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Suk Sam 5-2-3 FM18 Tactic

The most overpowered tactic on the full version of FM 2018; using 3 strikers is super powerful, while having 5 backs ensures a very solid defense. Plug & play against almost any formation.

By on Nov 13, 2017   94829 views   27 comments
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Downloads: 15926 / Size: 649.0 kB / Added: 2017-11-13
Football Manager 2018 Tactics - Suk Sam 5-2-3 FM18 Tactic
Watford won EPL without making a single transfer.

You can usually use this 3-striker tactic against almost any formation.

Except tactics that utilize 1 striker, 2 wingers and no central attacking midfielder. Fr example, 4-1-2-3 DM (4-3-3 Wide) and 5-2-3 Wide.
When you face those formations, use my other FM18 tactic: Suk Sam 4-4-2.

For now, I think this is the most overpowered formation on the full version of FM2018; using 5 backs and 3 strikers.

Just plug & play.

Suk Sam 5-2-3 Results

Here are some results.

General team training : balance - average (in case of 2 matches in one week, lower this to 'low')

Match preparation : leave it to your assistant manager

Corner kicks : MCR or MCL

No opposition instructions (during match, you can set some OI's following your assistant's advice)


Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 15926 / Size: 649.0 kB / Added: 2017-11-13
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Discussion: Suk Sam 5-2-3 FM18 Tactic

27 comments have been posted so far.

  •'s avatar
    can i use this tactic with a lower league team like
    dulwich hamlet
  • badboysmokinaces's avatar
    Agree with Pieterjan. Just been thumped by Everton 0-4 at home. Another tactic posted that does not work.
  • vanco's avatar
    probably yes..
    I'll play fm2018 sometimes and consider for updating this tac.
  • Pieterjan's avatar
    I just got hammerd by Serie B side Frosinone with Sampdoria with 0-7 using this tactic … this tactic probably is not usefull anymore?
  • vanco's avatar
    sorry I'm late.
    don't let the assistant manager handle the individual trainings.
    you should adjust those by yourself thoughtfully.
  • nicolasstaps's avatar
    my players progress with this tactic. It's important not to entrust general and individual training to your assistant ! (no matter what tactics besides)
  • AGF1955's avatar
    Hi Vanco,

    Monster tactic, i'm crushing every game in the danish superliga with AGF.

    I got one important question though: It seems as if my players training progress has completely stopped since i started using this tactic.
    My players were all improving fast with my former 4-2-3-1 tactic, and was wanted by bigger clubs across Europe. During the six months I've used your 5-2-3, unfortunately the progress has completely stopped, and my best talent is no longer wanted by anyone, eventhough they perform well on the pitch and is playing for the national U21 team.

    I have decent personnel, and like I said: The players were improving fast before.

    So, how is your player's training progress with this 5-2-3 tactic? I hope you can find time to give me input and maybe a few pointers. At the moment I have my assistant handling my teams general training and the individual training for the first team.

    All the best,

  • vanco's avatar
    because of their position in corner kick situation.
    strikers will get attacking stats easily
  • Thomasg12's avatar
    Why did you instruct to put the MCL and MCR on the corners?
  • nicolasstaps's avatar
    Tactic with OM

    Best individual results ever in Champion's League (8.72 for Guillerm 19 years old)

  • nicolasstaps's avatar
    After ligue 1, 2 french cups, champions trophy, and champions league with Olympique de Marseille (againt PSG :p) during the season 2021/22 (the first with your 5-2-3), WORLD CUP for France !! ;) the 2 box to box (together) are the best connection between defenders and attackers ->

    6 trophies in 1 season^^
  • vanco's avatar
    thx for your comment.
    I always use this with 'attack' mentality.
    2 box-to-box midfielders seem very effective! thx.
    I'll try it.
  • nicolasstaps's avatar
    Results : European & France Champions ! ;) + 2 cups. Thank you for your job vanco. I only changed the two midfielders -> 2 box to box ! Amazing !
  • nicolasstaps's avatar
    Congratulations, good job ! I use it with Marseille, there are ups down at the moment. I vary with "control the world" and a personal tactic in 4-3-3 based on short game & ball conservation.
    - Do you use this tactic always offensive even on the outside ?
    - What are you doing against big teams or better than you ?

    (sorry for my english i'm french as you will have guessed) :D
  • vanco's avatar

    screen of a fm-base user
  • vanco's avatar
    Train your wingers with good off the ball and finishing, as striker. And use him as the pocher.
  • Radijze's avatar
    I would love to try this one out, though I can't find any of my players to fit in the front line (except for the center striker). It's a team that only has 2 strikers, the rest are all wingers. How can I fix this?
  • mienos's avatar
  • vanco's avatar
    / The_Reckonist /
    oh. thx for your comment.
    you must be a twitch streamer, right?
    anyways, I'm really enjoying my save with this tactic. haha
  • The_Reckonist's avatar
    Beat me to it. Just found the system while trying to remake the Strikerless of FM17. Yours looks more effective than mine. Both went for Mezz over a RPM too. How can SI fix this 3 forwards/WB issue? I dont think they can.
  • vanco's avatar
    / [email protected] /
    that's weird.
    I'm playing now AFC Wimbledon.
    I played almost matches with this tactic.

    and so far, 1st place.
  • davimarfer's avatar
    I have tried the tactics with several teams and it does not work, when I win it is luckily since the opposing team throws many more shots than me.
    I thought it could be for the type of team and started a season with the watford, the first 5 league games won 1 and lost 4, (the one that wins by chance) I do not know what I'm doing wrong.

    Thank you
  • vanco's avatar
    thx mates.
    your comments are really helpful me to determine how i make other tactics.
  • trufin.sabrin's avatar
    Very good tactic.The best tactic from all the forums.
  • icefrom70s's avatar
    I've imported this tactic in my save at the half time of a match in which I was 2-0 down. I won pretty dramatically 3-2 in the 89th minute. It was pretty impressive, offensive football at its best.

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