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LFCMarshalls Summer Transfer Update 2014 (25.9.14)

LFCMarshall's Update for Football Manager 2014, up to date as on the 25th September.

By Updated on Sep 25, 2014   73458 views   25 comments
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Downloads: 25966 / Size: 917.0 kB / Added: 2014-09-08
FM 2014 Data Updates - LFCMarshalls Summer Transfer Update 2014 (25.9.14)
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Thank you to Maciek Lojek who helped with a number of leagues including: Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Kazakstan and Romania and also helped with the Polish leagues.

Last Updated: September 13th

Welcome to LFCMarshall's FM14 Summer Update.. this update contains all changes to make the game as realistic and up to date as possible. You can suggest anything to try and improve the game, these may include:

Changes include:

- Managerial changes
- Summer transfers missed/ up to date free signings
- Promotions / Relegations
- Position finishes
- Cup winners
- European coefficiants altered
- Contract changes
- Loans
- Edited CA/PA
- New owners
- Edited budgets
- amongst others updates


Video relates to FM13 but is basically the same.

- Download and extract the file using a program like winrar or unarchiever
- Extract the file or place the xml file to: Documents/ sports interactive/ fm14/ editor data (It may already be extracted if you're using a MAC (extracts to a xml file)
- If there is no editor data folder, simply create one inside the FM14 folder
- If there is a MACOSX folder downloaded, delete it - you only need the single xml update file

- Once in game, select new game and bottom right is a box to choose All, None or Custom.... Custom allows you to choose one file, All selects all in the editor data folder so choose accordingly IF there are any folders that download with the file, delete everything and just keep the LFCMarshall update file, its all you need

Thanks and enjoy.

Download Now
Downloads: 25966 / Size: 917.0 kB / Added: 2014-09-08
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Discussion: LFCMarshalls Summer Transfer Update 2014 (25.9.14)

25 comments have been posted so far.

  • tylerrr's avatar
    I'm late to the party but thanks so much for this :)
  • KS's avatar
    This is a good update but i cant manage in the premier league??
  • lucassj90's avatar
    Do you have Martin Odegaard in this update?
  • CHOWDHUR's avatar
    Soldado scoring 20 goals a season. Something wrong there.
  • LFCMarshall's avatar
    @Girinda - the MACOSX folder doesn't solve that problem. That occurs if you have a pirate copy or are selecting multiple custom databases - you need update 14.3
  • girinda's avatar
    I already deleted the folder macosx but still it says not enough teams to play English premier league
  • LFCMarshall's avatar
    @Chowdhur - I do not add youngsters. It is something i may look at for FM15 updates
  • CHOWDHUR's avatar
    These are some promising 14-15 yr olds you may want to add in the next update (As per England u16 and Milk Cup performances) :

    Reece Oxford
    Ogo Obi
    Ben Sheaf
    Oscar Borg
  • LFCMarshall's avatar
    That will be the reason then - Buy the game or try and get update 14.3
  • Toms's avatar
    i don't have the original game. The problem is that it doesn't appear that box you are talkng about
  • LFCMarshall's avatar
    @Phillip9 - No problem, glad you like it

    @Toms - Have you got an original copy of the game? and also when you click new game, a box will appear and that is where you select the database - have you looked at the instructions video?
  • Toms's avatar
    Good evening. I done all that you said but my problem is that the box for "choose database" doesn't appear. Because of that i can't choose the files and i am stuck with the inicial database. I hope you can solve my problem.
  • Phillip9's avatar
    Very good edit mate. Thanks a lot
  • LFCMarshall's avatar
    It is because you have a [irate copy of the game - you need update 14.3 for it to work
  • ryanbadd91's avatar
    its says that thre is not enough team in english premier league..?? plzz fix the prblem..tq..btw nice update
  • ryanbadd91's avatar
    why we can't played English Premier League..its very dissppointing..
    plzzz admin fixed this prblem ASAP..TQ
  • LFCMarshall's avatar
    Delete the MACOSX folder in the editor data folder if you have it - should sort any problems out
  • ckny's avatar
    I get a "XLM parsing error!" when I start FM, (it mentions this update in the error window) and then again when I start a new game.

    It doesn't actually affect the game though, I'm still able to start the game with the update, just thought I'd mention it.
  • LFCMarshall's avatar
    I dont know, I have paid for my game so it gets updated automatically - if you buy the game no problems will occur
  • helkingowert's avatar
    Where I can dowmload 14.3 update ??
  • LFCMarshall's avatar
    That is because you have a pirate copy - you need update 14.3
  • helkingowert's avatar
    English league can not be selected.In addition to exclamation :((
  • LFCMarshall's avatar
    Rodrigo De Paul is in the Valencia squad - perhaps check the reserves and also load a large database?
  • Thyge's avatar
    Rodrigo De Paul is missing from the Valencia team.
  • saint821015's avatar
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