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FM21 Game-in-Play Set for Season 21/22

FM21 save at stake with the classifications and champions of the 20/21 season and the transfers and content editing for the 21/22 season. Game starts on July 17, 2021.

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Football Manager 2021 Data Updates - FM21 Game-in-Play Set for Season 21/22
Translated from Spanish by google
There are two versions: file where the transfers of playable teams are restricted by transfer embargo until the end of the summer window of 2021 and file 32.5.9. WITH MERCADO ABIERTO.FM where the restriction declines on July 18, 2021 and that transfer window is operational.

The game starts on July 17, 2021.

They are saved game files and must be saved in the path C: \ Users \ XXX \ Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2021 \ games.

Remember to regulate the level of detail with which the leagues are simulated to your liking, so that the game does not waste resources in simulating competitions that do not interest you in detail.

It is a FM21 game advanced in the 20/21 season in the most similar way to what happened on the football planet and with all the signings made for the 21/22 season.

Obviously with distortions, such as the one produced by me for playing it with CD Logroñés, as well as that of those teams that are not in playable leagues and I could not make them enter through the hoop, some minor inaccuracy (Navalcarnero and Euro SUb-21) and sudden disappearances like that of Chievo Verona.

Above all, the European environment is brutally similar.

Manager changes, economic changes, averages changes, adjustment in transfer values, everything that has occurred to me to reflect the real moment, there it is.

The database with which it was created was one that included around 74,500, influenced by the playable, the addiction of all the players in the leagues of Mexico, the US, Croatia, China, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the Emirates.

With all the Spanish, Brazilian and Argentine players with national reputations. Current South American and European internationals, players from the best teams and in continental competitions in Europe and South America and international players from the best Asian and African teams.

Give it a season to see if you get the point.



The season was played in the second Spanish B while it was challenged to portray the individual performance of the players of the major leagues and of all the teams that came out in the game.

The following competitions emulated, their podiums European classifications, relegation and cup and super cup champions. It is attached in which competitions it was also achieved that his top scorer was the real one with an exact number of goals or similar to the one he did in reality.

  • Germany: Bundesliga 1,2 and 3. German Cup and Super Cup. Bundesliga Top Scorer
  • France: Ligue 1 and 2 and National. French Cup and Super Cup. Top Scorer Ligue 1 - Ligue 2
  • England: Premier League, Championship, League 1 and 2. Cup, League Cup and Super Cup. Top Scorer Premier- Championship
  • Spain: First, Second and Second B *. 2020 Cup, 2021 Cup and Super Cup. * Cases Logroñés and Navalcarnero explained is the section distortions Top scorer First-Second.
  • Italy: Serie A, B and C (this without controlling the relegation). Top scorer Serie A.
  • Netherlands: Eredivisie. Cup and Super Cup. Eredivisie top scorer.
  • Portugal: Liga Bwin. Cup, League Cup and Super Cup. Top scorer Liga Bwin
  • Belgium: First division. Cup. Top scorer
  • Croatia: First division. Cup. Top scorer
  • Poland: First division. Cup. Top scorer
  • Austria: First division. Cup. Top scorer
  • Switzerland: First division. Cup. Top scorer
  • Russia: First division. Cup. Top scorer
  • Ukraine: First division. Cup. Top scorer
  • Serbia: First division. Cup.
  • Turkey: First division. Cup. Top scorer
  • Greece: First division. Cup. Top scorer
  • Romania: First division. Cup. Top scorer
  • Denmark: First division. The cup no. Top scorer
  • Norway: First division.
  • Scotland: First division. 2020 Cup, 2021 Cup. League Cup no. Top scorer
  • Czech Republic: First division. Cup. Top scorer
  • It was achieved that various non-playable or visible European leagues sent their European champions and qualifiers in the order they had in 2021 or at least the champions. Sweden, Cyprus, Moldova, Belarus ... So remember, minus Hungary and Bosnia, practically all of them.
  • UEFA champions league. Top scorer
  • UEFA Europa League. Top scorer
  • UEFA Supercup.
  • Club World Cup.
  • European League of Nations.
  • Copa Libertadores 2020.
  • South American Cup 2020.
  • South American Recopa 2021.
  • Euro 2021 with the 24 qualified teams. Top scorer
  • America Cup. Top scorer.
  • Mexico: Closing and opening.
This makes the setups for European leagues and competitions practically identical to 21/22 actually.

