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Suk Sam 5-2-3 FM18 Tactic

The most overpowered tactic on the full version of FM 2018; using 3 strikers is super powerful, while having 5 backs ensures a very solid defense. Plug & play against almost any formation.

By on Nov 13, 2017   9436 views   10 comments
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Downloads: 2767 / Size: 649.0 kB / Added: 2017-11-13
Football Manager 2018 Tactics - Suk Sam 5-2-3 FM18 Tactic
Watford won EPL without making a single transfer.

You can usually use this 3-striker tactic against almost any formation.

Except tactics that utilize 1 striker, 2 wingers and no central attacking midfielder. Fr example, 4-1-2-3 DM (4-3-3 Wide) and 5-2-3 Wide.
When you face those formations, use my other FM18 tactic: Suk Sam 4-4-2.

For now, I think this is the most overpowered formation on the full version of FM2018; using 5 backs and 3 strikers.

Just plug & play.

Suk Sam 5-2-3 Results

Here are some results.

General team training : balance - average (in case of 2 matches in one week, lower this to 'low')

Match preparation : leave it to your assistant manager

Corner kicks : MCR or MCL

No opposition instructions (during match, you can set some OI's following your assistant's advice)


Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 2767 / Size: 649.0 kB / Added: 2017-11-13

Discussion: Suk Sam 5-2-3 FM18 Tactic

10 comments have been posted so far.

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  • vanco's avatar
    / The_Reckonist /
    oh. thx for your comment.
    you must be a twitch streamer, right?
    anyways, I'm really enjoying my save with this tactic. haha
  • The_Reckonist's avatar
    Beat me to it. Just found the system while trying to remake the Strikerless of FM17. Yours looks more effective than mine. Both went for Mezz over a RPM too. How can SI fix this 3 forwards/WB issue? I dont think they can.
  • vanco's avatar
    / /
    that's weird.
    I'm playing now AFC Wimbledon.
    I played almost matches with this tactic.

    and so far, 1st place.
  •'s avatar
    I have tried the tactics with several teams and it does not work, when I win it is luckily since the opposing team throws many more shots than me.
    I thought it could be for the type of team and started a season with the watford, the first 5 league games won 1 and lost 4, (the one that wins by chance) I do not know what I'm doing wrong.

    Thank you
  • vanco's avatar
    thx mates.
    your comments are really helpful me to determine how i make other tactics.
  • trufin.sabrin's avatar
    Very good tactic.The best tactic from all the forums.
  • icefrom70s's avatar
    I've imported this tactic in my save at the half time of a match in which I was 2-0 down. I won pretty dramatically 3-2 in the 89th minute. It was pretty impressive, offensive football at its best.
  • Shevchenko86's avatar
    woooow, I only used in 2 matches by the moment, and for the moment the best I tried!! And I tried like 50 and of too many forums. Good job!! :)
  • vanco's avatar

    this is a screen of other user using 'suk sam 523 v3.5'
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