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OPZ Elite 2020 v.20.6.1 +


By Updated on May 29, 2020   211321 views   343 comments
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Downloads: 68527 / Size: 33.0 MB / Added: 2019-11-19
Football Manager 2020 Skins - OPZ Elite 2020 v.20.6.1 +
Special Thanks

- Wannachup skin
- michaeltmurrayuk
- GZskin
- TCS'19
- Heffem
- Teal Twenty
- SSD Gold
- Wozzie Tad & Teal Twenty


My Blog

Facepack : (update 28/04/2020 )

FB :

PayPal Donation :


- update player overview Link

- fixed additional attributes (CA PA) blank when restart.

- fixed attributes blank when reload skins.

- added mini version for low resolution

- fixed other boxes and buttons

Delete old version befor install new version.

Supported resolutions

I'm not a programmer , I'm a gamer

I can't fix the problem for everyone.

But some problems may be resolved faster. If you include the image in question.

Thanks to Stam and everyone for supporting me.

Finally, thank you ,Randall Boese / Kitti Ekthanapakdee / Michał Olszak for donations.

New Donations << Kevin Cornelius >>

Download Now
Downloads: 68527 / Size: 33.0 MB / Added: 2019-11-19
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Discussion: OPZ Elite 2020 v.20.6.1 +

343 comments have been posted so far.

  • OPZ's avatar

    You must have OPZ Elite 2020 original in folder skins
  • Nous's avatar
    When I load the mini skin I get [img][img][/img][/img]
  • ilhamakbar_98's avatar
    Thank you!!! Love this skin
  • Mr Hough83's avatar
    Really like this skin the only issue i have is i like the Attribute Analysis Hexagon, It's abit dark for me would it be possible to get it as natural colours bad for red and green for good, I think that would be perfect if its possible.

    Thank you.
  • tydomo's avatar
    Hi just downloaded this but showing no star ability on players? also now showing players interested in transfer correctly?
  • Derick Minhard's avatar
    YES!!!Finally i've got the best skin for 1366*768 resolution.This skin is absolutely gorgeous..THANK YOU SO MUCH OPZ!!! May God Bless You.
  • Si49's avatar
    Absolutely gorgeous skin OPZ, the best for FM20 imo.
  • OPZ's avatar
    @ramj Have you bought In-game Editor ?
  • ramj's avatar
    Still can't see PA and all the hidden mental attributes!!!!
    any help?
  • OPZ's avatar
    I don't know how it happened.
    My antivirus It does not warn of both Win10 Security and nod32
  • jamesrobbo96's avatar
    @opz says there is a trojan horse
  • OPZ's avatar
    @Pricergerrard @titi.meister

    screenshot please.
  • Pricergerrard's avatar
    Im getting an error when downloading that it contains a virus
  • titi.meister's avatar
    Hello! First of all thank you for this amazing work. I downloaded the latest version and i can't find CA/PA or mental attributes in attributes tab? How i can see them? Right now i have preferred foot, personality, media description etc.
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    - added attributes boxes

    nope for me
  • ChampionshipManager01-02's avatar
    Amazing skin no problems for me at all. Just one minor detail is there a way to change the colour when you click highlight key attributes on a player? Thanks again brilliant skin.
  • OPZ's avatar
    @Leon_fogo Buy In-game Editor
  • Leon_fogo's avatar
    Hello friends, I'm from Brazil, I'm new to this forum. I think OPZ is the best skin! I've been using it since last year. I downloaded the latest version: 20.6.0, but I have a bug. I can't see the obscure attributes of the game, here only CA and RCA appear, all others appear with (-). How do I see these attributes? The rest of the skin works well for me. Congratulations on the work!
  • OPZ's avatar
    @Salmang16 click on attributes
  • OPZ's avatar
  • OPZ's avatar
    @bluemoon78 can't do it , colour prefer positions will show only one ,
    my skin will show normal att.
    flut will show boxes att. and not show on normal att.
  • Salmang16's avatar

    OPZ : Please help.. I cant see any player attributes
  • bluemoon78's avatar
    yes of course QPZ but what happen other questions???
  • OPZ's avatar
    change colour prefer positions in attributes boxes right?
  • bluemoon78's avatar
    because İ like light skin so background is white, light.. now, can u answer my questions ?? can we do??

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