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SSD Gold skin for FM20 by [email protected] - FMSLife V1.5

Gold skin for FM2020. I'm back this year with a new FM20 skin with a gold flair. Optimized for 1920x1080 windowed mode with 100% zoom.

By Updated on Sep 19, 2020   112981 views   26 comments
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Downloads: 34563 / Size: 9.7 MB / Added: 2020-01-27
Football Manager 2020 Skins - SSD Gold skin for FM20 by Sh@rk - FMSLife V1.5
Hi everyone,
Last year I've shared with you my creation (SSD'19 Skin for fm19). This year I'm back with something new : SSD Gold.


Skin is made for my resolution : 1920x1080 windowed mode with 100% zoom.

It's up to you to test zoom level according to your screen resolution.

Changelog V1.1

- training issue fixed
(post/role/task box has a wrong id)

- changed some colours here and there to match club colours or gold

- fixed purple icons in tactics screen

Changelog V1.2

- Sidebar always gold / dark grey

- new nation overview screen (thanks to wozzie)

- new fonts (you can change it easily)

- club profile edited

Changelog V1.3

- fixed issue with vertical lign when using instant result.

- tactics overview: you can now move players on the pitch (position changing)

Changelog V1.4

- Fixed issues caused by 20.3 update (dynamic images).
- New star rating icons.
- Calendar : fixtures now have a different colour according to competition.
- Several icons have been edited (mostly turn them into gold).

Changelog V1.5

- Final update for FM20. I've changed some things to player profile and club profile.

SSD Gold Preview Screenshots

How to install my skin ?

- Download then extract the archive (using Winrar/Winzip/7zip or else)

- You'll get a file called "SSD Gold V1.5". Move this file to the correct location :

Windows : Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020/skins
Mac : Library/Application Support/Sport Interactive/Football Manager 2020/skins

- Open the game, Go to preferences then choose my skin, don't forget to set up the correct zoom.

Additional information / Contact

Discord : [email protected]#1717
Twitter : Shark Graph

Download Now
Downloads: 34563 / Size: 9.7 MB / Added: 2020-01-27
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Discussion: SSD Gold skin for FM20 by [email protected] - FMSLife V1.5

26 comments have been posted so far.

  • heirtothestar's avatar
    I believe there is a bug on preference that cause search box doesn't work
  • Alfagagani's avatar
    Is this work for fm touch?
  • JakobNrkjr's avatar
    wich other skins/packs do i have to download, to make it look the best it can?

    Excluding facepack, logopack, thropiespack and kit pack. :)
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @theodoric : This is your background pack which causes that.
    @tvalente : I've made a tutorial for that. Try sortitoutsi or community.sigames or FMSLife if you understand french.
  • tvalente091's avatar
    Hi, can anyone help me, please?
    I'm trying to put the city picture in the club profile but when I try to do it I am unable to put the picture there and the picture stays at the background of the game. Does someone know how to fix it?
  • tvalente091's avatar
    Hi, can anyone help me, please?
    I'm trying to put the city picture in the club profile but when I try to do it I am unable to put the picture there and the picture stays at the background of the game. Does someone know how to fix it?
  • theodoric's avatar
    Hello guys! Can anyone help me?

    I've downloaded this skin, but, there's some problem with the background.

    All the german teams have a Germany flag like background, the same occurs in english teams, french team, all them appears the country flag like background.

    It's impossible to play that due the view.. :(

    How can I fixing that?
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @salora: You mean the sidebar to navigate into the different menus. Open preferences in-game and you should find the option "show only icons in sidebar" or something like this.
    @calchas7: This is one of the new features in the new skin update.
  • salora's avatar
    how do you remove the left sidebar menu?
  • hansan124's avatar
    Thanks for the great skin!
  • calchas7's avatar
    Hey, great skin. One thing that missing for me is player traits (Preferred moves) in player profile. Any chance you could add it in a future version or teach me how to do it myself?

  • DRMoreira04's avatar
    Where I can find the photos of the citys, stadiums, etc?
  • Rekoshooter's avatar
    Sorry, but I could not find these rows.
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    They are already bold. You can increase size of attributes if you want them bigger.
    Open panels\player\player attributes panel.xml and add size="XX" line 23. You might want to adjust row height line 11.
  • Rekoshooter's avatar
    Very good skin.
    But is it possible to make players attributes bold? If yes, so where I have to edit? Which file?
  • Dżordan's avatar
    Best skin ever.
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    Updated to V1.3
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @LxDzn: What do you mean ? I've just changed some colours on this screen, and added faces. I have no problems on tactics overview.
  • LxDzn's avatar
    Great skin only issue is on the tactics page im not able to move players around any chance you could fix this?
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @Trequartista Matt: You are the only one to tell me that. Make sure to unzip the file in the right folder. Don't make any extra sub-folder.
    Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\skins\SSD Gold V1.2
    In there you have folders called "fonts" "graphics" "panels" "settings" and "skin_config.xml"
    If you don't have that (for exemple a second folder SSD Gold) it won't be recognize by the game.
  • FM TREQ's avatar
    The new updated skin doesn't actually appear as an option in preferences even though its in my skins folder?
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @Johann50100: I forgot to mention that here. You can go on sortitoutsi or sigames forums, I've made a tutorial on these websites.
  • Johann50100's avatar
    how to put cities pics?
  • i_am_the_shark's avatar
    @everyone: V1.2 updated

    @zaouyorae: It is already compatible. Just adjust zoom level. 1600x900 is good with 85% zoom. As said, this skin is made for me (1920x1080 zoom 100%). You have to test it.
    @frankino77: Titlebar stays grey all the time. You just have the small diagonal lines (white on exemple with RB Leipzig) matching club colour. So for more exemples: red with Man Utd, Bayern, blue with Chelsea, Man City, PSG, white with Real Madrid, Marseille, Lyon.
  • frankino77's avatar
    Hi, is it possible to have the title bar in the game with the names and logos of the biggest teams?

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