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TCS 2017 v1.5 (Updated 19.8)

The final version of a simplistic skin made for the full Football Manager 2017 game.

By Updated on Aug 19, 2017   164725 views   36 comments
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Downloads: 39013 / Size: 270.0 kB / Added: 2016-11-08
Football Manager 2017 Skins - TCS 2017 v1.5 (Updated 19.8)
Final version of TCS 2017 - v1.5!
Full Changelist v1.0
  • Kits in… Squares out… | A rejig to the tactics screen.
  • Alternative squad view options.
  • A revamped club screen.
  • A revamped player screen. (Thanks to wannachupbrew)
  • And many other UI tweaks to the default Football Manager 2017 skin!

Full Changelist v1.1
  • Brand new Player Profile page
  • Changes to resolution scaling, should be more friendly on higher resolutions.
  • Change of scrolling behavior on various screens.
  • Added popup arrow to date widget.
  • Changed the appearance of the font on the match commentary bar (delete match commentary.xml from match folder to reverse this).
  • Added Instant Result to the skin.
  • More changes to the tactics screen, changed pitch background and various changes to players.
  • More views have been added (ie TCS Custom Schedule view).
  • Changed background of the inbox screen.

Full Changelist v1.2
  • Improved player profiles
  • Re-styled scoreboard
  • Re-designed club panel
  • Tweaks to the social media/news tab
  • Added background image selector
  • New icons – credit to Emil, D_Lo_ and others
  • Improved stadium overview screen
  • Additional manager profile image
  • New TV logo
  • Tweaked boxes throughout the skin

Full Changelist v1.3
  • New Player Overview
  • General UI Changes
  • Tab Bar is now secondary colour
  • Changes to Sky Sports Scoreboard – Credit to D_Lo_
  • Addition of BT Scoreboard
  • New Font
  • Changes to Tactical Panel
  • Changes to boxes throughout skin
  • Changed Schedule Panel
  • Added City pics to 1336×768 resolution
  • Changes to Map on Player Search
  • New Match Overview
  • Tweaks to Inbox Panel
  • Tweaks to News Panel

Full Changelist v1.4
  • Tweaked Player Overview Panel
  • New Club Overview Panel
  • Various tweaks to match panel
  • And more!

Full Changelist: v1.5
• New views come integrated into the skin, specifically the tactics screen, player and staff search
• DF11 Support
• Inbox has been overhauled
• More information added to screens such as the Players Released screen
• New match titlebar scoreboard
• Changes to the competition screen
• New Scoreboard (Sky Sports 2017-18)
• Stadium Overview Panel tweaked
• Various tweaks to lower resolutions, may not be perfect but it is certianly better than the last version.

TCS FM17 Preview


Closing Notes:
So my time with FM 17 has come to an end! It has been an amazing year for TCS with this version being the best version of the skin ever released, as well as accumulating over 35,000 downloads over the course of the year, blows my mind considering TCS was started in 2015 as a personal project. I'd like to thank every single person who has downloaded the skin over the past two years, every person who's offered feedback, positive or negative as this allowed me to grow as a skinner and has provided a source of inspiration, when not only my FM time gets low, but also something to distract myself when my personal life gets low, it truly means a lot. Since we're being honest atm, I'm not entirely too sure of an FM 18 release. I've not hidden the fact that I'm not happy with the direction Football Manager is going, and outside of skinning 90% of the time spent with FM17 has been filled with frustration, and simply not fun. Another reason that TCS 2018 may not be getting released is monetary. I won't go into too much detail, but funds are tight at the moment, hence why I'm opening donations. Provided I don't need them for something urgent, any donations made will go towards FM 18; you can find a link below if you want to help out, or even just say thank you,

Older Versions:

Download Now
Downloads: 39013 / Size: 270.0 kB / Added: 2016-11-08
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Discussion: TCS 2017 v1.5 (Updated 19.8)

36 comments have been posted so far.

