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OPZ Elite 2020 v.20.6.4 + **** Final in Final !!! :P


By Updated on Oct 07, 2020   490205 views   450 comments
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Downloads: 159039 / Size: 33.0 MB / Added: 2019-11-19
Football Manager 2020 Skins - OPZ Elite 2020 v.20.6.4 + **** Final in Final !!! :P
Special Thanks

- Wannachup skin
- michaeltmurrayuk
- GZskin
- TCS'19
- Heffem
- Teal Twenty
- SSD Gold
- Wozzie Tad & Teal Twenty


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Facepack : (update 28/04/2020 )

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- added hidden stats in profile staff and human [original and mini]

- new graphics game processing
- bug icon sidebar / teamtalk

Delete old version befor install new version.

Supported resolutions

I'm not a programmer , I'm a gamer

I can't fix the problem for everyone.

But some problems may be resolved faster. If you include the image in question.

Thanks to Stam and everyone for supporting me.

Finally, thank you ,Randall Boese / Kitti Ekthanapakdee / Michał Olszak / Willem-Alexander / Heylen Kevin Cornelius for donations.

New Donations << Eike Thellmann >>

Download Now
Downloads: 159039 / Size: 33.0 MB / Added: 2019-11-19
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Discussion: OPZ Elite 2020 v.20.6.4 + **** Final in Final !!! :P

450 comments have been posted so far.

  • r2d2's avatar
    last days everythings is very slow. playin fm20 version acourding to game status 20,4,4-144241 (v2040)
    with spz 20.6.4
  • r2d2's avatar
    is it possible to go from pic 1 to pic 2?
    (2 is from flut skin)

    also in instant result man of the match is in red. possible to change to for exemple green?
  • vzuh's avatar
    just wondering is there anyway to change the stat numbers Colors on players? when i open there profiles its very hard to read for me. just back to green & yellow would do or easier colors for me to see
  • ferrenberg's avatar
    I need this on fm21 so bad
  •'s avatar
    Does this work on FM21?
  • ElBourpi's avatar
    Is it possible to see the others clubs's finances ?
  • leverkuhn's avatar
    Thank you very much. How can I change the player attributes polygon to show the former one (grey version), which is much better? Thank you.

    @Raj Boruah Preferences, untick 'use cache' and reload.
  • DJChrisDelaney's avatar
    Cant download it.
    Any help please?
  • IceLancer's avatar
    @OPZ i have problem with two players not showing attributes in tooltip.
    kylian mbappe and ferland mendy. I tried other skins and they show properly?

    ok problem seems to have corrected it self after game restart..weird bug
  • Luke_Shaw's avatar
    Hello @OPZ:
    how can i change this: when a player shots a goal or get a yellow/red card.
    this Info Screen comes above left... HOW can i change that to at the bottom in the middle
    Thanks sooooooo much for help, because this is the last thing, i wish to change.

    Great Skin !
  • Raj Boruah's avatar
    can't see the HIDDEN ATTRIBUTES in the Original OPZ Skin
  • donpablo's avatar
    From which folder do I take the picture to put it in this space?
  • OPZ's avatar
  • marcus210uk's avatar
    Custom player faces not showing. Working in fm19 but not fm20 v.20.6.4.
    Anything different between fm19 and fm20?
  • omzy88's avatar
    Hello OPZ, I use the in-game editor and I can't seem to find a way to change the nationality of a player (Not add other nationality).

    With the default fm skin I just had to press "start editing" and then click on the nationality (on the overview tab) and change it. Could you please tell me if there is a similar way using your skin?

    Thank you very much in advance.
  • OPZ's avatar
    Raj Boruah
    mini for people using small screens (low resulution)

    Yes copy both folder
  • Raj Boruah's avatar
    OPZ what's the difference between Original and Mini? Do we need to Copy and Paste both the FOLDERS to Skins Folder?
  • OPZ's avatar
    @Sazzy When installing, Did you install both of them? (original and mini)
  • Sazzy's avatar
    mini not working for me, freezes after I select the skin. MacBook Air.
  • gico86's avatar
    SO I guess meganz isn't working here :(
  • OPZ's avatar
    In the past, many people wanted to have a pics on the tactics.


    The link is still good.
  • gico86's avatar
    I believe the link is not working
  • dolong2110's avatar
    @OPZ what is buy in-game can you explain it I am a newbie. I am so appreciated for that
  • dolong2110's avatar
    @OPZ what is buy in-game can you explain it I am a newbie. I am so appreciated for that
  • YAMS's avatar
    CA/PA staff profile - Yep OPZ, looks good to me. I'd use it for sure.

    Can I ask if there is away to remove the player profile pics from the tactics/selection screens please. I'd rather have just the shirts.

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