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Lobanovskyi's Mythical Tactics for FM14

Lobanovskaya Rapsodija - Valeriy Lobanovskyi's tactics for Football Manager 2014 by Roberto.Mancini.

By on Nov 11, 2013   103599 views   17 comments
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Downloads: 15627 / Size: 2.0 kB / Added: 2013-11-11
FM 2014 Tactics - Lobanovskyi's Mythical Tactics for FM14
When they asked him about his coaching abilities ...
"Give me a bunch of players and I will make you a good team ,give me some good players and I will make you a very good team ,give me a good team and I will make it the best in the world"

When they asked him about his working "secrets" ...
"In football everything is 95% work and maybe 5% talent. You need to build a player stone by stone, step by step. Working endlessly, methodically and being humble, have a strong character that's the success"

Who is Valeriy Lobanovskyi

Вале́рій Васи́льович Лобано́вський was born on a cold day in January of 1939... He couldn't imagine that he would leave such a warm base of supporters, who demanded after his death to rename FK Dynamo Stadion into Lobanovskyi Stadion in order to remember "Loba" forever... His work was endless, strict disciplinarian who never accepted a minor doubt for his work.

A good father who grew up generations of footballers in his knees. The rigorous man in the bench, was the good father of Blokhin, Protasov, Litovchenko, Shevchenko, Kaladze, Rebrov and others. He trained all of his players with high level of professionalism and sport education. But most of all, he gave them the appropriate social education that was, and still is rare, even today. Behind the curtains, he was the teacher, the relative, the friend, the bad cop. The person who would carry out all of the duties of the club and not just of the 25 member squad. Mistake, squads-legions. From U-10 ranks till senior team everything was passing from Lobanovskyi's eyes and hands. Everything apart from black money from agent's commissions...

When I was a kid, I firstly heard about Lobanovskyi's method and philosophy and much later, I passed on the rest... What an irony... In the modern tactical pad of FM 2014 I made the same. Firstly I begun with Loba's Tactics. Despite that I could make more or different things, I dedicate this space to him. Probably because Kaladze, Shevchenko and co, still pay tribute to him after his death. Probably because a young kid like me - 15 years ago started to study him without even knowing what he is doing. Probably because it's rare to find so many similarities in the thoughts from a man who had 3,5 times my age and despite that is dead 11 years, his tactics still intrigue.

The intro above was a memo to Loba. What a coincidence, in my trip to Kiev the only gift that I received, the only one - was a picture of Valery Lobanovskyi.

Thanks Teacher for everything that you gave us - dead or alive, your legacy will always show the way ;)

Let's pass now to the technical topic now.

The FM14 Tactic

This tactic is fluid but very well organised. It has several demanding principles as explained below:
  • Cohesive and pushing zonal marking
  • Offside zone is applied constantly
  • Overlaps are limited due to counter-attack effect theory - 4-4-2 with overlaps can be 2-4-4
  • Attacking play and fast combinations are allowed under a serious designated match strategy
  • Fluid doesn't mean anarchy. The lines are tight and narrow and every player has no more than 2 meters dist in the width and 4-5 in the length.
  • Off the ball move is crucial due to hard diagonal moves/very demanding fitness levels.
  • Match prep must be meticulous and hard
  • Pre-season should be around 3,5 months. Indicative from July-till mid October
  • Fitness/Defense/Tactics/Attack/Ball Control
  • The row of development upwards is obvious and rational, fitness need to be worked extensively by adding additional elements to national team breaks... e.g. ball control instead of fitness routine.
  • Your tactical education needs to be gradual. You apply the formation only if you are 100% ready. Otherwise you should use a more conservative and balanced approach... e.g. make this tactic more balanced, or counter, and don't apply offside trap if you don't like it.
  • This tactic is flexi-based on 3 patterns, endless rotation of positional players and tactical instructions.
  • Pay attention to the attributes. You can make a checkmate by using a DMC as stopper, a full back as MC or winger, a striker with low finishing but with good pace/dribbling as winger. You may catch your opponents, sleeping.
  • Opposition Instructions - Always closing down, Hard tackling, show off weaker foot.
  • Again and again, this tactic demands perfect training regime in fitness, hire the best physio/coaching fitness staff, avoid using any kind/type of slow player.
  • Zone play is broken by slow players. Less move, more time for the opponent to push up and to hit on the counter.
  • Last and most important tip - IT'S NOT A POSSESSION TACTIC. Simply it seems to be so because opponents are hesitating to attack when they face off such ferocious and well organised attacks.

The rest are up to you. I gave you briefly all the possible information and now the images will say the rest.

My opponent plays 4-3-3. That's why the gaps for his formation. The red shows the gaps and the black shows the cohesion between my blocks, the team is like a strong punch. Make your left hand is the shape of punch and you will see what I mean...

Here the teams shows sharpness regardless the formation of the opponent, it's the very same image without pointing the weak holes of the opponent.

