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Morgsthia FM23 - 2nd Country - UPDATED TO 23.4.0

An expansion for the fictional country: Morgsthia. Now the mod includes: 2 Countries, 5 Cups, 6 Leagues, 108 Clubs, 324 Kits, 5K+ People (with faces and logos)

By on Feb 02, 2023   10669 views   21 comments
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Downloads: 697 / Size: 218.1 MB / Added: 2023-02-02
FM 2023 Fantasy Scenarios - Morgsthia FM23 - 2nd Country - UPDATED TO 23.4.0

This is an update to the FM23 version of this fictional database.

DB is now updated to 23.4.0 Version of the Game

First of all, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to update this sooner. I needed a time off from Football Manager. And I kinda still do, I just returned to update this for everyone that wants to play with it.

- Database is now compatible with 23.4.0 Version of the game.
- With the new version, ID of everything has changed, so you'll need to reload theme after installing it.
- For some reason, now the game won't let you pick a start date in the beginning, it is displayed as grayed-out. But I tested it and it's working fine. It starts out in June, 2022. For the moment, I have no idea why it happened and how to fix it.
- If you haven't touched the graphics folder before, (meaning; you haven't changed the names of the files etc.), I prepared a zip file that only replaces config files, so you won't have to download everything again. This zip file also includes the new updated DB.
Download DB & Configs Here:

Download Now
Downloads: 697 / Size: 218.1 MB / Added: 2023-02-02
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Discussion: Morgsthia FM23 - 2nd Country - UPDATED TO 23.4.0

21 comments have been posted so far.

  • OpinioNayted's avatar
    Hi! I love this database but didn't get to really play it much due to how late into FM23 I found it. Do you know when it will be available in FM 24?

    Also keep up the good work, I love Freigh. One suggestion i have is some players should probably have higher wages and more position versatility, and Freigh got stuck with its UECL selection for the whole first season which was incredibly strenuous, other than that I would say it is probably the best Fantasy DB in FM.
  • AmazinJ11's avatar
    seems to be an issue downloading the graphics, keeps saying can't copy file, tried downloading again and still doesn't work.
  • bryanq4's avatar
    Problem is solved now, had not updated fm 23 itself properly so files were still conflicting.
  • bryanq4's avatar
    I think im having a similar problem to @Deepanshu Chauhan but i have downloaded just the new database and selected just that one before entering a new save.
  • bryanq4's avatar
    Hello, i played the old database with just morgsthia and really loved it, i did edit a couple things myself but still really enjoyed what you did with the database. I saw this new update and was very exited to try it, however when i start a new save, exit the save, and try to load back in the "save game unable to load" error comes up. I have not touched the database in the pre game editor this time so im unsure why it is not working. your help would be appreciated, thanks.
  • Deepanshu Chauhan's avatar
    Thank you so much for the update and reply I run the game again and it started working but now my graphics are not loaded (logo and kit) but face pack is working properly loaded.
  • Ozbay's avatar
    @Deepanshu Chauhan

    It is most likely caused by version mismatch. I'm guessing you started your save in an earlier version of the game but the game has been updated now, and the save doesn't work anymore with the new version.

    I have updated the DB, now it is compatible with the latest version of the game. You'll need to start a new save using that one. And I'm afraid your last save is gone.


    Sorry for the late response. I re-uploaded everything, it should be working fine now. Sometimes an unstable internet connection can cause zip to get damaged while you're downloading it.


    Mesaj olarak konuşmuştuk ama yeri gelmişken yeniden yazayım. Palgavia oynanabilir bir ülke değil. Milli takım olarak oyunda var ama başlangıçta seçilebilir bir ülke şeklinde ayarlanmadı.


    Thanks mate. And sorry for the late response. This DB already takes a lot of time, and I don't think I'll be doing that sort of thing right now mate, sorry.
  • Deepanshu Chauhan's avatar
    save file not loaded problem is there even when I reinstalled the game and run new game. please update me how to overcome this .
  • Deepanshu Chauhan's avatar
    check the problem why save files are not load when playing with this league
  • Deepanshu Chauhan's avatar
    I played it and I really loved I was waiting for something like this only but there is one BIG PROBLEM that once you start playing it and save it after that when you reopen it it shows save cannot be loaded and i tried it many times when by just selecting this particular league without any other addons but still new save are not loaded please repair the problem
  • Ninja777's avatar
    There seems to be some kind of error when unzipping. Also will this be updated to the new database?
  • Ersan1545's avatar
    Palgavia görünmüyor kanka
  • FreddyG's avatar
    Amazing job Ozbay!

    Have you ever considered creating a Scandinavian Super League? A league on top of the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian league - perhaps Icelandic and Finnish as well. One to rival the bigger leagues of the world.
  • budtzen's avatar
    Bro bro bro... I played the first verision of it and have had loads of fun with the concept, being from Denmark and as a scandinavian makes it also feel some kind of close to home, especially with the names of the different comps and cups. But to have THIS detailed, a editor data and the whole concept of it, i want to really clarify how much i aprreciate your work, and how flabbergasted i am by the sheer amount of work u must have had to put in to make this possible(both inside of the editor, but certainly also outside of the editor, with making a fake caountry and making the back story and so on. Sorry my english isnt the greatest, i dont have any questions or anything. I just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy this, and not in a like, "oh this i s cool" and i continuem y day, but this is some of the most impressive and fun i have seen someone use the editor, besides maybe like Themadscientist retro databases or something like that. Please keep doing it, unless u ofc dont want to, but damn, i cant stress enough how much i love this idea
  • BartySo's avatar
    It sounds like something beyond my editing skills to create two playable nations on different continents, sharing a same league, I'm not sure if it would even be possible if anyone try.

