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Knap's Beowulf 4-4-2 Tactic FM19

Played 109, won 109 in the Premier League, won all cups. Includes set pieces. A standard 4-4-2 with amazing results. Impressively winning tactic for FM 2019.

By on Aug 06, 2019   23284 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 7420 / Size: 46.0 kB / Added: 2019-08-06
Football Manager 2019 Tactics - Knap's Beowulf 4-4-2 Tactic FM19
Who is Knap?
Knap has been creating Football Manager tactics since Football Manager 2008, since then raked up thousands and thousands of downloads because of his constant testing and tweaking throughout updates of Football Manager, making Knap one of the best tactic creator in the community.

Tactic presentation

A standard 4-4-2 using Wide Midfielders to support defensive and attacking duties due to the support role links up perfectly with the mezzala. Played 109, won 109 in the Premier League, won all cups. Includes set pieces.

"knap Your tactics are amazing. Only 4 goals against in the Premier League in 19 games."

"Thanks a lot for those amazing tactics"

"Wow, 110 points with 442 is incredible"

"Wow. 36-2-0! Gonna try this Beowulf442 out in my next game. Gotta love 4-4-2 for the immersion! Thanks Knap! As someone else stated, we love you

Download Now
Downloads: 7420 / Size: 46.0 kB / Added: 2019-08-06
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Discussion: Knap's Beowulf 4-4-2 Tactic FM19

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • badboysmokinaces's avatar
    Great home tactic. Winning well with Newcastle. Average 3 goals a game and usually 1-2 goals disallowed per game. Strikers don't score as many as I'd like but as long as someone is scoring then who cares.
    As an away tactic its not so good. Win 50/50 of my games but always seem to concede lots. Got beat 6-0 of Arsenal despite them only hitting the target 8 times. I suggest an alternative away tactic with this tactic as your home.
  • RTweddle's avatar
    Great tactic but I like to change WBs to inverted wing backs (support) and WMs wingers (support). I feel that it gets more on the attacking front especially with weaker teams without compromising the defence.
  • ajm's avatar
    Excellent tactic. Testing with Brighton and managed to win all pre-season games and also beat Chelsea 5-0 early in campaign. Trickiest part of this tactic is finding wide midfielders, if anyone knows of any decent ones please share
  • MrKarizzi's avatar
    Currently testing this with Blackburn. So far in 23 games 53 goals scored and only 9 conceded. One of the best tactics I used so far.
    Something noteworthy about this tactic is the immeasurable amount of disallowed goals. I don't know if there is a statistic in FM that counts these but I feel it is at least one per game, seriously. The strikers and opposite side winger are offside right after the long throw is taken and the pass usually goes to the centre of the box.
  • detroitrex's avatar
    PIs: one WB has sit narrower, the other doesn't, and the MCs have very different setups. was this down to the players you had, or what? also, OIs?
  • xotoy's avatar
  • Magic1111's avatar
    Is it possible to play the tactic with two Inside Forward or Winger instead the both Wide Midfielder? Or is this not recommended?
    I ask, because I don´t have suitable players for the WM role.....
  • nedbenson100's avatar
    This tactic is outrageous, currently managing Bradford City in league 2, beat leeds 6-1 and sheff weds 3-1 in pre-season and won all 4 games so far scoring 16 and conceding 1. Obviously early days but WOW.
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