A typical and very indicative move of Lobanovskyi's team, ferocious, aggressive direct football, vertical game. A supportive block around the ball holder, the strikers are ready to swap diagonally positions and the red colour indicates the possible attacking/options and dangers. Despite Feyenoord seems very compact, the trick remains this:

When you attack with the ball, your opponent instinctively is pushing up to steal it and to block the spaces. So, my attacking block makes the opposite move, comes in by making the opposite move... e.g. attacking vertically, the defense is opening up like rose and the two strikers have already make half job by breaking out the central duo's partnership.

This tactic is available in 3 different versions.

All Rights Reserved-Limited Production

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Downloads: 15627 / Size: 2.0 kB / Added: 2013-11-11
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Discussion: Lobanovskyi's Mythical Tactics for FM14

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  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    You are unable to see and unable to analyse a clue .I saw many games and because you really dont know a word about football 4-3-1-2 and 4-1-3-2 are variations of 4-4-2 .In football you dont have ropes and chains to tie the players down in the pitch .So when the team moves ,4-4-2 can take any shape .4-3-3 ,4-3-1-2 and so on .But all of these are details for you because you have not see any football match in such level (Champions League ,Olympic Games ,etc ) .You just comment here what you cannot do .I make the tactics because I am the first of the first and I am the only FM user who has produce such variety and number of tactics in such periods.You dont know me really and I strongly recommend you to read my previous articles .Instead of finding random images just on criticising me ,I suggest you to concentrate in your work on FM .But obviously the only job that you can do is to envy others and especially me .Thats your level ,enjoy your misery .You make an account here just to attack verbally to me ...You are uncovered ,the masks fell down .Do something useful in your life if you can .You dont show us anything here ,is it so hard to understand it ?Produce something and then you can say to us that you are Pope ...Zero work ,zero results ,zero proofs .Look your self in the mirror now ,this is you .
  • Anero's avatar
    You wrote a paragraph saying.....nothing.I m playing FM since Championship manager years almost 15 years now, I don't have to post tactics to ''show'' my knowledge like you.Because you post tactics regularly doesn't mean that you are Mourinho or that you are better than other.I made an argument about the 4-4-2 flat and the work ball into box and you reply by saying.....nonsense.If you want to reply and say your argument about those facts its ok.Replying by saying ''you haven't post anything in FM'' and these kind of staff then its a waste of time.And here is a post about Lobanovskyi tactics saying clearly that his iconic tactic was 4-1-3-2.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    You have make zero tactics ,zero topics and zero work on FM .And despite all of these you decide to make a comment to underestimate my work and to judge me .Why you dont improve what you dont like and then to post us here your work ?I prove my theories with actions and with proper results .The work that I have make speak by itself and everything is worked ,proved and applied .I have show so many images and then you doubt .Probably because you dont know to do anything else apart from commenting .You try to cancel here the tactic and its mentality without taking a look on players instruction and without pay attention on specific details in each player .You have your own theory for everything and its pointless to make a debate with such irrational comments .When you play automatic combinations footballs and have fast players you can do everything .If my orders were wrong ,the game will shown me red/conflict indication on tacticals instructions pattern .So my radicality is more than rewarded in this case .Secondly you cannot prove anything on actions and you just decided to underestimate what you cannot make .Even in 2nd division of germany you can apply sometimes such kind of football if you know to work and to build your teams accordingly .But you definetely cannot ,otherwise you would have show it upfront .
  • Anero's avatar
    I am not here to post a tactic.I m trying to help you improve yours because obviously there are some mistakes.You cannot say that Lobanovskyi made this tactic.Lobanovskyi and any other coach have some playing mentality but the formation its sometimes very different in the pitch than in a piece of paper.Its impossible to play direct passing with high tempo and vertical passing and on the same time to ask your players to "work ball into box".its simple logic cant you understand?work ball into box is for lower tempo and short passing,its even on the "tips" in FM,you cannot be patient when Lobanovskyi wanted fast counter attacks.So try to improve your tactic coz you are not perfect (as all of us) and learn to accept critisism because i m not telling anything crazy.I mentioned one thing if you want accept it or if you dont reject its that simple.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Lobanovskyi made such tactic ,not you .Why you dont shows your tactical proposal ?Instead of making vague criticising here focus on producing something useful .
  • Anero's avatar
    And something else.I believe that you need to untick ''work ball into box'' because when you play direct passing and high tempo you cannot be at the same time patient until the brake opens.Work ball into box is suitable for teams with short passing and low tempo like Barca or Bayern but it never work for me with high tempo and direct passing
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Lobanovskyi was using variations of 4-4-2 and 4-3-3 .In away games he used to play 4-5-1 which was becoming always 4-3-3 in attack and in many league and european games ,mostly in home he played 4-4-2 .Simply in 4-4-2 one midfielder will not be strictly in the line thats why it seems to be like 4-1-3-2 .In Soviet Union he was using constantly attacking 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 .This tactic is exactly like the last team of Dinamo used to play .Obviously you dont read my comments .Because this tactic can be converted and modified in various modules precisely because its quite flexible and balanced without being restrictive as for quality of football .Pay attention on the field and the previous comments .Shevchenko /Rebrov was the attacking duo .Actually he was overloading the flanks by using full backs constantly .

