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Overpowered 4-3-3 Tested in League One / Championship

Universally Competent 4-3-3, tested with Peterborough in League One and Championship. Regularly dominating sides. Finishing top of League One, P46 W36 D6 L4 GD62 P114

By on Nov 23, 2020   33196 views   9 comments
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Downloads: 3776 / Size: 46.0 kB / Added: 2020-11-23
Football Manager 2021 Tactics - Overpowered 4-3-3 Tested in League One / Championship
A hugely overpowered 4-3-3. Dominating League One with ease and currently doing the same in the Championship with a few average signings.

Purchase players to suit the roles. The half-back is the most important player in the team and is responsible for the defensive strength of the team only conceding 28 goals in a 46 game League One season. The Inside Forward and will provide as many goals as the lone striker provided they are of a good quality. Advised to switch to positive in games you expect to win. If you are struggling to break down the opposition, you can add 'Be More Expressive/Pass Into Space and switch to an Attacking mentality.

Most of the tactics you see uploaded have only been tested with strong Premier League teams, so you can be confident that this tactic will serve you well in the lower leagues.

This is my first ever tactic upload, hopefully this provides enough information!

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Downloads: 3776 / Size: 46.0 kB / Added: 2020-11-23
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Discussion: Overpowered 4-3-3 Tested in League One / Championship

9 comments have been posted so far.

  • Acarith's avatar
    This tactic brought me out of a huge slump as Salford, 5 wins in 14 games. It works a treat but I recommend turning off offside trap and get stuck in, personally I conceded way less after doing so. Get stuck in can be kept on if you have good squad depth but I had constant red cards and it was hurting my team a lot. Offside trap was leading to a lot of goals from players getting behind my CD and it was probably cause they aren't skilled enough to play with Offside Trap, depending on your team you might wanna turn off those two, otherwise the tactic does wonders. Good job!
  • osekaar's avatar
    this tactic is awesome. playing with barrow atm, countered my way through L2, didnt have fun playing so carful. Found this badboy, made some moneyball free transfer signings. after 23 games played im 3rd in the league 22games 49pts. Awesome. speed is key!
  • Dazzer1892's avatar
    So far for me I've P28 W22 D3 L3, two of them loses came against the same team who were favourites to go up
  • DiabyDoesGallas's avatar

    Second save using/testing this tactic with Oldham in League 2.

    1st position in the table currently.
    P30 W21 D7 L2 GD45

    Only 13 goals conceded, the half back is still the most important player in this tactic. You'll notice he plays as a centre back, defensive midfielder and all round ball winner, absolutely vital to reducing goal scoring opportunities for the opposition and leading the way when pressing to retrieve the ball.

    My Oldham team was predicted 22nd and we are currently top. Most games I have adapted the tactic to start with an ATTACKING mentality, and I've allowed the fullbacks to OVERLAP, as I noticed that when caught on the counter the half back drops back causing the centre backs to sit wider and almost cover for the full backs.

    Finally you can utilise the instructions to be more expressive/pass into space if struggling to break down the opposition.
  • Dazzer1892's avatar
    I've downloaded this tactic and used it in the Italian 3rd division I finished 13th last season so not the best team overall but since I changed to this tactic I've played 9 won 9 and I'm 2nd favourites to go up
  • DiabyDoesGallas's avatar
    Continued to use this tactic, achieving second place in the Championship and therefore getting promoted. I am now testing this tactic with Oldham in League two, media predict I will finish 22nd. 4th in the table after 20 games, unbeaten, few too many draws, should've gone more attacking in a few of those games.

    If you follow the instructions I set out, buying/loaning players for the specific roles this tactic will serve you well. It isn't perfect and needs slight tweaking depending on the strength of your team. My advice would be to play attacking and overlap the fullbacks if you aren't scoring.

    Proven to work in L2, L1 and the Championship!

    Turkey you need to follow the instructions I set out, make sure you aren't playing your centre backs up front and your keepers on the wing ;-)
  • TheTurkey's avatar
    P8 W0 D3 L 5 GF3 GA11

    After a 0-0 home draw with Luton Town I have decided that this is a poor tactic that shows no signs of getting better.

    It's dull and boring to watch in the engine, it creates very few chances and gives away lots.

    I see you had success congrats, but this is not the all conquering formation you claim.
  • TheTurkey's avatar
    Please don't claim this is 'universal' or 'overpowered'. It is not, not at all. I will continue to test but I probably wont be in the job much longer.
  • Harry Green's avatar
    Awesome. I got promoted twice in a row with Havant using my own tactics, but was struggling to survive in league 2, hovering a point above the relegation zone. Really wanted to survive and build the team further so tried this out. Won the next 3 games. Regularly beating teams at the top. Now 12th. Probably the weakest team in the league. Also really easy to adapt the team to. Will probably go back to my own strategy at some point but this is a great little boost when you need it.
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