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The Lone Gunman FM14 Tactic

Want a blast from the past? then check out this revamped version of the classic CM01/02 tactic, recreated for Football Manager 2014!

By on Jun 03, 2014   22542 views   4 comments
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Downloads: 3082 / Size: 982 B / Added: 2014-06-03
FM 2014 Tactics - The Lone Gunman FM14 Tactic
The Lone Gunman 2014

Want a blast from the past? then check out this revamped version of the classic CM01/02 tactic, recreated for Football Manager 2014!

Please note, this tactic has not been tested over an entire season. It has been used in a test environment over a period of games with different clubs. It's an experimental tactic that aims to provide a break from the normal mundane formations.

The entire purpose of building this tactic is to give you the framework to be able to tweak it to suit your players. To spark some nostalgia if you remember this tactic that is well over a decade old. If you can't even remember CM01/02 then maybe you just want a new tactic that is completely different to 90% of tactics out there?

As a rough guide you are going to need a top class striker or "lonegunman" but also have lots of attacking midfield options. Another important thing to mention is your 2 wide players, in this tactic both ML/MR, they are set up as defensive wingers so you need to make sure you have players who are adequate in those positions. Quite rare in Football Manager 2014.

This might be stating the obviously but if you don't have 2 good CBs then this formation will not work out as well as you'd hope.

Chelsea, Juventus and Manchester City would be good starting teams with this tactic until you feel confident with what is possible. All have good CBs, a top striker (when Lukaku returns from loan) and players who can play the defensive winger role (sometimes wingbacks retrained to ML/MR).

All team instructions and player instructions are shown in the above video and included in the download.

If you enjoy this tactic then please consider watching the above video and subscribing to my channel.

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Downloads: 3082 / Size: 982 B / Added: 2014-06-03
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Discussion: The Lone Gunman FM14 Tactic

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • StatisticalApproach's avatar
    I'm currently using this in my Celtic save, check out some of the results for a detailed idea of how the tactic works and the results you can achieve --
  • StatisticalApproach's avatar
    Thanks for the kind words MRCWARREN. Really pleased the tactic is working well for you.
  • MRCWARREN's avatar
    Not long started using this tactic on my Liverpool save and I have to say, I can't stop chuckling when I see my team play, they pass and slice teams to death and everything is very impressive I literally watch my team in awe. Been following you on here and watching the videos to your tactics and I think you are great and can't wait to see what comes next.

    Would like you to do a video and tactic of a Possession/Tiki-Taka tactic as, in my opinion, am yet to come across one that I think is impressive.

    Thanks, back to the game now :)
  • diiv1's avatar
    Going to try this on my Southampton save :D
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