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Mike's Best Ever Training Schedules

A training schedule for every occasion. Designed to target and improve every attribute of a player whilst also improving tactic familiarity and team cohesion.

By on May 31, 2023   110164 views   5 comments
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Downloads: 37272 / Size: 3.5 MB / Added: 2023-05-31
FM 2023 Training Schedules - Mike's Best Ever Training Schedules
This is a collection of my best training schedules for Football Manager 2023. You may use just one schedule for the entire season if you like, or pick one that's more relevant to your situation.
After extensive testing and research I have come up with a new and improved all round training schedule that is perfect for those who just wish to use the one schedule week in week out.

This schedule is designed to hit every attribute as even as possible resulting in a steady attribute growth/improvement, I have also included a total of 3 recovery sessions to minimize the injury risk.

Ideally for the best results set your teams training intensity to the same set up as the screenshot shows (located in game under the rest tab).

Can also be used for your reserve and youth teams training.

Training Schedules Included

  • Season Schedule v1 - Mike's Best Ever Training Schedule v1.fmf
  • New & Improved version (recommended) - Mike's Training Schedule.fmf
  • Pre-Season Schedule - Mike's Pre-Season Training Schedule -2.fmf
  • Attacking Schedule - Mike's Attacking Training Schedule.fmf
  • Defending Schedule - Mike's Defending Training Schedule.fmf
  • Week 1 U18s Schedule - Mike's u18s Training Schedule Week 1.fmf
  • Week 2 U18s Schedule - Mike's u18s Training Schedule Week 2.fmf
  • A training schedule that is solely designed to help maximize attribute growth in your youth academies, This schedule is to be paired with the week 2 version (link below) Simple alternate the two schedules throughout the season.
    Remember in order to do this you will need to take over the responsibilities for your U18s general training.
Two Game's a week Training Schedules
  • Tue & Sat Game Day - Mike's Two Game Week Training Schedule (Tues&Sat).fmf
  • Wed & Sat Game Day - Mike's Two Game Week Training Schedule (Wed&Sat).fmf
  • Thur & Sun Game Day - Mike's Two Game Week Training Schedule (Thur&Sun).fmf
  • Well rounded simple training schedules, perfect for teams playing twice a week.


So for anyone a little unsure as to what training actually does in FM, in short it improves players attribute's, team cohesion, tactical familiarity and depending on how much time is dedicated to it individual player roles.

So what this particular schedule does is it focuses pretty much on every area I just mentioned, a completely well rounded schedule if you like.

For me personally that's the number one reason I use this and why I rate it so highly, second to that is that my players always seem to perform extremely well whilst using it, averaging around an 8 across the board with plenty of 9's, however many factors can effect a players training rating, the main one being there morale and of course the coaches used.

I personally implemented this schedule in my Everton save for the entire season and had great success using it, as I do with every iteration of the FM series. Hopefully anyone that downloads this will also have great success using it, if not at least you know every attribute is getting worked on week in week out whilst improving team cohesion and tactical familiarity.

For anyone concerned with injuries the best way to minimise them is to make sure your players training intensity (located under the rest tab on the training page) is not set to ''Double Intensity'', also make sure there individual training focus (located under the individual tab on the training page) is set to NONE.

Hiring highly rated physio's preferably with an attribute of 18 or higher in the physiotherapy department will also help minimize injuries and lastly don't be afraid to swap out the odd session every few weeks with a recovery one.

Hope this helps.


1. Go to the Schedules Tab
2. Select Schedules > Custom Schedules > Import Schedule
3. Now locate and LOAD the training file. This will be under: Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2023/Schedules
4. The Schedule will now show
5. Select Confirm
6. Hit the Save tab in the bottom right corner (VERY IMPORTANT)
7. If you followed the steps correctly you will see the newly imported schedule in your game

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 37272 / Size: 3.5 MB / Added: 2023-05-31
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Discussion: Mike's Best Ever Training Schedules

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  • sebel's avatar
    @ Mike1987 Thanks for that :)

    I assume you play often +1 match per week so do you use one of the appropriate "Two Game Week Training Schedule" or you only use your "Season Training Schedule"?

    Also, when shall we use the "Attacking and Defending Training Schedules"?
  • Mike1987's avatar
    I use the skin OPZ Elite 2023
  • michaelheslop's avatar
    Anyone know which skin this is? Thanks!
  • AngGet's avatar
    Can somebody tell me when to use Season Schedule v1 - Mike's Best Ever Training Schedule v1.fmf
    New & Improved version (recommended) - Mike's Training Schedule.fmf ?
  • erasmussen's avatar
    Great work. Thanks.
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