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Red Bull Rangers

No history but plenty of investment from Red Bull. £100M starting balance & placed in League 2. 53 new players added to the squad.

By on Apr 11, 2017   20714 views   15 comments
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Downloads: 2322 / Size: 2.2 MB / Added: 2017-04-11
FM 2017 Fantasy Scenarios - Red Bull Rangers
Welcome to Red Bull Rangers!

A newly created club with loads of investment from Red Bull, a first team of 35 members from FM Rangers FB group, also added 18 youth with the potential to be wonderkids in the game.

The new club find themselves starting their footballing journey in the Scottish League 2 competition this year, but have loads of money to burn. New stadium but no history.

Can you take Red Bull Rangers to the top?

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Downloads: 2322 / Size: 2.2 MB / Added: 2017-04-11
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Discussion: Red Bull Rangers

15 comments have been posted so far.

  • Gagarin77's avatar
    what do you think to do the same for fm22?
  • zCKQz's avatar
    make this for fm20 tried editing it couldnt work
  • cameroncaldwell040703's avatar
    how do you download this on to the game
  • Orangley's avatar
    I'm using kit pack for most of the leagues, i put RBR kits to "Ladbrokes League Two" folder edited config file deleted edinburgh data and copy pasted RBR its not working, and other kits will set to default standart kit
  • Malawian Boi's avatar
    hey guys, if they graphics have xml files check if the Team ID is correct and corresponds with the graphics . Also check if you already have graphics with the same ID.
  • Orangley's avatar
    anyone can able to use kits? still no luck?
  • MarcAnthony95's avatar
    This was just a rumour, cant believe someone made an actual update, although the no history was a bit harsh, we got to keep that XD
    Good job thou
  • Kruskay's avatar
    Red Bull Paris :D
  • Armani85's avatar
    hi all just recently signed up to this site , was wanting to give this a go and was wondering if anyone could help me install it ,
  • LugoManager's avatar
    Hey Man Can You Make Red Bull Arouca That Team Got Relegated For Ledmen League And Red Bull Boavista Who Have No History Since Relegation
  • NotCanada_'s avatar
    Ya I have put everything in the right place I believe and the Jersey's don't work. And in the menu to select the team the logo doesn't show up correctly.
  • Ouadie's avatar
    Hello, could you make a Redbull Harlem FC one? It's dutch and there is speculation that they want a club in the Netherlands.
  • BobDaRasta's avatar
    Sands26 sorry for the late response just realised that my content has been granted onto the FM Scout website. Did you manage to get the kits working correctly or you still having an issue?
  • Sands26's avatar
    Can't seem to get the kits working for this looked everywhere, any suggestions??
  • The_FMKid's avatar
    You sould do a red bull team with all the best players and staff from existing red bull sides and place them in the Premier League or Spanish League along with an 50-100 million pound budget.
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