Regarding the performance of players, especially in the first divisions of the leagues that are playable, care was taken that their participation and goals were similar to what they did in 2021. Obviously there are deviations but it is quite successful.

Lewandowski won The Best 2020.


Includes full transfers from the following countries, playability and visibility of the league in question are attached.


  • Germany: Up to Bundesliga3 included. PLAYABLE BUNDESLIGA Visible bottoms
  • France: Up to national division included. PLAYABLE LIGUE1 Visible bottoms
  • England: Up to League2 included. PLAYABLE UP TO CHAMPIONSHIP Visible bottoms
  • Spain: Up to second division B included. PLAYABLE UP TO SECOND B
  • Italy: Up to Series C included. PLAYABLE SERIES A Visible bottoms
  • Netherlands: Up to the second division included. PLAYABLE EREDIVISIE
  • Portugal: Up to the second division included. PLAYABLE BWIN
  • Belgium: First division. Visible
  • Croatia: First division. Visible
  • Poland: First division. Visible
  • Austria: First division. Visible
  • Switzerland: First and second division. Visible
  • Russia: First division. Visible
  • Ukraine: First division. Visible
  • Serbia: First division. Visible
  • Turkey: First division. Visible
  • Greece: First division. Visible
  • Romania: First division. Visible.
  • Norway: First division. Visible
  • Denmark: First division. Visible
  • Scotland: First division. Visible
  • Czech Republic: First division. Visible
  • Hungary: First division
  • Finland: First division.
  • Sweden: First division.
  • Slovenia: First division.
  • Cyprus: First division.
  • Slovakia: First division.
  • Slovenia: First division.
  • Bulgaria: First division.
  • Montenegro: teams in European competitions.
  • Luxembourg: teams in European competitions.
  • Bosnia: teams in European competitions.
  • Latvia: teams in European competitions.
  • Lithuania: teams in European competitions.
  • Georgia: teams in European competitions.
  • Albania: teams in European competitions.
  • Kosovo: teams in European competitions.
  • Estonia: teams in European competitions.
  • Belarus - teams in European competitions.
  • Ireland: teams in European competitions
  • Teams like Kairat Almaty, Sheriff Tiraspol, Qarabag, Astana, Baku and some other outsider from low-ranking countries.


  • Argentina: First division. PLAYABLE FIRST DIVISION (added June 2021)
  • Brazil: First division. PLAYABLE SERIES A
  • Uruguay: First division. Visible
  • Paraguay: First division.
  • Ecuador: First division.
  • Colombia: First division.
  • Chile: First division.
  • Peru: First division.


  • Mexico: First division. Visible
  • USA: signings of players from other countries. Visible.


  • Japan: player transfers from other countries. Visible.
  • China: signings of players from other countries. Visible.
  • South Korea: signings of players from other countries. Visible.
  • Australia: signings of players from other countries.
  • Qatar: signings of players from other countries.
  • Saudi Arabia: first division transfers.
  • United Arab Emirates: signings of players from other countries.

These divisions were given the winter market on January 21 with the exception of the French national division, the Italian series c and the German Bundesliga 3. Of these, the transfers that were left undone in winter were made in summer to the corresponding team in most cases.

The signings of the youth teams of the playable teams were made, although it is certainly an almost finished task, but to be systematized to finish it.

The duration of the contracts and the salaries are as specific as possible. As well as the assignment clauses.

The relevant transfers made by the CPU on its own have been reversed through assignments or own transfers. In leagues and powerful teams at least.

