ?
  • alexshing's avatar
    Hi, I did reinstall the tactic. I played new season with Liverpool till now W4, D5, LOST 5. Still no good.. I will sack by the board
  • l3nnart's avatar
    I'd say that you have two main things to take into account. The first one is that you need to have the right players (though Liverpool's squad should already be pretty well equipped to handle it, except for maybe the raumdeuters). The second one is to download the tactic again. I just replaced the old version with a new one with some tweaks that really works for the better... hope that your luck changes!
  • alexshing's avatar
    Hi,I used this formation . It seen does work for me. I played with Liverpool . using your tactic . win 6 draw 5 LOST 11. May I know what happen? can Asst manger do the pre talk? Or second half talk? Thanks
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