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Marius 4-3-3 Black Edition FM17 Tactics

Two tactics that support each other in the match. Possession and a little more attacking style of play. Huge testing with many teams and results still being updated. We are giving you the best two-way tactical approach to the game!

By on Jan 21, 2017   42466 views   8 comments
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Downloads: 6037 / Size: 79.0 kB / Added: 2017-01-21
Football Manager 2017 Tactics - Marius 4-3-3 Black Edition FM17 Tactics
Hello! Playing Football Manager is my passion. I played football simulations since LMA manager on Nintendo. With each new version of the game I was more "hooked".

So lets start shall we..

Welcome to the upgraded version of Marius 2017!
You will get two tactics in the download!


Attacking orientated


Possesion orientated


Team instructions

Attacking orientaded

Possesion orientated

Possession tactic will give you more control over the match. Keeping possession around 61-64% in the match.
Attacking tactic will give you more clear cut chances; more goals.
You should switch between the 2 tactics during the match depending on behavior and result.
For example, if you are playing against a weak team, start with the attacking set and when you are happy switch to possession to keep your lead.

FM17 Testing



Finished-Champions 3 titles of Portugal!

Red star Belgrade

Finished - Champions of Serbia!





As you can see, a little bit of luck was needed :)
Vice Champions of England in first season with the same points as Champions!


Finished season

Goal ratio 3-1

Cup Final game

Euro Cup Winners

German Super Cup Winners

Miles' FM playing tricks in last 3 matches


More games

Passes and interceptions

Table at the end - Champions of Germany

What is needed

1. Aggressive and hard working squad.
2. Technical players in the middle.
3. Good movement skills.
4. Watch matches on comprehensive mode so you can see when to switch tactics!


Fitness,tactical,team cohesion on high during 5-6 weeks. In that order.

During Season
1-10 in a month attacking,10-31 ball control.

Match prep, ask assistant with good tactical knowledge and scout attributes.

Individual training
Assigned roles.

Key player: right advanced playmaker. This position and role creates magic!

Golden boy two times in a row...

Using set of tactics in the match

We started with possesion orienated tactic,its a away match and tricky oponnent.
13 min 1-0 they score,but we were in control keeping the ball and I decided to be patient.
45 min 1-1 we score!
Team talk demanded more from the players and switched to more attacking sistem.
51 min we score!
60 min we score!
73 min we score!
74 min they score right back!
77 min they score again!
Reaction ,back to more disciplined possesion tactic,shout out to them to concetrate more!
Bringing in Keita on field! Telling him that I have Faith in him !
84 min Keita scores!
Game over!
What happened is that AL adjusted to my attacking set up in the second half. If I didnt change it back to more disciplined approach I would probably lose.
So watch your matches!
Be a manager!

This is one of the best tactic sets out there.

Creating this set of tactics consumed lot of time and energy. We compared stats, analysed movements. It was frustrating at times, especially when the new patch came out and messed everything up. In the end, we are very happy with the result. We created two supportive tactics that work well together in the match.

Our creating and testing took 2 months!
Every game was played by our team!
We never simulated a match on holiday!
Presentation of the tactic is one of the longest here!
Hope you will enjoy playing with it as much as we did! :)


Special offer:
If you need specific tactic made for your team contact me on [email protected] for details.


If you like our tactics and you are willing to donate, it would be highly appreciated. Tips are optional of course! Thanks in advance!

And Enjoy!

Download Now
Downloads: 6037 / Size: 79.0 kB / Added: 2017-01-21
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Discussion: Marius 4-3-3 Black Edition FM17 Tactics

8 comments have been posted so far.

  • momaoo's avatar
    Dont know you can try it :) Artrius
  • Artrius's avatar
    Whether this tactic for a weak team Concord Rangers?
  • Artrius's avatar
    Тактика подойдет для слабой команды, типа Concord Rangers?
  • ChefRobCreations's avatar
    weird, i downloaded it again and its working fine now, did have a tactic with a DLF in it
  • momaoo's avatar
    US ARSENAL Whitch one?Just loaded tactics and cant see the mystake.You get m17napad tactic its attacking version and BlackEdition17 tactic its possesion version.And its the same as in presentation.Tell me what is different I cant see it.
  • ChefRobCreations's avatar
    one of the tactics in the link is not the same as pictured
  • momaoo's avatar
    Thanks mate,the best part is that is really fun to play manager like this,it gives you the feeling that your well timed changes make difference!Much more fun than plug and play tactics!
    We are most grateful for donations ,so thanks mate!
  • celticbg's avatar
    Amazing tactics. Just tried it with Celtic FC vs Barca in CL group stage.
    Won 5-1 vs Barca. Unbelievable.

    Nice work, will donate soon!
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