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Super Press for FM19 by tieio

Testing this FM 2019 tactic since the early testing stages and this is highly effective. Get an early tactic for your gaming delight.

By on Oct 20, 2018   211921 views   24 comments
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Downloads: 68090 / Size: 130.0 kB / Added: 2018-10-20
Football Manager 2019 Tactics - Super Press for FM19 by tieio
Welcome to Super Press, a terrific tactic for FM19.

This was tested with Liverpool, Manchester City, Accrington Stanley, AS Roma and AS Monaco.
All teams won their respective leagues and many trophies using this trio of tactics.

The base tactic is Super Press which will press hard to get the ball back and then smartly move it to the goal for quality chances. OI's are included in the pic.
If you wish to defend a lead, use the Super Press D and if you need a goal badly use the Super Press AM.

- Should be obvious but more familiarity will make this work best.
- Your WB's need to have excellent stamina, they will run a lot.
- Aggressive encouragement seems to work best for me, but you use the team talks you like.
- I leave training to assistant.

Download Now
Downloads: 68090 / Size: 130.0 kB / Added: 2018-10-20
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Discussion: Super Press for FM19 by tieio

24 comments have been posted so far.

  • JeffDogg's avatar
    4 goals conceded in every single game against big clubs. Terrible.
  • michael89's avatar
    Do you have a list of the PPM for each position?
  • losoned's avatar
    hi, how i got those links betweed players? im with city without those..
  • jottus's avatar
    can someone show tactics 2 and 3 by placing a screenshop here.
  • pangalanopoulos's avatar
    cannot load the tactic..what am i doing wrong?
  • RasmusBolin's avatar
    I have used this tactic with danish top team F.C. Copenhagen and it works great! I won the league very easy and got 94 points and scored 96 goals and only conceeded 18. I also won the danish cup and got all the way to QuarterFinal in Europa League where I was defeated by Tottenham (Won 2-1 home and lost 0-3 away)
  • tieio's avatar
    @restet when I took that picture he was injured
  • Lancinho's avatar
    So I've been using this tactic with Derby County in the Championship. I've won all 6 pre-season friendlies pretty comfortably, but lost the first 2 league games (Reading (a), Leeds (h)). The tactic seems pretty strong in terms of keeping posession, and there are lots of chances created for the central midfielders when they pass and probe sideways on the edge of the box, but it seems difficult to get the striker opportunities. Wing backs get forward quite well, but this tactic leaves a lot of space for the opposition to run in behind.
  • restet's avatar
    Where is Leroy Sane??
  • tieio's avatar
    @mienos I alpha test and closed beta as well, so I had the game long before most.
    Happy it is working well for most people.
    @SpenceShaw I will try and get something done for a lower league save in the coming weeks.
  • ogden's avatar
    I'm second in the league but my strikers just can't score in this tactic, they usually end up with a 6.2 - 6.5 every game, any tips?
  • Cosmo_K's avatar
    Tactic is great, has worked prefect for me, thanks tieio!. In order to work properly the familiarity has to be pretty high so if you're leaking goals just give your players some time to get used to it, otherwise, you may need to buy/get players that are more suited to this type of play.
  • SpenceShaw's avatar
    Doesn't work for lower league teams when starting the game unemployed... really struggling with a tactic atm tried to recreate the unstoppable FM18 tactic but defence is extremely leaky... any support greatly appreciated! Nothing but mid table mediocrity at the moment
  • mienos's avatar
    I have a problem. I set the instructions on the opponents correctly, but if I go back on the screen have been deleted and appear on the next opponents suggested by the coach in second.
  • Micra69's avatar
    How do I access the opposition screen as shown in the above screen shots. I can only see the team i am playing next, not the full list of positions. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Bazz Playerz's avatar
    Been playing these three tactics in the eredivisie (NL) and must say works like a charm. Thanks man
  • Tezzle's avatar
    This is safe to download?No malware etc?
  • ikoz1980's avatar
    I figured it out. :) Thank you.
  • ikoz1980's avatar
    For some reason I cannot Load the tactics. I placed them into the tactics folder but when I try to load them they are not there.
  • lennard1980's avatar
    I cant get this to download correctly? saves as a internet link. FM 19 makes it very difficult to search for files
  • lennard1980's avatar
    Any help with the download?
  • ToXic's avatar
    I just downloaded these tactics, and I have played 3 games and won all 3. My tactics I made I lost 5 of the seven previous games I played.
  • SGDynamite's avatar

    With simulation
  • mienos's avatar
    I have a question: How did you test the tactics with 5 different teams and with these results if the beta came out for two days?
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