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TCM19 Logopack by | Update 19.1

Over 33,000 logos by Adopt the brilliant TCM19 Megapack including all playable FM clubs and nations for Football Manager 2019.

By Updated on Dec 27, 2018   94157 views   18 comments
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Downloads: 47778 / Size: 1.4 GB / Added: 2018-11-02
Football Manager 2019 Logo Packs - TCM19 Logopack by | Update 19.1

Download the TCM19 Logopack, megapack of more than 33.300 logos of clubs and competitions for Football Manager 2019!

This is the 6th edition of the TCM Megapack for Football Manager.
After more than 1.5 Million downloads for previous versions, we want to offer more! Adopt the brilliant TCM19 Logo megapack for Football Manager 2019 by

Megapack : 220 Nations : 29268 Clubs + 3485 Competitions + 548 Miscellaneous

Africa : 2145 Clubs – 203 Competitions
North America : 2434 Clubs – 276 Compétitions
South America : 2941 Clubs – 215 Compétitions
Asia: 3214 Clubs – 630 Compétitions
Europa : 18170 Clubs – 1904 Compétitions
Oceania : 364 Clubs – 76 Compétitions
+ Confederations, Federations, International Competitions & Flags.
All the details by Nations in the Megapack.

Update 19.1 : 60 Nations : 2444 New or Update Logos.

If you have logos to make, two possibilities:

– If there are only a few logos, go to page requests:

– If there is a lot of logos or if you want to become a contributor, go to contributor page :

Screenshots (click to enlarge)

Bonus: Adboards banners from our partners showing during games are included in this pack :



  • Kinmar : Enhancing the Template, Development, Hosting (TCM14-19).
  • Thomasom : Creating the Template, Development (TCM14/15).
  • Sualg-Bilbao : Development (TCM14/15/16).
  • Zecha : Development (TCM16).
  • RBRND : Development (TCM18).
  • Torbin : Development (TCM18).


TCM19 : Atvo, BaCplayer, Basa, Chavez, Loukas, Lucas, Maestro, Makiawelli_leg, Marcos, Oriole01,Ramoscu (FMTurkiye), Spix22, STeRODeF, Tapioca, Vince-Taiwan, Walleski, Wutzwz.

TCM19 – Update 19.1 : Chavez, Einherjer83, Loic, Marcos, MrBankzy, Patres10 (FMSlovakia), Ramoscu (FMTurkiye), Spix22, Loukas, Pedro, Vince_Taiwan, Weiry.

Old TCM : Abu-Dun, Alfredo, AndreaLAZIOultras, ArturM, bdavies26, Borell, Brendan, Broeren, cdmafra, claytonpadula, Cleuber, Diogo Paiva, Domi, Eray1914, Frimimout, Gamma022, Heval, Hrvoje, JesperBN, Julian, Kamil, Kostas_Panachaiki, MatheusMux, Mátyás, MZ17, Necjeff (DF11 Faces), nxtfuture, Pappeldrache, Patres10 (FC12 Kits), Patrick, Paul_13, Pierre-Jean, RBRND, Rein, Renato, Rivanov, Segmann, [email protected], Spartacus23, Stathis, Steinbolt, Theodor (@e_spurs_norway), Torbin.


This creation (TCM19) is a property of the site and is in free use for personal use only. The only authorized download links are the official links available on the site to monitor the downloads statistics. If you wish to integrate our creation into a presentation, your own graphics, for any public use, thanks for asking us the permission. is a non profit website and only wishes to help the Football Manager gamers community. However, some recognition isn’t much asking for a time wasting work. Therefore, thanks for respecting these few rules.

Additional Information : (Website link)
[email protected] (Website email)
https:/ (Facebook)
https:/ (Twitter) (Steam)

Download Now
Downloads: 47778 / Size: 1.4 GB / Added: 2018-11-02
kinmar's avatar
About kinmar

Kinmar Alias ​​Julien is the founder of
His passion for logos expressed after discovering graphics for Football Manager.
Addicted to customizing the game, he created a dedicated website for TCM Logopack.
Streamer on Twitch and FM eSport Competitor.

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Discussion: TCM19 Logopack by | Update 19.1

18 comments have been posted so far.

  • kinmar's avatar
    @John, please make a request (link of request on description).
  • John Watson's avatar
    tokyo 2020 olympic logos[/img]
  • kinmar's avatar
    Requests ( and contributor ( forms were no longer working, this was fixed temporarily.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    If you want to help, don't hesitate!
  • kinmar's avatar
    Thank you Cago
  • Cago's avatar
    Thank you. This logopack is my favourite :D
  • kinmar's avatar

    Available - Update 19.1 - TCM19 For Football Manager 2019

    Download the 19.1 Update for TCM19 Logopack for Football Manager 2019!

    After more than 60000 downloads since its release in November, and over 1,6 million in total, here is the first update of TCM19 with 2444 new or updated logos.

    I also thank all our contributors:
    Chavez, Einherjer83, Loic, Marcos, MrBankzy, Patres10 (FMSlovakia), Ramoscu (FMTurkiye), Spix22, Loukas, Pedro, Vince_Taiwan, Weiry
  • kinmar's avatar
    @Eduardo Lima : Club Atlético Paranaense new logo will be available in the next update (this week) ;)
  • Eduardo Lima's avatar
    Guys, this logo pack have the new Club Athletico Paranaense (brazilian team) logo? Thanks. <3
  • kinmar's avatar
    After 4 weeks and more than 44000 downloads, I wanted to thank you.

    First of all to all those who trusted me again by downloading TCM19.
    Then to the generous donors
    Finally to all contributors and partners

    Update will be released in less than a month
  • kinmar's avatar
    @Lebedev69 :

    Thank you. I see the request yesterday. I update this logo (and other) on Christmas update. If you want this logo, request me ;)
  • Lebedev69's avatar
    @kinmar Czech league logo updated
    Enter text for the link here...
  • kinmar's avatar
    Fix : Small file added on Download page (or in this article) for fix the problem of Reunion club logos.
  • kinmar's avatar
    @Luca944 : TCM18 : 25500 Logos / TCM19 : 33300 Logos ;)
  • Luca944's avatar
    Thanks mate
    How many new logos are there?
  • unitedarestillthebest's avatar
    i did not have any problems
  • kinmar's avatar
    @Luca944 : Yes. It's a New Logopack.

    @Rivanov : If someone had the same problem and found the solution, thank you for helping. I have not had similar returns from this problem.
  • Luca944's avatar
    To insert these, must delete TCM18?
  • Rivanov's avatar
    All the logos work except the Federation logos. Never had an issue before in previous FM's with the TCM logopack. Anyone else with the same problem?

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