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Strikers Paradise! RDF's 3-1-3-2-1

The strikers in this tactic simply perform amazing, given you have a decent enough striker. Unorthodox shape with the 3-1-3-2-1, but it scores goals!!

By on Feb 03, 2021   25574 views   10 comments
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Football Manager 2021 Tactics - Strikers Paradise! RDF's 3-1-3-2-1

Originally, the striker was not set up to perform the way he did. I wanted to focus this tactic purely on the roaming playmaker BUT it turned out that the striker in fact is and was the star of the show! No matter who I put up front, whether it was Lewandowski, Isak, or the back-up strikers in the squad, they all managed to score goals!

Upon watching the highlights, you'll notice a lot of central play, of course, most of your players are positioned centrally. But the moment either one of your two attacking midfielders pick up the ball then immediately the striker makes a move into the channels and constantly finds himself In good goalscoring positions.

Defensively it's very good too! There are 4 players on the defend duty and when you add the two defensive wingers then you have 6 players doing a job defensively whilst having plenty of flair going forward with the advanced players on the pitch.

When playing tough away games, you can and maybe should use "regroup" instead of "counter-press", this worked for me on a few occasions. It's not a MUST as with Bayern, it worked really well getting to the CL final without it. But it helped with Real Sociedad and maybe bigger help for the smaller clubs

But check the results out!

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Downloads: 4055 / Size: 43.0 kB / Added: 2021-02-03
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RDF is an FM Scout tactic creator who just loves to experiment. His quirky personality shines through his tactics but his main goal is create tactics/content that both achieves enjoyment and results.

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Discussion: Strikers Paradise! RDF's 3-1-3-2-1

10 comments have been posted so far.

  • peterbolam78's avatar
    Wingback attack, in the WB slot, so the slot between FB and WM then PI set as take more risks, stay wider, close down more, tackle harder, dribble more, run wide, cross more , cross from byline and get further forward, seems work for me, same on both sides those are the PI I use , otherwise it's a very good tactic so far
  • Westralian's avatar
    peterbolam78 - Wingback: Automatic? Cant seem to give the exact instructions to WB/Attack.
  • Kevron666's avatar
    Thinking about trying it out,
  • peterbolam78's avatar
    after conceding a few to long diagonals, I set the DW to be WB/A in the wingback slot, with all the same instructions of the DW and haven't looked back, with an unbeaten preseason, with wins against Ajax and Lazio along the way
  • dark warrior™'s avatar
    I tested with Partizan lost the first bit then won next 15 games no draws/lost
  • peterbolam78's avatar
    might give this a try with Newcastle
  • RDF Tactics's avatar
    @babyzz - No Oi's set
  • RDF Tactics's avatar
    @Runuganga - I just tested with Blackburn with Adam Armstrong scoring 40 goals in all comps. They're predicted to finish 12th, I'd say Armstrong was in paradise lol
  • babyzz's avatar
  • Runuganga's avatar
    Two games played, the striker was far from paradise. Two red cards and conceded a penalty. Way too aggressive.
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