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Mini Scout Editor (MiniSE) for FM 2008

MiniSE is an alternative to FM Genie Scout for Football Manager 2008.

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Downloads: 131818 / Size: 245.8 kB / Added: 2007-11-24
Mini Scout Editor allows you to see in real time some hidden player information and search for players by certain criteria. You can also edit player attributes.

Mini-SE returns with v1.51 which is compatible with the latest 8.0.2 patch and with Windows XP. A feature rich version that comes in even smaller size!

This software is created by mx amster. Thank you mate! =D

Other older versions
All older versions are available from this URL.

Those versions are:
- MiniScout for FM 8.0
- MiniScout_1.0 for FM 8.0.1 First Beta Patch
- MiniScout_1.1 for FM 8.0.1 Second Beta Patch
- MiniScout_1.2 for FM 8.0
- MiniScout_1.21 for FM 8.0.1 Second Beta Patch

Requirements and Vista

IMPORTANT: You will need .Net Framework 2.0 or the application will crash.

I'm on Vista. What can I do?
If you are on Vista, try to run both Football Manager 2008 and MiniSE with administrator rights and XP compatibility enabled.

How to use MiniSE
1) Launch Football Manager 2008
2) Launch MiniSE
3) Click Load Once
4) Data automatically update, while you browse player profiles in the game


v1.51 11 April 2008
- Added No Edit Mode. If this option is active edits are not written in memory.
Search Panel
- Fixed search panel. Should now load correctly.
- Fixed club and nationality search. Only clubs/nations possessing active players/staffs are listed.
- Fixed positions/ratings not showing in custom shortlist
- Fixed positions/ratings not showing when pressing up,down keys
- Now possible to select multiple players and add them in the custom shortlist.
Attributes Panel
- Fields should now order correctly.
- Fixed person data. Now shows the correct attribute for each field.
- Fixed "Reset all" button. Now works as intended.

v1.50 1 April 2008
Search engine
- The program now creates databases, either when Mini is loaded, if auto search is on, or when the search window is opened for the first time if you disabled the auto search.
- Creating databases is two to three time faster than an old search and the search button shows the data practically instantly, but you'll have to refresh databases from time to time to keep data up to date.
- You can modify the current rating in the options menu and save your own. Attributes represent 80% of the rating and CA 20%. Right and left foot are considered as key attributes (x200).

v1.40 29 February 2008
Main Panel
- A new field inform you if the player is EU or not.
- The buttons are remplaced by a menu.
- The window bar is replaced by a custom one making the interface smaller.
- There is no more save button. The value changed is now directly saved once the field lost focus by pressing enter, tab or clicking an other field.
- There is no more Warning Popup to confirm save.
- You can Hide/Show certain fields in the options.
Attributes Panel
- You can now edit all fields.
- You can order attributes in the options to match either training or profile ingame screen.
- You can lock all attributes of the current player to compare with another player. In that case Mini shows you which attributes are higher or lower.
- Once locked you can activate the difference button thus showing the numeric difference between the two players attributes.
- The star butons permits to change all attributes, ca and pa in one clik by the values you specified.
- You can NOT edit attributes if the lock button is on.
- You can now edit the colors notes, the diferrence colors and background colors in the options.
- You can choose to desactivate the colors when locked in the options.
- You can choose to desactivate the colors when difference in the options.
Positions Panel
This new panel shows you the positions of the player and is feet.
- You can edit all positions and feet by clicking on the pictures.
- You can change all the positions in one click with the preset buttons.
- The lock button also lock positions
- You can NOT edit positions if the lock button is on.
Search Panel
- You can filter players by EU eligibility
- You can show/hide columns in the options menu
Options panel:
- The options are now saved in a config file located in the same directory as mini and named "application".config
- If the config file is missing mini will create a default one.
- The "Reset all" button reset all options to default and restart the application.

v1.30 26 November 2007
- The .exe file is now named Mini-SE_1.3.exe
- There should be no more Trojan/Virus detected by some antivirus; it was caused by the compression used
- An OutOfMemoryException on loading should be fixed

v1.30 25 November 2007
- A memory Exception Thrown on launching should be fixed
- Added Nationality column in Search Panel list view
- Added Club column in Search Panel list view
- Forward and Striker are now distinguished

v1.30 23 November 2007
- Search Panel. You can filter players by age, CA, PA and position. You can also save the list as a .slf shortlist
- Added some presets for the Attributes panel, so you can change all the attributes in one click
- Fixed shortlist bug, all players should now show correctly
- Fixed reset button not resetting

v1.20 16 November 2007
- Player, staff, and player/staff are now supported
- Value and Sale Value are converted to your game currency preference
- A MiniAttribute panel with all the player attributes listed (missing personal info)
- You can now edit and save the Main Panel values
- Tooltips, mouse over a label to see his description
- Option menu, you can set your preference for the MiniAttribute panel

v1.10 05 November 2007
- All currencies supported
- Edit mode, all fields editable

Download Now
Downloads: 131818 / Size: 245.8 kB / Added: 2007-11-24
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Discussion: Mini Scout Editor (MiniSE) for FM 2008

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  • tasra's avatar
    cant load. it says fm not found. i have XP and patch 8.0.2
  • rhintintin's avatar
    rhintintin16 years ago
    no virus found by kaspersky but when it loaded the game it crashed with a rather long error message. running vista 64, tried recommeneded steps.
  • rhintintin's avatar
    iwan_beat16 years ago
    it doesn't work
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