By creating FMRTE templates I blocked from May 21 that playable teams made movements in the market, before it was tried with enough success that no signings occurred, although there were some transfers and some transfers. In most cases (all in the case of playable teams) it was detected and reversed.

All these teams were changed Manager as long as it existed in the database, some on the date it occurred (this generally in playable leagues) but ultimately for the teams to start the game with the coach they have today. Some managers were used to fill a gap in playable leagues and the national selectors were also updated.

The vast majority of the transfers of 21/22 are already made on the date of the game, others by relevance, are made as the game progresses on the date they were made in the real world. A few due to the impossibility of the editing tools are also configured to occur throughout the month of July 21.

If any team fired their Manager, except in the cases of the Spanish and Italian leagues, which cannot be rehired in the same season, they were instantly rehired, in the cases of Spain and Italy, to remain in their teams in the 21/22 were rehired then.

The transfers that continue to occur today are still being made, the configuration of the transfers is mixed, some are made de facto in the game and others are configured to be done on 8/31 so that they are not unregistered and in the teams that registrations are made at any time the transfer is set on the date.

Players who are still free at this point in the year, instead of terminating their contract and signing with another team immediately, are set to leave the club on the date they were actually terminated.

Some players, who due to their age can no longer be transferred by the in-game editor, together with the fact that I no longer had transfers left to circumvent the transfer embargo, caused them to be assigned with a mandatory purchase option at the transfer price for which it was signed by his new team. There are few cases but there they are.


The homologation process consists of an in-depth review of game systems, team participation and trends, performances, players and coaches. So that your moment in the game strongly resembles the current one. Averages, positions, nationalities, tactical trends and injuries and long penalties are modified

The approved teams play with the systems with which they currently play, the players participate in positions in which they participate now and were not incorporated in FM21 and the young people of these teams who have jumped to the fore have also made the leap in the game .

All the playable European teams have been homologated with the exception of the Spanish rfef leagues, which is pending and in a light way we will take a look at the old second B. An homologation of the best American teams is pending. Relevant teams from European football and relevant teams from European second divisions were also homologated and some more to be reviewed.

With the national teams the same, all the participating teams in the euro and the copa america were reviewed and the players who entered those teams were put into dynamics. Nationalities were changed as they occurred in real life and other nationalities that did occur in the game but not in real life were reversed. The sub 23 teams that participate in the Olympics were configured.

In the economic section, clubs have been adapted to their new realities, relevant examples the case of Barcelona, ​​the resignation of Hertha Berlin as an economically powerful team, the increase in investment in clubs such as Rome, Nice, the total disappearance of the Chinese financial muscle, the economic slackening of Inter Milan ... to name a few cases. With a multitude of simulations, the economic behavior of the clubs has been studied and their behavior is optimal. Please ignore the 3-year economic estimates in the first 2 seasons since these balances are very basic and assume badly or do not immediately assume the changes made.

24 simulations have been carried out at one year, four at three years and one at 4 years. Trust that the economic performance is optimal or test it yourself. But I insist that the economic projections of that 3-year tab do not correspond to what is actually happening. As of 22/23 and 23/24, when the game has already assimilated the changes made, they do give consistent estimates.

No less than 15,000 player averages will have been edited, homologated and recalibrated. The version is more ambitious with the averages of mid and low level equipment than that of the FM database.

Player contracts have been regulated so that the 2022 free agent market resembles the real one. Of those who are approaching October without renewing, they have been forced with editing tools that do not sit down to negotiate until October or November. This task still has some work to do. On the other hand, some of the players who finish their contract in 2022 have configured that they will go free in 2022. They are rare cases, but in my opinion very obvious.

The withdrawal of characters who died in 2021 of which I have been aware was forced.


When I speak of distortions I mean inaccuracies that occurred in the construction of the game that do not correspond or will not correspond to the development of the planet football.

By change of rules:

-The new goal rule of the champions league is not updated, it is the same as in FM21.

