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Steel 18 Logos Megapack & Updates For FM 2019

Over 45,000 club, International and competition logos with a metallic steel feel for Football Manager 2019. Heavy metal style logos megapack for FM19.

By Updated on Jan 04, 2019   334788 views   40 comments
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Downloads: 124116 / Size: 5.9 GB / Added: 2017-10-30
Football Manager 2019 Logo Packs - Steel 18 Logos Megapack & Updates For FM 2019
This is the Steel 18 logo pack for Football Manager 2019.
The logos have a steel texture pattern applied, looking like they have just come out of a forge!


You will get over 45,000 logos for clubs and competitions.


Clubs: 40,135 logos
Competitions: 4,014 logos
Nations: 247 logos
Confederations: 7 logos
Default: 23 logos
Flags: 237 logos



Total: 45 logo



Clubs: 458 logos
Competitions: 40 logos
Nations: 6 logos
Confederations: 1 logo
Total: 505 logo


Steel 18 Logos Preview

How to add Steel 18 logos megapack on Football Manager 2018

  1. Download the .zip file and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract their contents.

  2. Move the extracted contents to your graphics folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\graphics\logos\
    Create folders "graphics" and "logos" if they don't exist already.

  3. Run Football Manager 2018 and go to Preferences > Interface:
    Hit the Clear Cache button. Return to this screen.
    Enable Reload Skin when confirming changes in preferences.
    Hit the Confirm button.

How to add Steel 18 logos updates on Football Manager 2018

  1. Download the .zip file in order and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract their contents.

  2. To install make sure you have downloaded the original master file. Then simply download the updates in order December, January etc and copy/paste the contents of each folder (including config files) into the original corresponding folders. If prompted to replace logos and configs replace all.
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\graphics\logos\Steel 18 Logos

Download Now
Downloads: 124116 / Size: 5.9 GB / Added: 2017-10-30
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Discussion: Steel 18 Logos Megapack & Updates For FM 2019

40 comments have been posted so far.

  • Thomax's avatar
    Hello everyone, in Portugal, Belenenses just changed their logo a few days ago. I got already some shots with the new symbol. To whom should I address to ask to change their appearance for the steal/shield format?
  • mackan55's avatar
    Hello there, im super happy with the logos and everything but can i ask if u can update the Tianjin Tianhai (former Tianjin Quanjian) becouse they just change thier logo.
  • BDRick35's avatar
    can´t get the flags and federation logos working … i use the YACS Skin. Any help?
  • vonreichsm's avatar
    No news. I didn´t hear anything from him since a long time. At the fm forum too. Hope he will come back.
  • Bartdude's avatar
    Interesting concept but images are too dark
  • PRJ's avatar
    Could you share the template pls?
  • SGDynamite's avatar
    please update, the best logos for me
  • Stam's avatar
    No sign of Derek since early October. I hope he'll be back soon.
  • BelthazorDK's avatar
    Any chance of an FM19 version, or perhaps a confirmation that this will work fine for FM19? :)
  • John Watson's avatar
    why only april version ?
    where the new logo pack ?
  • NizzyTizzy's avatar
    Any chance to get help making my custom logo to look like this?
  • Matiasu's avatar
    Can you also add the flag of Crimea? Thanks!
  • nek33's avatar
    Hello , thanks for your job , there only STEEL 18 LOGOS APRIL UPDATE ? where are other update please :)
  • richbell82's avatar
    is anyone else unable to do unzip this file once downloaded?
    i keep getting error central directory not found?
  • richbell82's avatar
    Tried downloading but when trying to unzip, it says central directory not found...
    Any ideas?
  • Derek's avatar
    The latest pack is a new megapack. The previous megapack and update links have now been deleted.

    The pack above with 44,700 logos is the only pack available until the update in April.
  • DuckyRai's avatar
    @Derek - nope, didn't have another pack, I since deleted Steel and tried another, worked perfectly - I downloaded the 6 GIG file - the description mentions updates, no idea where those updates are tho
  • DRMoreira04's avatar
    Guys, how can I "install" the update? I has the initial Steel Logo Pack. I need to delete this old pack??
  • Derek's avatar
    Have you any other logo packs in the graphics folder. I've checked and have no problems on my end.

    If you have then delete the others and reload the skin.
  • DuckyRai's avatar
    Downloaded the Mega Pack - Missing the majority of Team Logos where they should be situation, and not sure why - Using the OPZ Skin - Toulousse for Example, the logo exists on the Team Overview page and top left of the Bar, next to the forward and back arrows. But for majority of teams, the logos are missing in these places

    EDIT: Nah, don't work on Default skin either, any idea what I've done wrong, I can hover over where the logo is meant to be and a tooltip will come up, but nothing is there
  • Derek's avatar
    The new megapack is now released. All previous versions should be deleted and use this one from now.
  • wozza2017's avatar
    Oh okay look forward to seeing that any idea when it shall be released
  • Derek's avatar
    It is. The shield style Tottenham logo is in the next release of the megapack.
  • wozza2017's avatar
    hi why is the tottenham badge not steel look ?
  • ramirezruiz's avatar
    it's perfect, thanks

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