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Silas' 4-1-2-2-1 Tiki-Taka

A slow tempo tactic. Use it against teams where you aren't favorite. This tactic will result in high possession and few clear cut chances for the opposition.

By on Nov 03, 2013   112239 views   14 comments
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Downloads: 25109 / Size: 884 B / Added: 2013-11-03
FM 2014 Tactics - Silas' 4-1-2-2-1 Tiki-Taka
This tactic is really good if you are a team with good midfielders with high passing stats, you also really need a decent striker who can convert the chances and drop back if needed, my suggestions are Rickie Lambert, Fabio Quagliarella, Wayne Rooney and Franco Di Santo.

This tactic is best used if you are playing a team who are favorites to win. The tactic will stop the opposition from finding space behind the defense. Unlike other tactics this tactic is more about the passing and equaling defense with the attack. It's main purpose is to work the ball into the box where the striker should convert.

Team Instructions

Basically the team instructions are telling the team to work the ball into the box whilst keeping most of the possession. The look for overlap instruction means that rather than cross the wingers will wait for the full backs to get in front of them so they can cross. Also the roam from position instruction means that players don't have to stay in there position, for example the striker might come back to midfield to get the ball. If you have the roam from position instruction your striker will play best if he is either a false nine or a deep lying forward.

This tactic has work brilliantly for me with Liverpool, 7 wins and 2 draws. I had Suraez upfront and he was getting 2+ goals every game. I also had Gerrard as the supporting advanced playmaker and he was getting nearly and assist every game.

I hope this tactic works well for you! :)

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Downloads: 25109 / Size: 884 B / Added: 2013-11-03
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Discussion: Silas' 4-1-2-2-1 Tiki-Taka

14 comments have been posted so far.

  • mike14991499's avatar
    Ummm, I just lost 5 easy games in a row, 4:17 in goals. Possession mostly under 50%, even though I have decent midfielders with passing 15. I am far inferior in shots too. I am clearly doing something wrong, or just don't understand this game anymore.
  • Crass76's avatar
    Hi, I couldn't help notice how simular this tactic looked to the one from TheWorkShop which was posted on footballmanagerstory. Are they the same person?
  • Manal's avatar
    pls guys create 4-2-3-1 tactic
  • CarlosEsDios's avatar
    After 10 games I have definitely improved results wise with this tactic. I'd be interested to try it with a professional team and a decent pitch. Oh and to be full time!
    Thanks once again for uploading.
  • adz-13's avatar
    Thanks Silas. Well lost my 1st game with new formation 3-0, mainly due to Guzman getting injured and not having a keeper on bench. worst thing was against West Brom so probably not the fans favorite at the moment!
  • silas1231's avatar
    @adz-13 - its is suppose to be lower tempo, don't really know why it says higher tempo :)
  • adz-13's avatar
    going to give this a go, my Villa team need to do something to start winning - but one question, above on your team instructions it says "Lower Tempo" when i download the tactic, it's set as "High Tempo" - which should it be?
  • CarlosEsDios's avatar
    Well I played my first game plug and play and lost 2-1. Never mind, I'll give it a good go but I think being with a poor team (Belgian 2nd divison) probably isn't going to help me here!

    PS - must add that one goal was an OG and you do get bad luck from time to time. That's football!

    PPS - won my 2nd game 3-1 and scored 3 really good quality goals.
  • junior64cyp's avatar
    what do you (all) say about Jelle Vossen (Genk) ??
  • Thewibe's avatar
    10 matches with crewe! 8-1-1 20-6

    Best tactic in fm 14 so far. great work mate!
  • silas1231's avatar
    @Thewibe - I prefer the false 9 role and it seems to work for me but go ahead and change the role to a DLF it will probably work as well :)
  • Thewibe's avatar
    Hi nice tactic so far with crew 3 games 3 won and 5-0 in goal Difrence, but just a few questions :)

    Do you use OI? And would a DLF be bether then a False 9
  • clarkey_no1's avatar
    I had not won for 10 games in the premier league with Forest and I had lost 7 on the spin. Tried this one and I have won my next two games scoring 6 goals in the process.
  • vantruien's avatar
    hey, played this one couple of matches, all i won, but my striker only scored 2 goals in 9 matches, all the rest are from set pieces....
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