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Newgen AI Facepack 2023

More than 25,000 AI generated faces for your newgen players in Football Manager. To use with the NewGAN Manager tool.

By on Jun 30, 2023   18 comments
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Size: 835.0 MB / Added: 2023-06-30
Football Manager 2024 Facepacks - Newgen AI Facepack 2023
AI generated player and staff facepack for Newgen players and staff within the Football Manager games.

Midjourney V5/5.1 NewGAN AI Pack.

Image size is 250x250.

This facepack is compatible with the NewGAN Manager tool.

Download the Facepacks

There are currently 5 packs available, containing more than 25,000 faces in total.

AI Facepack Samples


Created by Rob Terrace using Midjourney. On twitter: @rmt_1982

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Downloads: 17380 / Size: 835.0 MB / Added: 2023-06-30
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Discussion: Newgen AI Facepack 2023

18 comments have been posted so far.

  • robokun's avatar
    Anyone got new links for this pack?
  • 0044's avatar
    Hi I've played FM for years but never done anything like this and I've hit a problem, so I've followed the tutorial Zeo posted and everything was great till I got to the NewGan Manager and "Replace Faces" now I get Folder italmed is missing in the image directory, any ideas why?

  • Helge1616's avatar
    First click on 1players info, ctrl+a = all players wait a sec for it to load and then ctrl +p... Should not be harder than that. Gl
  • haydenreed's avatar
    Hey guys - looks like a great pack. Unfortunately I am having an issue where selecting all the newgens to create the document with their info is only giving me about 100 players - leaving all of the others with the basic SI faces. Any idea how to ensure that hitting ctrl+p takes all of the players data?
  • Zeo's avatar
  • Zeo's avatar
    A link to the installation guide would be a bare minimum right?
  • Euroguy's avatar
    Trying again.. How do use it??
  • Jayfe's avatar
    Do the folders work the same as a regular facepack? I.E. I put all the files into one folder?
  • KorlOne_'s avatar
    Thanks ! Great pack! Sports Interactive should get the rights and use them in the game...
  • Euroguy's avatar
    How to use it? There's no guide..
  • postcode's avatar
    @joemcf09 - The staff need to be added manually, at this point there is no way of using NEWGAN for that.
  • Stam's avatar
    @Jamie Aubrey: The megapack contains around 8,800 faces, so if you want to get all 25,000 you need to get all packs.
  • joemcf09's avatar
    Does the pictures of the staff need to be added manually or can you use the newgan manager program to do it? I can't for the life of me figure out how to implement the staff faces to regen staff. The player faces are easy to do but I haven't been able to figure it out. If anyone knows how, I would appreciate the help!
  • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
    Is the megapack all faces or do I salon need the April/May/June as they are updates ?
  • TheNotorious24's avatar
    How do we add this into the game please? Extract it to a file?
  • postcode's avatar
    Yeah, it can be used together with FMUGens, We've worked together, and all of them will be compatible.
  • tubuus's avatar
    Can I use it together with FMUGens?
  • Fwied's avatar
    Thanks for your hardwork
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