-The promotion and relegation format of the Spanish rfef leagues is not updated, it is the same as in FM21.

-The reformulation of the Argentine league is not updated. In Argentina the leagues of 20/21 (which were not deputized) and 21/22 instead of 2021 are disputed.

-the 5-change rule does not continue for 21/22.

For errors or omissions in creation:

-It was not applied from the beginning that the Brazilian league was played in 2020, that is why the composition of the league is out of date with respect to the current 2021.

-Germany under-21 did not win the euro under-21 as in reality, since they had no evidence that their group stage was at the end of March and they were eliminated. The champion in the game was Portugal.

-Chaves was promoted to first Portuguese instead of Vizela.

-The Excelsior was promoted to first Dutch instead of the Go Ahead. (The level transfers from the Go Ahead have been transferred to the Excelsior)

-At the beginning of August, Chievo Verona was disqualified from Serie B and relegated to Serie D due to rigging, leaving all its players free. Taking up his position was the demoted Cosenza who began to reformulate his squad based on series B transfers. This obviously could not be done in the game. So Chievo loses all its players and keeps the level transfers from Cosenza.

-In Spain CD Logroñés goes up to second instead of Amorebieta. The Amorebieta in turn occupies the Plaza del Calahorra in First RFEF and this disputes the second RFEF.

-The Logroñés CD is one of the distortions of the game. It is a re-founded team for which I created the game and with which I played it when this game was not for this and although at the last minute I tried to get Amorebieta to enter the playoff as fourth to see if I promoted him, I could not do it without going too far back or without jeopardizing the stability of the competition. The players of the team in the two seasons are players below second Spanish, who have retired or have gone to the minor leagues and some old wonderkinds who did not break anything but who in my game do have more flight. The manager of the original Real Union was appointed as president of the club, as the player with the most participations with the club and in season 20/21 he participated in 2ªB instead of Izarra, which in 21/22 is in the second RFRF, as in reality.

-There were traces of my previous game started at Middlesbrough. Heading into 21/22 Middlesbrough have their current squad and Manager. Players he had that weren't there were traded to their current teams.

-The promotions to the lower divisions that are visible in the game of Italy, France, Germany and England are not correct.

-I was wrong at Las Rozas with Navalcarnero, and their positions are reversed in 20/21. Las Rozas remains and Navalcarnero descends when in reality it is the other way around.

-I tried that the promotions from third to second RFEF were the exact ones. Out of about 40 who were promoted, I got about 30 correct ones. Above all, B teams, such as Rayo B, Zaragoza B or Mallorca B and others such as Alcalá, Azuqueca and CD Xerez, crept in. But I think the distortion of equipment does not reach 10.

-Although the classifications were not intended to be exact, the podiums, European places and relegation places were. There, only Atalanta slipped me as second in the Italian series A, since they lost on the last day to the detriment of Milan. It is the only failure of order at the top of a classification of any of the European leagues that I managed.

-Although an attempt was made to save all the players and employees that it was possible to see from retirement, when the time came whether or not some of the middle-level retired slipped into me. So I have seen in teams that I have made that are playable and those relevant players I have seen 2 Chris Martin in Bristol City (who replaced him with Charly Musonda who the team had signed) and Yuri de la Ponferradina (who replaced him by Adrián López who is free and with no prospects of going to a new team).

-Inclusion of an annual intercontinental cup, which I created for my departure for when the annual club world cup disappeared. But since FM changed the original database on the sly and added the old club world cup for 2021, in 2021 both competitions are played and then the intercontinental one annually and the other under its year before world format. On the contrary, the Diego Armanndo Maradona cup is not included.

-Randers does not win the Danish Cup as he did in reality, when I decided to do this with this level of depth it was already eliminated.

- St.Jonhstone doesn't win the Scottish League Cup like he actually did, when I decided to do this at this level of depth I was already eliminated. St. Jonhstones if he wins the Scottish Cup as he also won it in 2021.

