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Lohse's Invincible 4-3-3 84% win rate!

Achieved an Invincible season with this 4-3-3 out of possession & 3-4-3 in possession tactic. Free flowing mouth watering attacking play and near Impenetrable Defence.

By on Jan 27, 2022   33877 views   14 comments
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Downloads: 8385 / Size: 45.1 kB / Added: 2022-01-27
Football Manager 2022 Tactics - Lohse's Invincible 4-3-3 84% win rate!
Hello and welcome to what will be my 5th tactic I have uploaded on here and I promise you this is the very best I have done to date!

The system is a 4-3-3 out of possession but in possession it plays more like a 3-4-3 and at times 2-3-4-1. The tactic has an emphasize on positional play, creating overloads in half spaces, quick short passes and a quick switch of play that catches opponents out. The Tactic got me my first ever invincible season and anyone who has managed in the Premier League can attest to how difficult that actually is. Anyway onto the tactic.

The Formation:

I know many sometimes think 4-3-3 is a tad boring and generic which is why I have tried to use some roles that I do not often utilise.

The Half-back is essential in creating the way which we would like to play by dropping in between the two Ball-playing-defenders who we ask to stay wider to ensure we have more passing options.

Centrally we have an CM on Attack duty and I have been in love with this role this year although I have not used it much in years past. The role is very Dynamic, even with the attacking duty it comes deep to give passing options when the HB drops between the defenders and he also gets into the box, creates chances and scores goals.

Next to him we have either a roaming playmaker or a box-to-box midfielder. I switched between these 2 roles because I thought the consistency of the roaming playmaker was pretty bad and when they had a poor game I switched their role to BBM. But their role in the team remain the same, they need to be dynamic and enable passing options anywhere on the field, be it wide to create overloads or further down to enable play to progress or even the last pass for an assist.

For the wings I always like to be a little bit unpredictable meaning that I don't want either side to do the exact same. So on the right side we use an Advanced Playmaker on Attack paired with a wingback on Attack. 2 attacking roles on the right side also means its necessary to have a bit of balance hence the supportive role in right central midfield. On the left we have a wingback on support and an inverted winger on attack.

Wingbacks are creating the width for the tactic allowing the wingers to tuck in and be a threat in the half-spaces which is where we want to create overloads. Lastly for the attack we have an advanced forward. We want him to be leading the line and scorings bags of goals.

Player instructions. Everyone has mark tighter and tackle harder. CM attack has Roam From position, move into channels same for the BBM. Wingers have roam from position and sit narrower. Wingbacks have shoot less often and sit narrower. They have sit narrower to solidify the formation a little more and as we are playing short passes I don't want them too far away from their teammates.

In possession:

Because I have good dribblers and lots of creative players I allow them the freedom to express themselves. We play narrow because I found that to exploit the half spaces better and create great one-two passes through the middle. This tactic really does play some amazing attacking football. If Calvert-Lewin is not playing I usually put on low crosses but with him on I don't want to limit how we cross it into him.

In Transition:

Pretty standard high press with high lines I want to be on the front food. We do instruct our keeper to distribute to the Half-back as he drops in between the defenders and they go wide.

Out of Possession:


We actually started out really poor by drawing 3 games against Southampton, Wolves and Watford all games In theory should have won. But after that we really buckled up our ideas and dominated.
We won the FA & Carabao cup but got demolished by Liverpool 6-0 in the community shield.
Here is an overlook of the seasons Schedule:

Now I have said that this tactic behaves like a 3-4-3 or 2-3-4-1 in possession and the pass maps tells a tale

As you can see from the pass maps wingers are tucked in and the wingbacks are providing the width. You can also see how it functions with Halfback dropping deep centrally making up the 3-4-3 which is the most frequent attacking pattern.

Now atlast I have a bunch of stats to show the ones interested in it.
Firstly the competition stats where we dominated almost every bracket except possession and tackles.:


Although we were very attacking we still managed 54% possession coming in at 3rd for the competition.

Shots for and Against


Team Clear cut chances created:

We created 198 clear cut chances which is twice as many as the amount of goals we scored so I reckon we could have scored more goals than we did

Clear cut chances for/against.

A Clear cut chance evert 44 minutes of play to a chance against every 148 minutes. That really highlights how great this tactic is both defensively and offensively.

