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FM18 Tactic: Suk Sam 4-4-2

The classic 4-4-2 seems very powerful in FM 2018. Utilizing inverted winger and carrilero roles. Updated on November 10th with version 3.0.

By Updated on Nov 14, 2017   176677 views   35 comments
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Downloads: 37911 / Size: 41.8 kB / Added: 2017-10-31
Football Manager 2018 Tactics - FM18 Tactic: Suk Sam 4-4-2

In FM2018, the 4-4-2 formation is very powerful.

Inverted winger and Carrillero are wonderful chance makers.

ML and MR switch each other.

STL and STR switch each other.

I strongly recommend that you use this against 1 striker tactics.
When you face the teams with 2 strikers tactic, I recommend using my other FM18 tactic: Suk Sam 5-2-3 (3 strikers).

Team training : Balance-average (but adjust 'low' when there are 2 or more matches in one week)

pre-match prep. : Let your assistant handle it.

Individual trainings : adjust them by the injury susceptibility. (as same roll they do)

No OI's

Corner kicks : MCR or MCL


Some tweaks including 'drop deeper' 'offside trap' and individual instructions to reduce goals conceded.

v3.0 (fmf file)
It works very well with 18.1 patch.I tested this with West Brom.

Download Now
Downloads: 37911 / Size: 41.8 kB / Added: 2017-10-31
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Discussion: FM18 Tactic: Suk Sam 4-4-2

35 comments have been posted so far.

  • peterbolam78's avatar
    does it have to be 2 x CF
  • ZION's avatar
    hi Vanco, i see that now all the 4-4-2 is having a lot of roblem, is not winning as before (i lost bigger part of the games). Old fashionable 4-2-3-1 start to work again, i use it with attack mentality.
  • Mwenye Temitope's avatar
    you have fm in-game editor on. How are we meant to know you haven't changed the players' abilities?
  • vanco's avatar
    / Bolotown /
    yeap. many users said that.
    "523 is wonderful. 442 is not good as previous version."
    so, I use 442 v3.0 again. haha
  • ZION's avatar
    i downloaded your version of 3.5 4-4-2 but is not like the others. so i did a mix of yours, just higher defense, ok the carrillero no mezzala, and i attack both complete forward, and full attack with structuraated game. i m really sorry i play in italian so i dont know the right terms
  • vanco's avatar
    / dimivespa /
    I mean you should pick corner kicker with 'Central mid-fielder Right' or 'Central mid-fielder Left'
  • dimivespa's avatar
    i cant understand what you mean on corners plz help..:)
  • vanco's avatar
    STAM updated this tactic to v3.0 instead of me.
    thx for your work.

    it works now in full version. (fmf file)
  • mateus12's avatar
    Hello, Vanco,
    Can you by the tactic in fmf file to test? I can not open with the tac file.
  • paulmc13's avatar
    HI guys
    When i download this file and paste it into the tactics folder it doesn't show up in-game when trying to load a tactic, anybody help? the file downloads as a TAC file if that helps
  • ZION's avatar
    i say again best tactic ever, i win ALL the game with not less than 3 goal !
    the olny thing that is impefect is the "incontrista" (in Italian) , dunno if is the BWM , that is too aggressive, and often gonna get red card. I change it sometimes with DLP (i think is correct) with defensive work, but with command to go easy on tackle. Also the FB take too much yellow card. But is amazing, your a genius
  • vanco's avatar
    train them to adapt to ML, MR and let them play at those positions.
  • jampa9's avatar
    this formation is probably perfect for teams that already set up 4-4-2 like Watford/Bournemouth/Leicester but I gotta adapt my squad I guess
  • jampa9's avatar
    you make them change position? do you mean they just play there and get used to it? I desperately want to use this formation with Norwich but we have attacking wingers and only 2 strikers in the squad :'( might have to go with the 4-2-3-1 but have always gone 4-4-2 with my two strikers battling it out for top scorer
  • vanco's avatar
    and I can say that jordon Ibe will do very good at both position of ML and MR.

    usually I play with AML, AMR wingers. and I make them change position to ML and MR
  • vanco's avatar
    paste this file "C:\Users\'your account'\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\tactics" folder.

    and load it in 'tactic' session by click drop down menu that is just right side of formation panel.
  • jampa9's avatar
    Hi, how do i import this into the game and where do i zip it to? Also i take it i should be buying players that suit these roles? does it not matter that for example Jordan ibe doesn't really like doing that role?
  • ZutCorp's avatar
    This is still banging in an obscene amount of goals, even if it is quite leaky.

    My crewe Alexander save - focusing mainly on youth. I think I have 2-3 playes over 24. came 2nd the first secon (media 22) and in the second season i'm 3rd (media 23) without major signings. Excellent!
  • vanco's avatar
    1st of course
  • UAFan's avatar
    And what place u had?
  • Mark Rennolds's avatar
    ill give that a go later.
  • vanco's avatar
    / benzdbest /
    ok. thx.
  • vanco's avatar
  • Mark Rennolds's avatar
    Thanks for the upload. 442 is definitely a strong tactic this year. Possession will be lower with the very direct approach but passing can be shortened if you want to control the game more. The number of off target shots was immense so I've worked on that a bit by dropping one of the CF's to a F9 role, and everyone to shoot less except strikers.
    One quick question - how do you remove the switch position instruction you've mentioned for strikers and wingers? I don't want them to do that and cannot see it on the player instructions.
    Thanks again for the initial upload.
  • benzdbest's avatar
    poor tactic. fullbacks are exposed. opponent kills you off with a counterattack. low possession. gives the ball easily to opponents. DM is red carded every 2 games. maybe this works for others but not me.

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