    Dont mix my tactic with some others who were around the net .In every variation of 4-4-2 apart from 4-3-1-2 ,the two mc will be always one like dmc ,holding ball player and one will be like mc or playmaker as amc .Read carefully what I read above in so many comments because its a petty to misunderstand so easy things .Unfortunately I have make some graphs to explain better .Imagine not to make them ...The tactic becomes during the game 4-2-3-1 ,4-1-3-2 and 4-3-3 .Its a petty that some people have some disabilities on looking and reading comprehasion ,I cannot explain it different .At least the graphs can explain it better definetely .
  • Anero's avatar
    First of all Lobanovskyi played a 4-1-3-2 and he was famous for this tactic.Like the Czech national team played in the past.He never uses a 4-4-2 with the 4 midfielders in the same line horizontally.Instead he uses 1 DM like an Anchor Man and 3 midfielders in front of him (usually 1 Advanced Playmaker and 2 box-to-box)

    As for the playing mentality is correct and I m gonna try this out with Manchester United
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    You just say rubbish because you are envious of my work .Where are your ideas and your tactics for a lower club ?I have the right to make whatever I want .Challenging the tittle is the most difficult thing because you must make everything perfect and you are every Sunday under real pressure of winning .I am a winner and I create the best tactics by working hard under winning pressure .PSV is a disaster this season .In Benitez tactics Roma was 5th-6th favourite .Its not a bad idea to shut up and to start to work a little bit more .A lower league club doesnt have any particular orientation and target so the tactics there are not having a real value .The tactics have a real value only when you overcoming your potential by aiming the tittle .The trophies and the big victories are making the big tactics and the big coaches .Not envious hating comments like yours .
  • Atreidas's avatar
    When will you make a tactic for lesser clubs and not use clubs that will always challenge for title? :)
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    It depends on you ...I do this to all the players but not always .When you play counter attacks you can make something else ...

    Tackling easy ,closing down sometimes - mentality very fluid .

    Which means you make massive attacks as soon as you steal the ball .If you think that

    you will be soft ,use hard tackling .However I recommend to alternate this tactic

    into counter attacking because its very explosive and dynamic way of playing .Its not

    the 4-4-2 of Sacchi that I made all these years .Its a 4-4-2 which can become 4-2-3-1 ,4-3-3 ,4-5-1 and even diamond (4-1-2-1-2/4-3-1-2)

    Pay attention to my lineup...Sana is my new "singing" with Psv ,however...

    in the same pattern I can form a 4-3-1-2 .Park mc ,winaldum mrc,sana mlc and narsigh as amc.Thats a hybrid formation but it can be transformed like this during the match .

    Also ,again in the same lineup you can make the following .

    4-2-3-1 by using park,winaldum as mc .toivonen amc .Wingers Sana/Narsigh ,striker locadia.

    4-3-3 by using park dmc,toivonen-wijnaldum as mc -wingers sana/narsigh -striker locadia .

    These examples are indicative ,there is no way to try to use something like this .Especially me who likes a lot compact and solid teams ,however it gives you a taste on how to "play" with your tactical lineup during the game without changing the basic way of playing .Also you can try something else ...To use in this fluid style mentality counter when you are leading ,dont try to kill the opponents by running more because your overexhaust your players and you lead them to injuries .Injuries are caused because of overexhaust .After 65-70 ,use counter attacks .After 80 be defensive if you lead 2-3-4 goals margine .With that way you "prepare" your team for tough matches like finals ,knockout games etc .So when is about time to play a decisive game ,your team is already familliated with every norm - rigid,fluid,very fluid,balanced etc .

    Italians are very wise as for that .As soon as they lead by a respected margine they try something very different .Or very attacking or very defensive .

    Juve for instance previous season against Pescara made a poor and very defensive first half .In the second ,they crashed Pescara and they were very attacking by winning 1-6 I think and half time was 1-1 or 2-1 .So pay attention on how you handle the match during 90 minutes .
  • Crass76's avatar
    Hey again, you say for OI to Close down, Hard tackle and Weaker foot. Is that for all the players including the Gk, or just specific players?
    Thank you.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    The time of getting fammiliar with this tactic depends on the level of your players that you have ,secondly as for the training regime you simply need to have some knowledge ,or to say better some kind of philosophy.There are some coaches who prefer less intensive fitness schedules ,other who want to build competitive fitness levels through mixed fitness/defensive/ball control schedules etc .I focus on fitness till middle of october because simply ,these diagrams that you saw upfront need mostly high level of fitness.Any slow player with attribute less than 13-14 in acceleration cannot help .Its like you play with 10 men .For every slow player in 4-4-2 count -1 player .Before you pass on this tactical scheme use a simmilar one which is less radical .
  • ArdlZ's avatar
    also your opp instructions which players is this directed to
  • ArdlZ's avatar
    Hey dude , just a few questions about this tactic and few things you mentioned, look forward to using and testing this tactic on my wolves save.
    1) waht do you mean by slow players what is the minimum attribute u say for this tactic in pace and accel
    2) what exactly do you do with the team training for this to work well
    3)how long would you say it would take to see the full accomplishment of this tactic
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Its up to you how will train your team .
  • kristensenalex's avatar
    what is the recommended training schedule ?
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