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Red Bull Abrantes - FM20 Challenge

Abrantes is a city chosen by Red Bull Portugal for its new franchising. Original idea by: kojuropp

By on Jun 28, 2020   8428 views   4 comments
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Downloads: 383 / Size: 18.3 kB / Added: 2020-06-28
Évora, Ponta Delgada, and now, Abrantes is a city chosen by Red Bull Portugal for its new franchising.

In this mod you can command the RB Abrantes by the Santarem First Division from birth, starting with this team from santarem, buy new players, new scouts or doctors only 8M for transfers and to try to do the best in a short time in the three teams of the club, value much smaller than for example Leipzig or Red Bull Bragantino began.

Why Abrantes?

Abrantes because there are no professional clubs in Medio Tejo two teams Abrantes FC And UD Abrantina all fallen because of big santarem teams playing with them and they are now dissolved because of this.due of this the president of abrantes blamed the teams for falling all the promises that teams have made and now they disowned the teams because of fallen games,the only team who almost took the chances to mid table liga vitalis is abrantes fc,they almost qualify for promotion play-offs but they failed because of slips things, Red Bull is well-known for its focus and development and in Abrantes it will be no different with two teams from the younger, under-19 and under-23 levels and with excellent conditions for youngsters.,they are trying to similar what benfica and rb leipzig does

The Red Bull Abrantes will thus start in the Santarem First Division and they are right now to replacing the Sport Abrantes e Benfica

they not gonna remove the history of Sport Abrantes e Benfica due to what salzburg does to austria salzburg and they decide to keep history because of fear what salzburg does

As for finances RB Abrantes are in a comfortable position due to sponsorship, with 8M available for transfers.

RB Abrantes as usual will play in their Abrantes Arena In 2022, stadium with capacity for 45,000 people and that will be ready in May 2022. For now you will only play in your old stadium municipal de abrantes with capacity for 1,000 people

So why they chosen abrantes as city instead of tomar

because Abrantes is beaufiul city with having palha de abrantes,having good parties,i used to study in escola de manuel fernandes for 8 years by now,i always go to abrantes on shopping,walking in minete,i like tomar but i dont want to ruin uniao de tomar history by make into RB Tomar,and dont have a good team from medio tejo,the only santarem team that went to primeira liga is Uniao de tomar,they are better team that all abrantes teams because of good seasons in primeira liga

so when Red bull portugal buy abrantes team what everyone would react when RB portugal buy Sport Abrantes e Benfica would everyone hates them like they did with RB Leipzig in germany

As long i will tell you guys sadly yes,uniao de tomar fans will hate them because of people will have a very good team in abrantes but benfica,porto and braga fans will hate even more because they are gonna try to steal uniao de tomar and boavista histories and discriminal them because of abrantes will buy the league like PSG And Man City Does and they will call them RB Leipzig Of Portugal

the only teams will make respect for RB Abrantes are sporting fans,v guimaraes fans,U Santarem fans and U almeirim fans because sporitng and v guimaraes fans dont mind to having santarem team challenge porto,braga and benfica for the title and having santarem team in europe,U santarem and u almeirim like them only as friends,

will only youtubers like doctor benjy,loki,romaFM and Seals will playing RB Abrantes save right

doctor benjy IDK;romaFM dont interset to make RB Abrantes save as will make managers tactics in real life,seals maybe he dont mind playing RB abrantes Save,but loki is will be most unlikery due to playing porto because they are big team and dont want manage lower table team in FM 20


similar to RB evora,you need to do this challenge for make 5 points,you need to do choices to make this team look like more stronger,you need to promote RB Abrantes to primeira divisao in 5 years,but take them to title will be taking in 3 years,here are the points

Champions League Champion - 125pts
Champions League Europa - 100pts
Champion League Us - 50 pts
Champion Cup of Portugal- 35pts
League Cup Champion - 25pts
Second League Champion - 10pts
Champion National Championship - 5pts

Original idea by: kojuro94

Download Now
Downloads: 383 / Size: 18.3 kB / Added: 2020-06-28
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Discussion: Red Bull Abrantes - FM20 Challenge

4 comments have been posted so far.

  • Gagarin77's avatar
    what do you think to create the same for fm22?
  • kojuropp's avatar
    Not only you stealing the idea of someone, you also lying about famous streamers using this Database.
  • kojuropp's avatar
    So, did you used the RB Évora database to make this one? You could at least change the text and the system points and not even a mention to the original streamer/creator. Also using names of streamers without asking them just to make publicity, dude grow up.
  • henrique05silva's avatar
    Isto está lindo!! Vai ser brutal fazer um save de RedBull da minha cidade, obrigado
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