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Ultimate Realistic Regen Facepack v4 (Bronze Pack)

A pack of 60 3D photo-realistic CGI faces by cypher that you can use for your favourite regens in Football Manager.

By Updated on Mar 23, 2021   14 comments
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Size: 86.6 MB / Added: 2020-12-22
Football Manager 2024 Facepacks - Ultimate Realistic Regen Facepack v4 (Bronze Pack)
I don't know if this applies to you also, but it just pains me to see my best regens with one of those FM in-game faces.

It took me months to create the ultimate pack, 4 Months 16 days to be exact, and don't think I didn't enjoy every single minute of it.

I have put some personality into these faces to give you an idea of what kind of player the regen is.

Now every time there is a new regen, you can actually look forward to how they look.

March Update:
I put out a face pack of 100 faces every month, and this month's pack is special and has a few extra faces so I decided to share some of them for free. I try my best to add a lot of variety to my work, if you go through some of my previous and current work, you will see that I have included gingers, albinos, multiple races, and for this month, I have added a face with acrofacial vitiligo.

Regen Faces Preview

Here is how some of the faces look.


First ensure that "Show sceen IDs in the Title Bar to assist skinning" is ticked by going to Football Manager, Preferences > Interface

1.) Find the face you want in the pack.
2.) Find and note the Unique ID of the player you want to have their face replaced.
3.) Put the face in the "graphics" folder in your FM directory.
4.) Rename it the same as your Unique ID.
5.) Run fmXML.
6.) Reload skin in-game.
7.) Enjoy.

I've got plenty of faces!!
To download the Diamond & Platinum packs, get new faces monthly and to be able to auto-assign faces to regens you can visit my Patreon page

Enjoy and I hope you like it.

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Downloads: 20747 / Size: 86.6 MB / Added: 2020-12-22
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Discussion: Ultimate Realistic Regen Facepack v4 (Bronze Pack)

14 comments have been posted so far.

  • shenzhu's avatar
    Do the face get old when the player get older or is it static ??
  • LLovely's avatar
    If people are wanting regen faces. Google --> NewGAN Facepack v2.2
  • GfxJG's avatar
    If one was to go and pay for the Platinum pack on your Patreon, 2 questions:

    1.) Are they all the same high quality as this? Something that bothered me about, for example, ChilledMoose's facepack, was the massive difference in quality from the old stuff to the new stuff.

    2.) Are the 14.000 faces all bundles together in one folder? I use a tool to auto-assign faces to regens based on ethnicity, would I have to sort that myself?
  • Joacotreb's avatar
    Amazing work! Does it works in FM20? cheers
  • Zastinlord's avatar
    Is there a video tutorial for it, I can't get it to work @@
  • You de Mané's avatar
    Does this work for regens? As in regens later in the game. I have yet to find where regen images are stored.
  • You de Mané's avatar
    Too feminine? People will see what they want to see, I suppose.
  • NolifeAddict's avatar
    @cypherthexii Thank you very much, works perfectly now.
  • cypherthexiii's avatar
    @NolifeAddict, under Action select "make config.xml" , and under Object select "faces" then tick "all filenames are IDs".

    Make sure you set the directory path to where you saved the renamed faces. If you already have a config file in that folder you can delete it or just replace it. Then move the folder to your SI graphics folder and continue with the next steps in the list above.
  • NolifeAddict's avatar
    i'm new to this, when i've done the first 4 steps and i run fm XML , do i have to browse something ? make config ? translate file ?
  • 4Ramos's avatar
    @cypher i like this Facepack awesome work from you :)
    But for me it‘s a bit to feminine maybe you can change that and make some new Faces :)
    Perhaps you can give them a Jersey too, than it would be perfect:)
  • Benjamineyriey's avatar
    Amazing effort. Could do with the players wearing some kind of jersey though, as daft as that sounds. You don't really get a 'Football Manager' vibe from them.
  • Greentrunk's avatar
    Great work, but they are way too feminine faces for me. Great if FM entered the LGB&Q market
  • Ice30's avatar
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