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FM21 Skin: TCS3

One of the most popular skins in Football Manager history gets a final definitive version released for FM21.

By on Aug 21, 2021   110111 views   18 comments
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Downloads: 30541 / Size: 54.5 MB / Added: 2021-08-21
Football Manager 2021 Skins - FM21 Skin: TCS3
This skin only officially supports usage at 1920x1080. Check your display's resolution before using it.

Made as a collaborative effort between bluestillidie00 and WorkTheSpace, TCS3 is the final version for TCS for FM21, containing overhauls to the club overview screen, home screen, player profiles and more.

Overview Video & Install Guide

TCS3 Preview Screenshots

Download Now
Downloads: 30541 / Size: 54.5 MB / Added: 2021-08-21
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Discussion: FM21 Skin: TCS3

18 comments have been posted so far.

  • Poma's avatar

    You have to change the club_overview_panel
  • garageflower's avatar
    This really is a fantastic skin. I was using Heffem's skin before this and I'm really between minds of which to use.

    I think if TCS3 added tabs on the players overview for "Games played in position" and Ïndividual training", like in Heffem, then it would be the perfect skin for me.

    Keep up the great work. Thank you :)
  • craziej2k's avatar
    Love this skin! i do seem to be having a graphical glitch in match though. I'm not sure how to explain it so i grabbed a screenshot of it (Link to Screenshot) If u check part way down the league table the drop down menu for advice appears, it also happens on the leftmost column. My resolution is 1920x1080 with 100% text size if that helps. Apart from that this skin is awesome and really enhances FM for me.
  • Pitohui's avatar
    great skin,however i dont like the 6-letter abrieviations on the match screen.How would I change this to being the full team names?Would appreciate any feedback :)
  • Greentrunk's avatar
    Also the little Praise/Criticize interaction button has disappeared under the "Training Week in Review" page
  • Greentrunk's avatar

    Cracking skin, although im having this issue? No results appearing in "Press officer Social Roundup" aswell as Staff Reaction on the side panes.
  • 100timelord's avatar
    Absolutely beautiful skin, truly the best I've seen. One small issue--switching to the 'Social Feed' is very slow. Should I re-enable caching?
  • SenorWorkTheSpace's avatar
    Can you made it available in Steam? Cause im playing in macos
  • Fearless1885's avatar

    Thank you very much. This is a fantastic skin and makes the experience more enjoyable. It is exactly the colour style and layout i've wanted in previous series and hopefully you will be able to create something similar for the next title.

    Cracking job.
  • rdan's avatar
    Great skin, would it be possible to make a lower resolution one in the future?
  • giannisthereal99's avatar
    Don`t know why, its a bit "laggy" for me
  • RealWorkTheSpace's avatar
    @ComunicadoOficial you are not playing at a supported resolution

    @bezman no simple way to fix it, I'd suggest swapping out the stadium picture for one that's darker if you know how

    @muhammad9117 there are no plans to have hidden attributes visible with this skin

    @safasirin its theoretically possible but not something that will ever be done with the skin in an official capacity. There's no plans for personalized versions of the skin.
  • safasirin's avatar
    I wish there were team logos instead of player faces. can i do this?
  • koby2003's avatar
    can someone help me download the skin please
  • muhammad9117's avatar
    Skins looks very beautiful, But is there anyway to add hidden PA/CA on info screen? and Fitness percentages on Selection screen? I have the editor
  • OPZ's avatar
  • bezman's avatar
    I absolutely love this Skin and its certainly one of the best around so thank you for your time and effort. One question though how can you turn the brightness of the background down as at the moment i'm managing Nottingham Forest and when the city ground shows you struggle to see some writing in certain screens. Thanks again
  • ComunicadoOficial's avatar
    'Overview' which is supposed to show player attributes is completely blank. And Key players are listed under 'staff' on the club screen, with the text also being too tight and almost overlapping.
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