- As the South American market has been open practically the whole year, it is difficult for the signings of Argentina and Brazil to have been traced to the real ones. With the transfermarkt tool, it is difficult to detect transfers made between February and May and it takes twice as long to find 20 non-made transfers out of 500 than it does to find 500. Detailed transfers were made in the winter market and in the summer one and when some of the teams are approved, surely there will be some pending signings

-Some players were trapped to a wrong Al-Ahly or to a different University of Craiova, or some other type of failure in a transfer that, although they were corrected, remain in the player's history.

-The last season of Borja Mayoral in Levante is duplicated in his history. Counting that in the original database there was no record in the history of that season, it does not matter to me.


  • All the regen players that the game has generated, some 42,000 have been rolled, modifying their AC and AP to 1, as well as reducing their contracts to youth contracts of 5000 euros per year: In the final version, their contract will be finished on the date of the game , in this it seems to me that I was pending.
  • Recycling 143 regen to create new generation real players that did not appear in FM or some that existed in the game were not loaded into DB. That's what the faces file is for.
  • Team names were edited with the pre-game editor. I don't know if the all team name .inc files are able to overlay the file names on the ones edited with the pre-game editor. For that, the file is attached. For other languages some team names might be strange.
  • The return of the always negative, recycling of an employee regen to create Van Gaal to lead the Netherlands.
  • High selling prices for high-level Argentine, Brazilian and Norwegian players better reflect the sale of wonderkids produced in these countries.
  • I discovered when adding the Argentine league that the FM loads from the database the players of the leagues that are added in the first years. Although I do not know if the files with which the game was created are necessary or if I load them directly from the database. When I verify how the game does it, if necessary I will upload the files with which I created the game so that if you want to add leagues, the more real players the better.
  • The miscellaneous file contains the little graphic material that I have needed to create or update on my graphics pack. Add the graphics of Logroñés, changes of club and competition logos, add logos of Spain that it did not have, and of teams B or C that do not load it, although these can be linked in the config file to that of team A, the trophy of the conference cup and the only two inc files that I had in the db folders for this game. By whom you may need it for what you may need.


  • The Japanese league players that appear in my game are the result of the merger of my database with the file "Japan - 623 clubs, 7 league levels (J1-3, JFL, Regional 1-2, Prefecture + players database) . " from the user Sangre Blu from the Steam worpkshop.
  • Instead the structure of the Japanese leagues are from the "MAJ JAPON" file created by user seb-bouh from the Steam workshop.
  • The color pack of the Brazilian teams and the media are the result of the fusion of my database with the basics of the sourtitoutsi website.
  • The agents that appear in my game are the result of merging it with the file "Nik33's Agents Pack v1 (FM21)" from the user Nik33 downloaded from the Steam workshop.
  • The editing of this game has been done using the FM21 pre-game editor, the FM21 in-game editor and the FMRTE21. FMRTE was a better tool before, when it was more dangerous but with knowledge it was much more complete. With the FMRTE of 2017 the result of the edition would have been even better.
  • To the users of FMSite, Sortioutsi, and the support of FMRTE who tried to help resolve the doubts that arose when setting up the game.
  • To the user @jasten of FMsite for helping me with the testing of the game and for his interest.
  • To anyone who plays and enjoys it.


He has a review of homologation to South America, no signings, because the South American market has been gibberish all year open. And to the lower leagues in Spain, it is 100x100 operational, but this first version is not the final one, I give myself a couple of weeks to finalize it.

The free agents from 2022 to 100x100 and some more hairstyles that hit him. This is a CASIDEFINITIVE version, but its playability is practically the same as that of the definitive one. They are just details.

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Downloads: 22458 / Size: 177.8 MB / Added: 2021-10-14
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    i cant play turkish teams, how can i activate turkey league ?
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    This is the new goal rule file.
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    It's great, but I request that we make the database according to the 21.4 update and make the Turkish League playable.
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