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San Matteo - Dawn of a New Nation - FM18

This is a playable replacement nation for Luxembourg that slowly builds into a major European force. Database for FM 2018.

By on Aug 27, 2018   9592 views   7 comments
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Downloads: 486 / Size: 245.0 kB / Added: 2018-08-27
FM 2018 Fantasy Scenarios - San Matteo - Dawn of a New Nation - FM18
After Luxembourg's mass territorial gains via a war for dominance in early to mid 2014, they decided to rename themselves San Matteo, and along with the new name came a new football league. Unfortunately, due to large civilian losses, there are very few footballers about, but that will be replenished soon.

There are 6 divisions and 3 national cup competitions.

- The San Matteo Premier League, offering 16 clubs monumental riches and chances to carve their way to European Glory.
- The San Matteo Altro League, where 12 sizeable but less rich teams vye for a shot at the big time.
- The San Matteo Challenge League, consisting of 20 competent clubs fighting over two promotion spots.
- The Development League, for 8 small semi-professional teams at the bottom of the professional tier.
- The National League, consisting of 24 amateur and part-timer clubs.
- The San Matteo Basic League, for Premier and Altro clubs to put their national players through their paces in the reserves.

- The San Matteo Cup is a simple 16 team FA cup for premier league teams, the winner gaining access to Europe.
- The Copa San Matteo, comprised of the teams from every other league.
- La Copa Forze, where every team in the country has a shot at the title.

All comments and feedback are greatly appreciated.

San Matteo - FM18 Preview

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 486 / Size: 245.0 kB / Added: 2018-08-27
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Discussion: San Matteo - Dawn of a New Nation - FM18

7 comments have been posted so far.

  • mattyb48's avatar
    Surprise news! This is now updated and available for FM20 here
  • Shubham_pawar's avatar
    When you click the Direct download link,it takes you to mega download page but then it asks for decryption key which I have not got.
    If you've got the key please post it into the comments
  • combenc's avatar
    I went for San Matteo City, won the league by 1 point in the first season, second season won by 17 points, and got the Europa League after finishing third in my CL group. Struggling a bit in the 3rd season but just top after 14 games, topped my CL group though, beat PSG home and away too.
    As I say, great fun :)
  • mattyb48's avatar
    is that for FMM? I will look around for one but I'm not familiar with the mobile version so don't know how to get it
  • mattyb48's avatar
    Thank you very much for the feedback! Which team did you go for?
    Yes this is something I've noted, and yeah it hampers the club's ability to surpass the champions league QF stages for several more years than I'd like. It's largely down to the freefall in the League's reputation due to some of the AI not being able to utilise their budget. I will toy around with adding in some additional revenue streams to see what effect it has!
  • combenc's avatar
    I've really enjoyed this, I'm in the third season and the progression seems decent. I have noticed though that the price money has reduced from £5m for a win to £4.2m and £75m for the winner rather than £90m.
    Obviously to get to a point where you can compete against the EPL that needs to stay high.
    Really fun though, good work.
  • Shubham_pawar's avatar
    whats the decryption key mate, it's asking me the decryption key
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