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Masterminding 4-2-3-1 for FM14

The ultimate version of 4-2-3-1 inspired from the legendary World Cup Winner Marcello Lippi. Ideal for those who like this particular formation.

By on Jan 19, 2014   92635 views   6 comments
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FM 2014 Tactics - Masterminding 4-2-3-1 for FM14
Ladies and gentlemen,

I will make a tactic again inspired by Marcello Lippi. The World Cup legendary winning coach shows us everyday day the meaning of never giving up. In such age he accepted the challenge to move in China and despite the initial difficulties he managed to win the Champions League of Asia and to become the only coach who has win both Asian & European Champions League. Someone will say, that's easy for a world champion. It's not easy at all to be 65 and to move in the other side of the world when you already have won anything. It's very difficult to leave the rest of your Viareggio and to move in the wild Asia... We know how many coaches struggled in Asian football.

Lippi didn't promise any new project, any new "football revolution" because all the great coaches make actions, application. Not like Guardiola, Wenger, Ancelotti and co who base everything in their players. And when the game is over, the players deserve everything. But when something is wrong "I am covered up, I explained everything to my players, that's their blame". Lippi is not this kind of person, that's why he changed so many clubs. Zero tolerance, zero public relationship and mostly equally sharp with everybody. Even with himself, like he did after the fiasco of 2010 World Cup: "I apologize, I made many mistakes, everything is my fault. I leave immediately the National Team, I failed".

This is a lesson of life for the future Peseiros, Guardiola, Jorge Mendes, Valdano, Suster, Vilas Boas and co. These marionettes cannot understand the meaning of being a true man who speaks sharp, laconically without shaking hands and fingers in order to express his opinion. Such guys like Lippi, Sir Alex, Leo Beenhakker and co are very rare nowadays. We are fed up of spoilt neo-zionists who have as their own pedigree their religious beliefs. Who are capable of selling Messi just because they need to satisfy their bosses from Nike and Qatar foundation. Who are world class lawyers and they are willed to married a famous porn star just because they can pay her the most, especially when Laporta name is still popular.

After all, there will always be a Marcello Lippi for every Vilas Boas ...

Always World Champions are showing the way to the crowd ...

Forget Kabalah and the rest talmudic wc theories, look yourself in the mirror and think ...

Do you believe in something or no? Do you serve it or you betray it? Do you love it or not?

Marcello did in his late 60s and he is enjoying the crops of his glory. You the rest, stay with agony and worry what will happen in your life.

This tactic is the epitome of Italian football. Sharp, balanced, variable, compact, severe, elastic, flexible, aggressive, disciplined.

The FM14 tactic

In my second season with Juve, I made the best record ever in Serie A because simply I have put the bases from last season. However, I was intriguing from a new formation which I have not used yet. 4-2-3-1 gave me the motive to go forward on it. Marcello Lippi confirmed my ideas, by presenting a similar formation against Monterey and Atletico Mineiro. He won the first, but the referees wanted Ronaldinho to beat Guanghzou. So one victory-one defeat. The match against Bayern cannot count, because the difference is till the space. However, he was very competent on blocking Bayern's key players during most of the game.

I have posted plenty of images, so if you read my previous article about Marcello Lippi tactics you will understand much more.

The most interesting fact is that I humiliated Barcelona in C. League finals without victimizing football. Simply make extensive fitness and tactics training. Avoid on using this tactic immediately, consider every possible alteration.

Use players who are fast, multi positioned and balanced tactically.

"The road who leads to the glory is lonely. But it deserves the try because the end is sweet."
- Marcello Lippi on Gazzetta dello Sport in 2006 just after winning the world cup.


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Downloads: 20757 / Size: 722 B / Added: 2014-01-19
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Discussion: Masterminding 4-2-3-1 for FM14

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  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    The first job of Mourinho was Benfica !!!What are you talking about ?There is no such an over protected and over promoted coach like him .Leiria was a first division side as well .What are you talking about ?All the coaches in Italy begin their careers from youth teams under 15 ,they move till under 19 and later on they begin their "proper career" from serie D or Serie C2 .You dont have a clue about coaching in football you and many others ,forget about it .Did you read this text ?Did you see the career of Marcello Lippi in wikipedia etc ?Did you realise what means to built your career in and off the pitch for decades brick by brick ?He met Moggi in 94...In 2006 he won his biggest trophy with whole planet against him .Wake up ,lies cannot be forever .Life is tough but fair .Yes ,he deserves all of his trophies even if some of them were fixed .It wasnt his blame actually ,when somebody drives a fiat punto for decades ,he deserves to have later on his own ferrari .Especially when he worked so hard for it .
  • mantorras77's avatar
    Actually Mourinho did manage a lower club...Leiria.
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Mourinho is not in this division of coaches because he never had any real difficulties in his life .His first job was benfica and he never managed a lower league club not in FM which is an avid gamer .Thanks for all the comments that you made and be sure that soon you will see here most of my work .The most complicated issue is text compilation ,the rest are normal according to the abilities that each person has .I dont doubt for the abilities of controversial portuguese ,simply he owes his life to his mighty agent .He was about to sign in Liverpool and Zahavi alongside with Abramovic and Mendes convinced him to sign for Chelsea by paying upfront half part of his 1st season contract .His wife has sue him for continuous beating while was in Inter Milan and Elisabetta Canalis admitted later on that he had continuous part-time affair with him .Unfortunately in Portugal they are not so famous for being man enough to accept the truth .Thats why in every failure "Khedira and Ramos made silly fouls that were yellow cards"Helenio herrera and co ,never lost a derby 5-1 .But he managed to make it .So ...
  • Jat's avatar
    Hi there! I really like your tactics and the type of Managers/Coaches you replicate. I think in FM and Football in general it's to much about possession and playing in a "fun way". My favourite Manager is Fabio Capello because he is all about getting results. He don't care about what people think of him he just care about winning. He said to Ibrahimovic when he managed Juventus that no one will thank you if you score a overhead kick and your team lose the game. And that's my football philosophy. I also like coaches like Marcello Lippi, Roberto Mancini, Antonio Conte, Jose Mourinho, Helenio Herrera because they want to win. It's nice to see other tactics, not only Guardiola and high scoring possession tactics. Keep this up man! :)
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    Manage as you know,I will not teach to everybody how to play FM.Where are your abilities ?Please work harder and take a look on my previous posts.Actually nobody gives you the instructions that you demand so why you ask ?The topic has to do with presenting some specific tactic,the rest is up to you.I think that the information that I give you are more than enough.Its about coaching philosophy,if you know what is that ...
  • Acosta17's avatar
    - Training?

    - Pre-season
    - During the time

    - Main Focus
    - Level of Intensity
    - Plan

    - Training for the game?

    - Individual Training?

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