How we scored goals:

Mainly goals come from Through balls. Short pass combinations through the middle happens frequently and its beautiful to watch those combinations!

Player stats:
We didn't actually have the top goalscorer but we do have 2nd and 3rd place. Unfortunately Haaland had an unreal season at Man city.

Player Assists:
We had 3 players in the top 5 however, Mbappé for liverpool was sensational.

Key passes:

I have never had a player let alone a leftback contribute so many key passes 180?! its insane numbers.

Now lastly for the Data Hub stats.
General performance




Thanks for having a look at my tactic, let me know what you think in the comments or if you have any questions! :) Credit to RDF Tactics for being a great guy and truly inspiring with some of his tactical breakdowns and talks!

Download Now
Downloads: 8385 / Size: 45.1 kB / Added: 2022-01-27
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Discussion: Lohse's Invincible 4-3-3 84% win rate!

14 comments have been posted so far.

  • Bruno Pereira Iker Casillas's avatar
    This is one of the best tactic's I've ever tried. Wins against big teams in Portugal with Paços de Ferreira and it saved my awful first half of the season. Thank you for crafting this work of art.
  • Lohse123's avatar
    @heipaadei688 hello mate I appreciate the kind words! and you're absolutely right that lowering the press and tempo is a good thing when you feel comfortable to save your players a bit because the tactic is quite intensive. Well I have considered giving streaming a go where my tag is Lohselol Otherwise you can find me on twitter under the same tag. Thanks again for the support and the kind words!
  • Lohse123's avatar
    @RedArrows Thanks a lot buddy I'm glad it worked out really well for you!
  • heipaadei688's avatar
    Hello. I registered myself as a user because I must say this tactic is crazy good. I'm dominating so hard it's almost boring lol. My team wins the xG/shots on goal/pos 9/10 games. As every other pressing tactic, it really wears down the players, but I've been lowering the press and tempo when I lead comfortably. It works out fine as long as you dont play full strength 3x a week. So since ive been really satisfied with this tactic, is there any way of following your work?
  • RedArrows's avatar
    This tactic is awesome!
    back to back promotions in the lower leagues. Nice and balanced, no weird player roles and strong all round. Best tactic I have used for a while. Thank you !
    PS ( I was 6th in my first season when I switched to this tactic and won 13 of my remaining 14 games to get promotion).
  • Lohse123's avatar
    @pipius I did in the beginning but it messed up the pressing a bit. However, depending on whether you are pushing the opposition wide or you want them inside you can instruct your players to move the opposition players onto the foot which corresponds with what you want to do. E.g. if you push them outside you can instruct your players to move opposition left winger on to his left foot that'll push him wider.
  • Pipius's avatar
    Do you use any OI?
  • Lohse123's avatar
    @ilidioamado Hey mate - Glad to hear its doing well for you! I have not experienced that many differences between away games and home. However, you could try and put the HB to a DLP on defend duty instead and the BBM to a mezzala. If you're struggling for posesssion or don't have great dribblers in your squad I would take Run at the defence off and maybe take the tempo down a nudge. Alternatively you can also switch to positive mentality. I switch mentality depending on how I wanna approach the game and how many people I want forward so I typically switch the mentality a bit down as the game goes on. Mostly to positive or balanced if I'm away from home. Hope that helps otherwise let me know! :)
  • Lohse123's avatar
    @Van Mond Tactics Thanks a lot pal I really appreciate it! Hope you enjoy it!
  • Lohse123's avatar
    @RDF Tactics Thank you my man I really appreciate the support!
  • ilidioamado's avatar
    Excellent tactic, doing some wonders for me.
    Any suggestions for the away games? Still dominant, but not as much, and the other teams seem to create more chances too, even the lowers on the table.
  • RDF Tactics's avatar
    Amazing stuff Lohse! Nice work and looking forward to seeing more!
  • Van Mond - FM Content's avatar
    Fantastic presentation mate. Been following on Twitter. Will take a closer look at your tactic pal.
  • schturman's avatar
    Решил воспользоваться твоей тактикой, сыграл две встречи с равными соперниками в Премьер-Лиге Англии. Обе победы 3-0 и 4-1, красивый атакующий футбол, доминирование во владении мячом. Буду ждать встречи с лидерами, отсюда вопрос: ты меняешь настрой команды в зависимости от соперника и игр(дом, выезд), либо все матчи играешь атакующим настроем?
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