  • youngstiv's avatar
    Does anyone know how I can change the color of the continue button?
  • nick118118's avatar
    does anyone know how to change the font under the player picture top left of screen(profile picture) and also the general font of all the writing i would like to change as well
  • saint-simon97's avatar
    Do you have any club overview with the city pics on it?

    The club overview screen isn't dealing well with the trophy section either in my computer.
  • jermia93's avatar
    why it's different from the screenshots above, i run 1366x768
  • nikolaosaek's avatar
    In match game the overview is SOOO small. Even the logos are so small and ther is not an option at other boxes for overview. Is ther a way I can make the logos bigger, and maybe the hole overviw bigger?
  • joker red's avatar
    @bluestillidie00-is there anyway of changing/add it else where or on a new client object, tried but with out success.
  • talesvin's avatar
    Is there any guide to modify the skin? the 1.4 update took away the polygon from the profile skin and i liked the 1.3 club overview more also. So, there's a way for me to add the club overview from 1.3 and the polygon on the profile skin?
  • bluestillidie00's avatar
    @joker red The continue button is in the client object browser, that's why it breaks.
  • joker red's avatar
    @ bluestillide00-Yes, I use the same client object browers that works all ok on other skins but when i use it on this skin and over write the normal one I keep losing the continue button. quite like the look of this skin but I don't like the normal size sidebar, i normally have hidden
    or small
  • bluestillidie00's avatar
    @PaddysMad - I mention that on my blog. "There’s also an experimental Website panel which can be activated by renaming the “competition-” folder to just “competition”. It’s something I spent a few hours working on, unfortunately it’s a bit inconsistent in how it works, so I’ve deactivated it but if you want to activate, it’s easy to do."

    @joker red - Are you editing the client object browser?

    @nikolaosaek - The results thing has been fixed in the next update.
  • nikolaosaek's avatar
    In match game the overview is SOOO small. Even the logos are so small and ther is not an option at other boxes for overview. Is ther a way I can make the logos bigger, and maybe the hole overviw bigger?
  • nikolaosaek's avatar
    When I see friendly results or league results i cant see the scores. The background and also the numbers are both white. Can I change this?
  • joker red's avatar
    I notice you have small side bar but every time I change it to small or auto hide I lose the continue button, Any help/advice on sorting this?
  • PaddysMad's avatar
    Why isnt the BT Sport news thing showing on mine its just basic news.
  • bluestillidie00's avatar
    @cristobalite Yeah I know that's an issue, delete the 'Result' folder in "TCS 2017 v1.4\graphics\boxes\custom"
  • cristobalite's avatar
    Cool skin. However, i found a problem with it so how can i fix the circles in red???
    Here is the link to the problem:
  • Bartdude's avatar
    willaustin_1 have you selected tabs only on your preferences screen ??
  • Si Supersonic's avatar
    Love This Skin, Spot on :)Thanks
  • willaustin_1's avatar
    I've installed the skin, however the wriiting for the tabs on the left side is still there (squad, scedule, under 23's etc.) so things on the right aren't there, I'm playing on laptop in 1336x768 resolution.
  • fowler73's avatar
    how to install this skin ? i copied to skin folder and not appear
  • IanD79's avatar
    Hey does anyone know how to download skins on to laptop? I've tried tutorials on YouTube but doesn't work for me. Do you need a high graphics card for this to work?
  • mayday's avatar
    @bluestillidie00 thanks, all is done, now im displaying kits rather than logo.
    I really like this update V1.3, especially the new fonts and the square kit behind the player photo.
    Is there a way i can contact you because I have 2 more things to ask you?
    1)How can i reamove the team logo in the middle of the screen? (i wish to see just a plain background)
    2)In the player profile screen (like Chadli) I dont see the right square showing the pitch with the position where he can play. Since I m using the new version i dont see it anymore. How can i put back or choose a view like this one for Chadli?
  • bluestillidie00's avatar
  • mayday's avatar
    I like the skin, however I would like to put the kits rather than team logos during the match. Is there a way I can do it?
  • avramides11's avatar
    how can i change this skin like base light skin

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