    I was thinking about the same you did with using Kazakhstan once again as a place for that east side of map, just you know in identical way you did now, but only with different league rules instead of that 16, 18 or 20 teams in league making one bigger with 30-32 teams just split into in two groups/conferences, and maybe creating some feeder league/leagues below. The only difference would be that in MLS there ain't relegations but here you could make it that the lowest ranked one-two teams from each group/conference would be relegated and some teams would qualify from the lower tier in their place.
  • Ozbay's avatar
    @tomlwd Thank you for the kind words. Okay, I'm guessing you're already familiar with the Newgan mod. Once you export the player list into an rtf file, open it with wordpad. Press CTRL+H on your keyboard, a window will popup. Using that, you need to change "MOR" with some scandinavian country, I used Norway. So to do that, make sure you check the "Match Capital Letters" option. Change all "MOR" texts with "NOR". And in the next step you gotta do it for Palgavia too. Change all "PAL" texts with "FIN" (finland). If you're not used to doing stuff like these, don't be intimidated by it, doing this shouldn't take more than 5 seconds. And after that, you just save and close the file. And proceed with the face generation on newgan manager.

    @BartySo Thank you, I'm really flattered, but I don't think I'm talented at all, these are all simple stuff anyone can do if bury enough time in it. It sounds interesting, but I probably won't be doing that, sorry. It sounds like something beyond my editing skills to create two playable nations on different continents, sharing a same league, I'm not sure if it would even be possible if anyone try.

    Another thing is, I think there are still things to do with my own project and it is already really time consuming. Though, I know it is not the same, but I do plan to bring imaginary extensions of different nations into the kingdom as well. When I started doing Palgavia, I was thinking of making it a small Turkic country, sounded like an interesting idea. But then I realized that, I haven't really did anything to represent the Finnish part of Scandinavia, so the country changed direction. I probably did a very lousy job about turning into something of Finnish descent, but I guess it's the thought what's counted, this time.

    I'm not sure when, and I'm not sure if it will be any time soon, but there are a couple of ideas on my mind. And doing a small Turkic country is one of them, and since you talked about Siberia, we also got a small autonomous Turkic country in Siberia as well (named Altai Republic), maybe I can combine those.
  • BartySo's avatar
    Wonderful piece of work! Congrats!

    But this actually made me thinking what if someone talented in many aspects as you, would turn now banned Russia, into some not-banned fictional country, maybe even splitting it that european part would be country A, and that from Siberia to east would be country B with own national team.
    They can have one league but with MLS-style league system?
    Just think about it! Or just for next project don't limit yourself to 'small land'.

    I think perfect thing would be to place league reputation on places like 9-13, maybe even 14.
    And for national team I would make sure they are at best team which is capable to play at world cup but going out of group stage would be already a success. Then the whole "build" a nation save would be wonderful, as well as trying to bring league into top 5 or at least 6-7 to make sure that champion automatically qualifies to Champions League group stage.
  • tomlwd's avatar
    Incredible work, this is exactly what the fm community is for!

    Just curious on how you used Newgan on this players as i want to keep using it when regens start to come in.
  • tomlwd's avatar
    Incredible work, this is exactly what the fm community is for!

    Just curious on how you used Newgan on this players as i want to keep using it when regens start to come in.
  • Ozbay's avatar
    @Jabbos81 Hi, thanks for your feedback. Morgsthia is strong but Palgavia part is weak, the best player from Palgavia should be around 120 CA. And for Morgsthia I lowered every players' abilities up to 30 points than from the last time. So, they're not actually world powers.

    And as for the backroom-staff, yes you're right, they are godlike. That's really because of a personal preference. When I play the game I find it really hard to find staff members that are good, and it really annoys me. And you can't bring out your clubs' potential unless you have good staff. Bur I'll consider giving a touch to that in the future.
  • Jabbos81's avatar
    Hello, first of all say that the idea is great
    The whole system of leagues is very good and the creation of logos, player faces, team kits and given names, give it a good immersion and an interesting touch.

    But I have found, at least for me, important drawbacks:
    The players and the two nations are world powers...we are talking about the best of the best, and that in my view breaks the game and loses all the fun. It would be much better if the level was much lower in terms of the quality of the players and the potential they can achieve.
    And that's not all, the employees of the clubs are all Actual Quality and Potential Quality 200 and 200, they are all clones. People are different, with the good and the bad.

    How is it possible that you gave 20 to everything? including their specialty and mental, and giving 1 to values ​​you didn't want to make sure they were all rotissimo employees.

    If you did something more realistic, equating the made-up country to a level like its neighbors Iceland and allowing someone to do a Nation Development Challenge and take Morgsthia and Palgavia to another level.
    But they are all the characters created god level and that breaks the fun of the game and the difficulty, making the game boring
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